Monday, February 23, 2004

dub narcotic medical fund

A couple of weeks ago, I finally donated to the Dub Narcotic Medical Fund. It's somewhere on the K Records site. Even though it had been quite a while since Calvin Johnson got out of the hospital, I thought that as a dedicated Calvinist, I should donate while I still could.

So, I gave a couple spare bucks.

Strangely, when I filled out the information on the K site, it asked me to choose a rate for delivery. That was weird. I was just donating some money to Dub Narcotic Sound System, not ordering anything. So, I just chose the cheapest option and figured that if they charged me for it, it would be extra money to go to Calvin.

Today, I found out what the delivery option was for. I looked in my mailbox after coming home from the show, and there was an envelope from K Records. In it was a button, and the button said "I [heart] DNSS", and the heart had a white cross in the middle.


I just thought that was cute. And now I can be even more of an indie snob Calvinist dickhead and wear the button to show that I gave money to the sacred cause of DNSS.

I think there still might be time for you to go to K Records and donate to them so you could get a button and be a Calvinist snob, too.

Yeah, I know I could be talking about better things right now, like the great thing that the mayor of San Francisco is doing for the nation (Gavin Newsom for president?), but I bet you'd know what I'd have to say about it ("About fucking time someone took a stand and let homosexuals back into the human race!").

Oh, and if anyone wonders what I thought about the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident, it's very simple... MTV's not going to be doing Super Bowl halftime shows again? Great! They should get back to the greatness of years past when they had the Butt Bowl during halftime! That's when they showed an episode of Beavis and Butt-head during halftime. That beats the hell out of the washed-up corporate popstars they've been throwing at us for the past couple of years.


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