Monday, January 31, 2005

playlist for january 31, 2005

set 1 (9:04-9:38)

Maximilian Hecker "Today" Infinite Love Songs
Neutral Milk Hotel "The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One" In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Neutral Milk Hotel "The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two and Three" In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Trembling Blue Stars "If I Handle You With Care" The Seven Autumn Flowers
Pony Up! "Shut Up and Kiss Me" Pony Up!
Fur Cups For Teeth "Mystery Train" Allergic 2 Fur
Dub Narcotic Sound System "Blood Flow" Degenerate Introduction
Lil Pocket Knife "Do a Dance" Narnack Records Is...
Jens Lekman "I Saw Her at the Anti-War Demonstration" You Are the Light EP

set 2 (9:53-10:22)

Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "The Story of Isaac" To All We Stretch the Open Arm
Lou Barlow "The Ballad of Daykitty" EMOH
The Icicles "Sugar Sweet" A Hundred Patterns
Das Damen "Riding On the Rocket" Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them
The Inhibitionists "Today" The Hiss That We Have Missed
Red Pony Alarm Clock "Underneath the Sea" Paisley and Twee
Thee Moths "The Stream" Hands In Our Pockets
Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog

set 3 (10:37-11:00)

The Twilight "Amsterdam" Summer Sweet Summer
The Salteens "Time You Have Been Wasting" Boompa Volume 1
Colin Clary and the Magogs "Her Life of Crime" Her Life of Crime
Pony Up! "Marlon Brando's Laundromat" Pony Up!
Jens Lekman "If You Ever Need a Stranger (to sing at your wedding)" When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog

Friday, January 28, 2005

you don't need to be the walrus, you don't need to be the eggman

HOLY SHIT! SHONEN KNIFE IS COMING IN MARCH! This is going to be a very important show. It's been shaping up to be a slow concert season lately, but we have this to look forward to now. I wonder if they're just touring for those reissues or if they have something new to release, too.

That Joanie person from Boston who called about Low Barlow's RATT cover and actually doesn't like Dinosaur/Sebadoh/etc. is actually a punk DJ on MIT's radio station, WMBR. I found a list of her favorite albums of 2004, and none of them are even close to the stuff that I play.

I'm astounded when punk and/or metal people can stand more than 1 minute of my show. Actually, I'm astounded when anyone can stand more than a minute of my show.

Especially conservatives. ^_^

No freaky conservative have been calling lately, by the way. But then again, I haven't been discussing much in the way of politics. You would have thought I'd go off about the inauguration, but I didn't. It's just fucking hopeless.

Want to read something funny? I found this blog post a while ago. It's bloody classic...

This is why I don’t turn my music up very loud at work: the president of our company was by my desk, heard J Mascis’s wailing guitar work, and in complete shock asked, “You listen to heavy metal music?!” ::: insert eye-rolling here :::

I could’ve taken the time to explain, “Well, this is actually more of a punk/indie rock band, not heavy metal…” but then it just gets all complicated! So to avoid a long, complicated conversation, I just replied, “Well, sometimes…” and left it at that. But I can see it now: I’m gonna get a rep as some heavy-metal-lovin’ chick. This has actually happened once before: I was sitting at my desk listening to Kings of Convenience, and a co-worker was like, “What is this?” and for lack of a better term, I replied, “Well, it’s kind-of folk…” and she replied, “Like ‘Kumbaya my Lord’?” Uh, sure. And then another of my co-workers joined us for the Tullycraft birthday extravaganza last month. The next Monday at work, he asked me, “What kind of music are Tullycraft?” and I told him, “Well, indie-pop.” My co-worker stared at me blankly. “Or, uh, twee-pop…uh, you know…” The look of confusion on his face failed to clear up with my ever-so articulate explanation.

So how do you deal with co-workers not understanding the kind-of music you listen to? How do you explain to them what “indie-pop” is? How do you explain to stupid co-workers that wearing an Apples In Stereo t-shirt is not some slang-reference to your breasts! :::SIGH!:::

Okay rant-mode off. I’m in such a cranky mood! I thought I was going to enjoy doing HR stuff here at work, and I’m not enjoying it. : ( It’s upsetting me!! : ( Oh wait, didn’t I say “rant-mode off"? Okay, no more complaining from me! ; ) Bye!

I never had any dirty thoughts about the name "Apples In Stereo" until I read that post.

That's from the blog of Janice, the founder of copacetic zine. It's a good site, so I suggest you visit it when you're bored.

If Janice or anyone from copacetic comes across this post, please don't be angry at me. That was just too good not to share with everyone.

You also might want to try Heraclitus Sayz. The spelling of "Sayz" makes it look cheesy, but the site is actually a interesting, eclectic mix of classic philosophy and indie music reviewing.

I've think I've run out of things to say for now. The first Monday morning 7-9 edition of Stand Clear of the Closing Doors is coming up in a couple days. Make sure you don't freak out when you notice that Chris and Thea are gone and keep your dial tuned to Bart!

Edit: I also have a bit good news and bad news. Jens Lekman is going to be in town on February 9th. The bad news is that it's at the Spot, which is this campus hangout at Case where only Case students are admitted. I have also found out Of Montreal will play there in a few months.

Of course, I'm very pissed. Maybe I'll go picket the entrance to the Spot the day of the Jens Lekman show and protest these exclusionist policies. I feel powerless, though. I know that it would be difficult to talk these national acts out of playing the shows because they're college shows, and college shows are great for touring indie acts because they're guaranteed to pay great money, no matter how many people show up.

Still, don't the people at the Spot realize that it's unfair for them to just bogart these great national acts for themselves and Case students only? Have a fucking heart, please!

Please tell me you're just taking advice from that episode of South Park where Cartman gets that amusement park and makes it successful by not allowing anyone to come in at first.

Monday, January 24, 2005

playlist january 24, 2004

set 1 (9:06-9:40)

Harvey and Felix "Polly/Keep On Rockin In the Free World/America Will Punch You" (unreleased)
Sloan "If It Feels Good Do It" (music video version) Pretty Together
I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy "Unborn Billy" Funnier Than God
Spoilsport "Snowball" Cwistmas Twee
Kiddo "To The Moon" live at Studio-A-Rama
The Mathletes "Rocket" The Hiss That We Have Missed
Lou Barlow "Round-N-Round" EMOH
Nirvana "About a Girl" Bleach

set 2 (9:53-10:14)

Stereo Total "Hungry!" Do the Bambi
Tracy and the Plastics "dawn feather" Gossip/Tracy and the Plastics split CD
Fur Cups For Teeth "Happy For, Proud Of" Allergic 2 Fur
Sonic Youth "Hey Joni" Daydream Nation
The Gossip "sleepers" Gossip/Tracy and the Plastics split CD
Shonen Knife "A Map Master" Heavy Songs
The Icicles "Snowman" A Hundred Patterns

set 3 (10:24-11:00)

Strong Bad "The Cheat Is Not Dead" Strong Bad Sings
I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy "Unwanted William" Funnier Than God
Bis "conspiracy a go-go" I [Heart] Bis
Ladytron "Oops Oh My" Softcore Jukebox
Stereo Total "Chelsea Girls" Do the Bambi
Trembling Blue Stars "Open Skies" The Seven Autumn Flowers
Magnetic Fields "I Wish I Had an Evil Twin" i
Winter Vacation "Balloon Township" The Netherlands, 1980
Lou Barlow "Caterpillar Girl" EMOH
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "What Keeps Mankind Alive" To All We Stretch the Open Arm

Thursday, January 20, 2005

jumping on the arcade fire bandwagon

I just want to tell everyone that I'm going to be doing a fill-in show Friday night from 7 to 9. I'm filling in for a rock and roll show, but of course, I'm just going to pop.

Perhaps you've heard the news about Chris and Thea? Well, if you didn't, next week is their final episode. They're not ruling out the possibility of coming back, but it'll be a while because Chris wants to take time off to concentrate on law school.

If you hated that show, you might want to start listening to that time slot now because a really good show is moving to that time slot. The show is called Stand Clear of the Closing Doors. Bart, the DJ for that show, is an old school college rock fan, so I think that show should appeal to most of you. Click on that link and you'll be able to see the playlists from when he was on early Wednesday mornings. They look good, don't they?

I haven't decided how much I like the Arcade Fire. They're not as good as Neutral Milk Hotel, I know that at least. They're like a more accessible version of Godspeed You Black Emperor or Silver Mt. Zion, which is not surprising because they all come from Montreal.

Now, excuse me while I go weep in profound sadness at the tragedy and dark comedy that is the second Dubya inauguration.

Monday, January 17, 2005

playlist for january 17, 2005

set 1 (9:05-9:43)

Brian Jonestown Massacre "[Track 1] (I don't know the name of this song!)" Grog Shop 2/24/02
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Let Me Stand Next to Your Flower" Grog Shop 2/24/02
Dinosaur Jr "Poledo" You're Living All Over Me
Lou Barlow "Home" EMOH
Winter Vacation "Life Imitates Arthur" The Netherlands, 1980
Old Shoes "1979" The Hiss That We Have Missed
Minor Threat "Guilty of Being White" Complete Discography
The Frogs "400 Years" Racially Yours
The Frogs "Freedom" Racially Yours
The Frogs "The Flag" Racially Yours

set 2 (9:58-10:20)

Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "Dear Landlord" To All We Stretch the Open Arm
The Arcade Fire "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" Funeral
The Arcade Fire "No Cars Go" Clouds and Balloons
Trembling Blue Stars "Moonlight On Snow" The Seven Autumn Flowers
The Twilight "The Sound" Summer Sweet Summer

set 3 (10:28-11:00)

Ladytron "he took her to a movie" 604
The Icicles "Bat In the Kitchen" A Hundred Patterns
Snoozer "Sub-Zero" Cwistmas Twee
Slomo Rabbit Kick "Man's Routine Is to Work and Dream" Horatory Examinations
Tiara "The Same Things" Trolley Bus Music Tour
Cupid Car Club "Grape Juice Plus" Some Songs
Tiger Trap "Alien Space Song" The Tiger Trap & Henry's Dress Astronautical Music Festival 7"
Go Sailor "Last Year" Go Sailor
A Small Buffet "Lily (My One and Only)" The Hiss That We Have Missed

Saturday, January 15, 2005

low-fi at low power

I just wanted to warn everyone that I'm not sure if you'll be able to hear the WCSB signal very far outside of Cleveland. Something weird is going on with our antenna. I don't know what exactly, but we're operating at lower power, at least that's what I heard on Friday.

So, if you can't hear the show this week, that's why.

The Internet feed is unaffected, Kris.

Oh, and Kris, how's that ShiSho album coming along? I didn't punk "Punk Rock Girl" on the countdown because I'm waiting for the album. If there isn't a better track on the album, then I guess I'll put it on the countdown for next year.

Speaking of the countdown, the Icicles were going to be on it, too, in a very high spot. Remember how I had to move all the songs in the first part of the countdown back one position to make room for another song? That was going to be the Icicles. But then, during the second show of the countdown, I realized that I had forgotten a very important song. So, I bumped the Icicles out since their album was released close enough to 2005 to be counted as part of that year. I just thought I would clarify that in case the countdown confused any of you.

No one noticed the bit from Tecmo Super Bowl that I played just before the number one song. Hasn't anyone who listens to the show ever played video games? Everyone who had a Nintendo played Tecmo Super Bowl, so I'm surprised no one caught it.

And before I forget, I should mention that I have tickets to the Twilight show on Thursday that I'll be giving away on the show. Hopefully, someone will be able to hear the signal when I try to give them away.

And you heard last week that I have that Smashing Pumpkins compilation now. Again, if you were ever into the Smashing Pumpkins, I suggest you get it. It's really good. "Said Sadly", "Pennies", and "Lily" are all done in cute boy-girl pop fashion, "Bye June" is done in a really cool shoegazer way, the cover of "Rocket" is straight but sounds really catchy, and "Today" sounds really fucked up, but still recognizable. Again, click here to get the tape.

That's it for now. Yes, I've been enjoying the fuck out of San Andreas.

Monday, January 10, 2005

playlist for january 10, 2004

set 1 (9:06-9:40)

Lesley Gore "Brink of Disaster" Best of...
The Beatles "To Know Her Is to Love Her" Live at the BBC
The Beatles "A Taste of Honey" Live at the BBC
Saturday Looks Good to Me "The Girl's Distracted (First Version)" The Girl's Distracted 7"
The Icicles "Ralphy Rodriguez" A Hundred Patterns
Trembling Blue Stars "Helen Reddy" The Seven Autumn Flowers
Saint Etienne "Fascination" Travel Edition 1990-2005
Fear of Pop "In Love" Volume 1
Men In Fur "Sister Moon" Men In Fur
Brian Jonestown Massacre "David Bowie (I Love You Since I Was Six)" Grog Shop 2/24/02

set 2 (9:50-10:20)

Timid Owls "Said Sadly" The Hiss That We Have Missed
Harvey and Felix "KVB" (not on an album)
Harvey and Felix "hurt" (ditto)
The Lil' Hospital "There Could Be Girlfriend" I Wanna Be Well
Winter Vacation "My Country Friends" The Netherlands, 1980
Pavement "5-4 Vocal" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins
Pavement "Flux=Rad" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins
Boyracer "You've Squandered Yr Talents" Check Yr Fucking Hi$tory
Astropop 3 "Cubicles" Allies and Stepping Stones
My First Days on Junk "Bye June" The Hiss That We Have Missed
The Umbrellas "Pennies" The Hiss That We Have Missed

set 3 (10:30-11:00)

Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "The Light" To All We Stretch the Open Arm
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" To All We Stretch the Open Arm
Mirah "1982 (atari)" Storageland
Lil Pocketknife "Do a Dance" Narnack Records Is...
Le Tigre "After Dark" This Island
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Swallowtail" Grog Shop 2/24/02
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Last Year" The Girl's Distracted 7"
Moe Tucker "To Know Him Is to Love Him" Ragazza Pop

Monday, January 03, 2005


I just wanted to tell everyone that there's actually a recording that you can buy with me singing and playing guitar. A compilation of lo-fi/indiepop covers of Smashing Pumpkins songs, entitled The Hiss That We Have Missed, has just been released on Asaurus Records. It has a cover that I did of some b-side from the 1979 single that I did back in 1999. It's credited under my real name. Oh, and I should mention that this thing is on cassette. I don't know why, but it is. It's $5. Click here for details and song samples. The cover of "Said Sadly" sounds really good, and the label told me that the cover of "Pennies" is really cute.

Edit: I should also say that I don't profit from the sale of this cassette. All I get is a free copy and the option to purchase a few at a wholesale price. So, if you were actually thinking of getting it to support me, don't get it just for that reason because I won't get a penny of your money if you buy it. Only get it if you like (or have ever liked) the Smashing Pumpkins and want to hear their music in a new and indie way.

While you're at it, you can also get the CDs by Pants Yell! and the Diskettes. You can also get the Candycore! compilation which is full of pop songs about candy. They're all cheap (no more than $5) and highly recommended.

In other news, I forgot to mention that 99-cent Kiddo show at the Beachland on Saturday (the 8th). I don't think they've played here for a while, so I'm definitely going.

Finally, I'm going to be filling in for Count Lupone again this week. That's Wednesday night/early Thursday from 11 to 2.

boogiepop does not smile's 2004 no money mark memorial urine review countdown part 2

13. Fur Cups For Teeth "Mystery Train" Allergic 2 Fur
12. Saturday Looks Good to Me "Since You Stole My Heart" Every Night
11. Harry and the Potters "Save Ginny Weasley" Harry and the Potters
10. Of Montreal "Lysergic Bliss" Satanic Panic in the Attic
9. Magnetic Fields "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" i
8. Men In Fur "The Tiger Song" Men In Fur
7. William Shatner "You'll Have Time" Has Been
6. Pants Yell! "Your Favorite Fairgrounds" Songs For Siblings
5. Colin Clary and the Magogs "Pet Sound" Her Life of Crime
4. The Smittens "I Hate Vermont" Gentlefication Now!
3. The Twilight "I've Got Something to Say" Summer Sweet Summer
2. The Blow "Come on Petunia" Poor Aim: Love Songs
1. Harvey and Felix "America Will Punch You" Farm Aid

10:00 hour

The Pop Project "Candy Song" Candycore!
The Magic Tennies "Charleston Chew" Candycore!
Winnebago "Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, & Dr. Pepper" Candycore!
Dipstick & Eggnog "Strategic Candy (Take 10)" Candycore!
Geoff Pickering "Love is Sweet, But Candy is..." Candycore!
Pavement "Range Life" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins
Pavement "Kennel District" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins
William Shatner "Common People" Has Been
Le Tigre "I'm So Excited" This Island
Slomo Rabbit Kick "Smell Camino" Horatory Examinations
New Grenada "Eric's Trip" Confuse Yr Idols
Tub Ring "Kool Thing" Confuse Yr Idols
Of Montreal "Know Your Onion" Bonus CD
Puffy AmiYumi "Joining a Fan Club"

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