Saturday, January 15, 2005

low-fi at low power

I just wanted to warn everyone that I'm not sure if you'll be able to hear the WCSB signal very far outside of Cleveland. Something weird is going on with our antenna. I don't know what exactly, but we're operating at lower power, at least that's what I heard on Friday.

So, if you can't hear the show this week, that's why.

The Internet feed is unaffected, Kris.

Oh, and Kris, how's that ShiSho album coming along? I didn't punk "Punk Rock Girl" on the countdown because I'm waiting for the album. If there isn't a better track on the album, then I guess I'll put it on the countdown for next year.

Speaking of the countdown, the Icicles were going to be on it, too, in a very high spot. Remember how I had to move all the songs in the first part of the countdown back one position to make room for another song? That was going to be the Icicles. But then, during the second show of the countdown, I realized that I had forgotten a very important song. So, I bumped the Icicles out since their album was released close enough to 2005 to be counted as part of that year. I just thought I would clarify that in case the countdown confused any of you.

No one noticed the bit from Tecmo Super Bowl that I played just before the number one song. Hasn't anyone who listens to the show ever played video games? Everyone who had a Nintendo played Tecmo Super Bowl, so I'm surprised no one caught it.

And before I forget, I should mention that I have tickets to the Twilight show on Thursday that I'll be giving away on the show. Hopefully, someone will be able to hear the signal when I try to give them away.

And you heard last week that I have that Smashing Pumpkins compilation now. Again, if you were ever into the Smashing Pumpkins, I suggest you get it. It's really good. "Said Sadly", "Pennies", and "Lily" are all done in cute boy-girl pop fashion, "Bye June" is done in a really cool shoegazer way, the cover of "Rocket" is straight but sounds really catchy, and "Today" sounds really fucked up, but still recognizable. Again, click here to get the tape.

That's it for now. Yes, I've been enjoying the fuck out of San Andreas.

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