Friday, April 30, 2004

more logo fun, plus other news

You know what? Until a couple of days ago, I didn't realize that the Boogiepop logo had a mouth. I didn't see that there were ellipses at the part of the smile ^_^ where the underscore should be. I hate to say it, but I don't really like the ellipses. I don't know why I didn't see them before. Probably something to do with my obsolete computer at home, or I need to clean my monitor, or my brain isn't working properly.

Hm... ^ ^ or ^...^?

I like ^ ^ because it takes more effort to understand it.

In other logo news, Pat from the Twilight saw the comment that someone made about it being a surprise that the logo wasn't Hello Kitty-ish at all. So, Pat made a new logo in response. Now, I probably can't use the logo because of copyright concerns, but damn... when you look at it, you'll see why I wish so much that I could use it.

Google Image Search rules!

In other Twilight news, they updated their website with photos and reviews. The reviews page is why Pat made that logo for me. So, go there if you want some sexy photos to print out and see what words of mine they took out of context.

I have good show-related news. We have a computer in main air again! Yay! So, I will be able to do the live playlist thing again and post responses to comments during the show.

And on the next show, you'll hear new Sloan and Dear Nora material, plus other new material you've never heard of before. And I'll probably play the Twilight's cover of "Laid" again. And maybe the Pancakes again because they/she rule(s). Have you been to the Pancakes website, by the way? There are some MP3s there.

The new Sloan isn't bad. Of course, it doesn't stack up to their early work. They just don't understand that they need to be less '70s and more '60s. Greg will like it, though. Someone else at the station said it sounds like Cheap Trick. So, Greg, I bet you will want to go see them on the 19th and buy their new album.

By the way, Greg, that wasn't the record on the last show. It was a tie at the most because the morning after I got the first 4-song Kiddo demo, I played every song. Or technically, I played 3 songs and then Jes played 1 (she was apprenticing on my show, then). But we went through the whole demo that morning. And I probably played the whole thing some other week, too.

You know what? Everyone thought I was Kiddo's bitch before? Now, it seems like I'm the Twilight's bitch. But no, I'm still Kiddo's bitch, too. Just setting the record straight.

Monday, April 26, 2004


I hope some new people heard the URL for this blog on the show and are showing up. Hi, new people!

No one has commented on the Boogiepop logo yet. Seriously, I want you to look at it here and comment on it.

I like Asobi Seksu. I don't like shoegazer music very much, but having a Japanese woman sing on it makes it surprisingly digestible.

I didn't get to come back on the computer after posting that partial playlist during the show. This other station member likes to come up during my show and use the computer, so I can't do anything when he's on it. I really hope that our main air computer will be up and running next week so I can do some interactive web stuff with this show again.

I'm trying to figure out how often I should talk on the air. I think it would be funny one day to just talk in between every song. But really, I'm thinking about talking every 30 minutes.

I still intend to do that FAQ that I've been talking about. If you go to the logo URL, you'll see that I've reserved indie/boogiepopwcsb on Angelfire. ^_^ I just don't know how long it'll be because it's almost the end of CSU's semester, and I have to concentrate on end-of-semester projects, or trying to relieve the stress of end-of-semester projects. Blah.

I think that's all that I have for now. Click on the comments link and say "hi"! Don't be a lurker! It gets boring seeing the same people here on the time. I would hope that I have more of an audience than that.

(To those who do post: I'm not saying that you're boring. I just don't think enough people are posting and I really believe that I could get more people to participate here. I must have more listeners than you.)

playlist for april 26, 2004

set 1 (9:00 hour)

Pavement "Stop Breathin" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Ciccone Youth "MacBeth" The Whitey Album
Of Montreal "Penelope" Coquelicot Asleep In the Poppies
They Might Be Giants "Au Contraire" Indestructible Object EP
Judy and Mary "Sobukasu" Jpop CD
Asobi Seksu "I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me" Asobi Seksu
New Order "Vanishing Point" Best of...
I am the World Trade Center "Love Tragedy" The Tour EP
Boyskout "Secrets" School of Ettiquette
eX-Girl "Resonance" Endangered Species
Pants Yell! "Your Favorite Fairgrounds" Songs For Siblings
The Twilight "Amsterdam" live on Elixir Is Zog
The Twilight "Laid" live on Elixir Is Zog
Desoto Reds "College Love" Hanglide Thru Yer Window

set 2 (10:00 hour)

Of Montreal "Know Your Onion" Bonus CD
Of Montreal "Rapture Rapes the Muses" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Kiddo "At the Garage" live at Studio-A-Rama
The Pancakes "Martin" Flying in the Blue Sky on a Frying Pan
Moldy Peaches "Jorge Regula" Moldy Peaches
From Bubblegum to Sky "Vampire" Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen
The Capsules "Light the Path" Someone For Everyone
Asobi Seksu "Sooner" Asobi Seksu
Ladytron "Blue Jeans 2.0" Softcore Jukebox
Roybot "email to god" Asaurus Records EP Club #4
Mirah "Jerusalem" C'mon Miracle
The Softies "All In Good Time" The Softies EP
Of Montreal "Spanish Dance Troupe" Bonus CD
The Twilight "The Sound" live on Elixir Is Zog
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Cutie Pie" All Girl Summer Fun Band


seriously, when are you going to start the live playlist updates again?

Still no live playlist updates for today's show. However, the new computer is here. Our computer guy was working on it last week. So, it'll be quite soon, maybe before next week's show.

Anyway, you can use the comments link below to comment on what you're hearing on the show today.

I have all the songs from the Twilight's appearance on Elixir Is Zog a couple weeks ago. So, I'll be playing a couple of those today. And some other good new stuff.

Friday, April 23, 2004


So... Pat from the Twilight wants to redesign their website, and he wanted to have a logo to put in the places where it'll mention my show. So, he designed a Boogiepop Does Not Smile logo. And it's so incredibly fucking good!

I can't actually post the image in this entry, but you can go and see it. Just click here and you can see it. There's a little sort of joke in the logo that will take you a few seconds to get, but once you understand it, you'll see why it's so genius.

Thank you, Pat from the Twilight!

I never did post about Of Montreal. Of course, it was a great show. All but 2 songs were from the new album (the older songs were "Penelope" from Coquelicot and "Jennifer Louise" from Aldhils Arboretum). No covers this time, but that's okay. They did some funny skits in between songs. I think everyone who was there agreed that "Wind War" ruled. Two of the band members balanced themselves on one foot and used these feather dusters to try and generate enough wind to knock the other person over. All the while, they had this announcer in a foreign language (I don't know, maybe it was just gibberish) calling the action. It had the feeling of watching soccer in Spanish. You had to be there to really appreciate it, I guess. There was also a nice bit where Kevin put on a McDonald's hat and talked about the new "McPurge" diet.

Kevin's wife, Nina, is playing bass for them now. You might remember her from "A Pollinaire Rave".

I got one of the last bonus CDs they had. Of Montreal had this bonus CD that you can get with four cover songs. The covers are of the Shins, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, V Twin, and Broadcast. I don't like the Shins or Gorky's, I'd never heard of V Twin before, and I'm ambivalent about broadcast, but it's a nice CD. The Gorky's cover actually rules. We don't have the original at the station (the song is called "Spanish Dance Troupe", by the way), so I can't do a comparison. The Shins song is "Know Your Onion", and it pretty much sounds like what you'd think a straightforward cover of "Know Your Onion" would sound as done by Of Montreal. I haven't checked if we have the Broadcast song so I can compare those two, but I bet we do have it.

Again, I implore you to look at the new logo here. Post comments about it in the comments section. I'm sure that Pat or someone else from the Twilight will be looking (probably Hajime).

That's it for now.

it's not what you're like, but what you like

I was just doing academic research, and I came across this abstract for an article entitled "Effects of Associating with Musical Genres on Heterosexual Attraction":

Male and female college undergraduates estimated numerous behavioral traits and evaluated the desirability of a potential heterosexual date. Following videodating conventions, the date provided information about her- or himself in a videotaped presentation. This presentation was manipulated. With other revelations about self held constant, the date disclosed her or his love of classical music, country music, soft rock, or heavy metal rock music. A musical preference was not articulated in a control condition. Disclosure of musical preference was found to influence heterosexual attraction as well as the perception and evaluation of pertinent traits. A date's devotion to country music was found to diminish attraction in respondents of both genders. In contrast, devotion to classical music and to heavy metal rock proved to be gender specific. Fascination with heavy metal rock greatly enhanced the appeal of men, but it proved detrimental to that of women. Adoration of classical music produced the reverse consequences. It tended to facilitate the appeal of women, but to diminish that of men. The effects of sharing musical preferences also proved to vary with gender. Men were more strongly attracted to women with whom they shared musical tastes than to women with whom they did not. The sharing of musical tastes had only a negligible effect on women's attraction to men, however.

I think I just found out what my master's thesis is going to be about. ^_^

That little article is by Dolf Zillman and Azra Bhatia, and it appeared in Communication Research in April 1989. (Vol. 16, issue 2.) There, I have the citation data on here so I can go back and look at that later when I have time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

what the hell were those commercials on your show

Well, this is basically the post-show post here...

Today, I played certain commercials and IDs that might not have made sense to you. Scruggs Corp? What the hell is Scruggs Corp? Well, Scruggs Corp is the multi-billion dollar Texas company that bought WCSB.

Well, not really, but that's the premise for one of best and most underappreciated shows on WCSB. In fact, that show is called "The Best of WCSB", and it's very aptly named.

"The Best of WCSB" airs every Sunday night from midnight to 2. Basically, it's like tuning into an alternate dimension version of WCSB in which it has become a commercial radio station (owned by Scruggs Corp, a conglomerate of companies in various industries). What happens every week is pure comedy gold. Every week, the hosts do a different show and portray different characters. Sometimes, they'll pretend to be regular auto workers doing a sports talk show called "Game Time". Other times, they'll pretend to be CSU frat boys and do "Greek Talk". Last night was a particularly great episode. They did the Jerry Waldaman show, and Jerry's guest was this Christian researcher who listened to television theme songs backwards in order to expose Satanic messages. So, the researcher played a bunch of TV theme songs backwards and gave interpretations of the backwards lyrics. Mr. Ed rules! I wanna go to the hot surface, surface, surface! (That's one of the messages you hear when you play Mr. Ed backwards... something about the "hot surface, surface, surface".)

When you tune into that show, you'll also hear commercials. And they're quite funny. My favorite is the one for the "College Radio Classics" CD.

So, I played the IDs and some commercials from "The Best of WCSB" in order to try to promote it. How did I get access to the IDs and commercials? Never you mind...

When I mentioned "The Best of WCSB" on the air, I forgot to mention one important detail. All the shows that they do are call-in shows! You can actually call in to the fake shows and interact with the characters! That's really cool. I guess Negativland did that type of thing and released CDs of it, but you know what? You and I weren't around when Negativland did their shows. And Negativland never did any sports talk or frat talk.

"The Best of WCSB" has also done a bunch of other shows, but I can't remember them all. A few weeks ago, they did a show hosted by a couple of model train enthusiasts. Unbelievable stuff.

I wonder if I actually convinced anyone to listen to that show. This one DJ who happened to be in the station when I was talking about it seemed interested, but that might be it.

I hope that I don't get my ass kicked for playing the stuff from that show.

I hope that Scruggs Corp doesn't sue the pants off of me for that.


I don't know what to say about the show other than that. My heart wasn't totally into doing the show today. I was feeling exceptionally tired and I didn't finish the whole paper last night (although I did get it finished and turned in on time, thank you very much). I made a bunch of technical mistakes. More than usual, I think.

I might have made artistic mistakes, too. :P

Oh, and when I said the word "Pancakes" at the top of the 10:00 hour in that high-pitched voice... that was actually a Powerpuff Girls reference. "You'll never guess what you're going to hear next... PANCAKES!" That was inspired by that one episode where the Powerpuff Girls' neighbor got sick of the girls and became a villain. Every morning, that guy's wife would say, "You'll never guess what we're having for breakfast... PANCAKES!" And she'd say it in that high-pitched way.

Nobody understands me.

I don't think I have anything else to say. You should start listening to WCSB from midnight to 2 on Sunday nights. If you're up that late.

Monday, April 19, 2004

look at jean, look at jean in her younger days

Ah, the Trachtenburgs... It was a good show, even though James Kochalka was nowhere to be seen. Well, that doesn't matter to me since I'm not into his music. The book that Black Cabbage was going to have him sign was cute, though.

Instead, the opening act was this comedian named Bobby Tisdale who the Trachtenburgs had brought with them. He wasn't that good, but then again, it seemed like he was trying to censor himself because there were little kids there. He still did end up saying "shit" and "fuck", though. He only got through a couple real jokes. One was about having a vivid dream that the Statue of Liberty was in his room screaming at him, and when he woke up, his girlfriend was on fire, clutching her journal. The other joke was some sort of anecdote about farting and pissing himself in front of his crush in 8th grade. His set was mercifully short.

The Trachtenburgs were great. Probably better than when I saw them at the Agora last fall. They seemed to have a lot of pauses in their set at that show, but their show was very tight this time. They played a lot of the same things they played at the Agora, but this time... they played "Look At Me"... the unedited version! Yes, there's an unedited version. When NBC aired "Look At Me", they took out this 10-second musical interlude that they had between verses, and a few slides didn't get past the censors. There are a couple slides of Jean topless. In one of them, her bare breasts are exposed in the shot, plain as day, for generations to enjoy. I was astounded. I thought that the Trachtenburgs were a family act!

So, the show was over by 10:30, and I was able to get home in time to hear the Twilight on the air. I thought it sounded great, and I can't want for Eric from Elixir Is Zog to give me a copy of all the songs.

Oh, and you should go to the Twilight's website. Just because there's a nice picture of them inside the station.

On Saturday night, I did see Sodastream at my significant other's school, after all. Yes, Sodastream... a.k.a. the Australian hotness. Two sexy men with an acoustic guitar and an upright bass. The upright bass rules! I want to play an upright bass at some point!

I also saw Weird Paul opening for them. You don't know who he is, but he's probably one of the few good musical acts from Pittsburgh. Cleveland has a better musical scene than Pittsburgh. We rule! Anyway, he regaled us with 12-string (!) acoustic versions of his greatest hits. He also shaved a baby doll. He's weird.

Emily, the bass player for the Icicles, was there. Her husband is the booking agent for Microindie (Sodastream's label... Kiddo's label, too, actually). It seems that we won't get to see the Icicles live until the fall. They're still working on getting that full-length released.

I didn't go to the Casual Dots because I had to work on a paper. :( I did have a little fun listening to the radio, though, and I'm going to talk about that in the next post.

Well, if anyone else who went to the Trachtenburg show (or saw Sodastream in Cleveland or Pittsburgh) has something to add, feel free to click the comments link.

No, really, click the link! Please?

playlist for April 19, 2004

set 1 (9:00 hour)

Mirah "The Struggle" C'mon Miracle
eX-Girl "e-sa-ya" Endangered Species
Weird Paul Petroskey "What I'm Gonna Do to You" Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety
Of Montreal "Will You Come and Fetch Me" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Breezy Porticos "Starry-Eyed" Keep It Crisp
Sloan "Everything You've Done Wrong" (live) 4 Nights at the Palais Royale
Electric Grandmother "The Final Countdown" My Imaginary Audience
Electric Grandmother "Don't Burn the Oil Fields" Dickalis
Electric Grandmother "Dance Party" Dickalis
Laura Veirs "Icebound Stream" Tracks and Fields
Of Montreal "Climb the Ladder" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Lesley Gore "That's the Way Boys Are" The Best of Lesley Gore
From Bubblegum to Sky "Operation Big Beat" Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen
Architecture In Helsinki "The Owls Go" Fingers Crossed
Morrissey "Irish Blood, English Heart" You Are the Quarry
They Might Be Giants "Caroline, No" Indestructible Object EP

set 2 (10:00 hour)

The Pancakes "hey hey" Flying in the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
The Pancakes "nonsense poetry" Flying in the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
I am the World Trade Center "Deny It" The Tour EP
I am the World Trade Center "No Expectations" I am the World Trade Center/Paper Lions split 12"
Applied Communication "Salmon" Africa Baby, Yeah Yeah Yeah
Kissing Book "This One Could" Lines & Color
Pants Yell! "Intellectual Approach to Modern Europe" Our Horse Calls
Of Montreal "You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go" KXLU 88.9 FM Live Vol. Six
Harvey + Felix "Last Kiss" cassettefest entry
The Icicles "The Lovescopes Theme Song" download from the Icicles website
April March "Voo Doo Doll" Voo Doo Doll EP
eX-Girl "Venus vs. Gas Onna" Endangered Species
The Pancakes "I Know" Flying in the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
Would-Be-Goods "1999" Brief Lives
Of Montreal "How Lester Lost His Wife" Satanic Panic In the Attic


fart, crunch

Okay, you can make your comments about the show in progress here.

I'll post about the shows I went to this weekend later when I have time. I'm not sure when that will be.

That's it. No ticket giveaways. Other people gave away tickets to the Of Montreal show. Damn.


Friday, April 16, 2004

what the fuck?!

New Grenada is playing with Sodastream at the Symposium tonight?! How come I didn't hear about this until a few minutes ago?! Well, that fucking blows. I'd love to see them, but I already have a ticket to the Trachtenburgs. I don't know. Maybe the show will start super late and I could get there to see them, but probably not. I'd probably get there in time for Sodastream, but not New Grenada. And I don't really like Sodastream because they sound too much like Belle and Sebastian. And I think I'm going to see Sodastream in Pittsburgh tomorrow, anyway.

I had said something to the Twilight about getting New Grenada for the May 7th show at Pat's, but I guess that's not practical now. Besides, I think they have a fourth band now.

And what is New Grenada doing at the Symposium, anyway? The owners screwed them over the last time they played there. They're from Michigan, and they had traveled all the way from Indiana as part of some tour, and the Symposium didn't give them a fucking dime. I can't believe they'd play there again. I don't think I'll ever want to play at the Symposium. If I want to play in obscurity, I'll do it at Pat's, thank you very fucking much.

I am the World Trade Center was fun last night. Dance party! Woooooo! They did a by-the-numbers rendition of "Bizarre Love Triangle", which pretty much melted in with their original stuff. While hearing them last night, it hit me how '80s-sounding they are. I shouldn't like '80s music. Yuck!

Well, it wasn't the wrong kind of '80s music, though. ^_^ So, it's okay.

Don't forget to listen to Elixir Is Zog on WCSB tonight from 11 to 1. The Twilight will be playing on the air.

Please get me a recording of that, Twilight!

And I guess I'll be seeing at least a couple of you at the Trachtenburg show. Yee haw!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


My review for the Chester Copperpot CD is now on Mundane Sounds. It's too bad no one really notices them. I bet that seeing them live would be so much fun.

I did a fill-in show Friday night. I had less than two hours advance notice, so that's why you didn't know about it. I just happened to be there when Jermaine from A Pox On You called to say he was sick and couldn't come in. So, I played some things during that time slot.

Anyway, someone called me during that slot, and the last thing they said during that call was "Can I ask you a personal question? You and Elizabeth get along so well..." And I knew where it was going because Elizabeth told me that people have said the same thing before. No, we are not an item, and there's no chance of that happening. I think I actually said that once on her show, but this guy didn't hear. In fact, he never got the memo about my new show, so... anyway... I would never go out with Elizabeth. Do you realize how long Elizabeth has been doing her show? For a decade! So, you'd figure that she's too old for me. And she pretty much is. Also, she doesn't like Kiddo. I couldn't go out with anyone who doesn't like Kiddo.

Actually, you wouldn't know who my significant other is. She's not even from Cleveland.

By the way, my significant other came up with her own little guide to scoring indie chicks. It's on her blog.

If you come to this blog and don't read the comments, you should start reading them. The comments are where all the action is.

We have the new eX-Girl album at the station. Yay! It's weird, though, because two of the original members are no longer with the band. Only the bassist remains.

Monday, April 12, 2004

musical memories and other reminisces from today's show

We need a new computer in main air. Then when people see the live playlist updates, they'll see why they need to come to this site. I don't think the idea of coming here to have conversations with me and other listeners about music and other things are incentive enough.

"You were the first one..." That's a song that can get in your head, and it has a cool title. No wonder someone would start a site with that name. "Make Out Club". That song is from '93, by the way. It predates the site by so many years.

The Trachtenburg ticket giveaway was funny. I gave away one pair and the lines were just flooded with callers. I then realized I had a second pair to give away. And the callers just trickled in. It's weird. Did people just lose hope after the first time?

People just need to call in. Live a little and make that call! And if it's busy, keep trying to call!

And you should come to the website and post comments. This show isn't so popular that the comment links are flooded with responses.

I forgot about that Casual Dots show until a little bit into the show, but we didn't have tickets for it. Then the organizer of the show called after the first time I went on the air to give us a couple pairs of tickets to give away. That show is on Sunday, by the way.

I just found out that "Oops Oh My" is a cover of an R & B song. I had no idea.

Don't forget to listen to the Twilight on Elixir Is Zog this Friday night from 11 to 1... if you're not going to see the Trachtenburgs. I don't know how late that show will go, though. The Grog Shop website says it starts at 8 and there's an opening band. Since it's going to be a really popular band, I bet it'll start on time. I notice that for the bigger indie bands (Le Tigre, Nada Surf, etc.) the shows actually start when they're advertised. I just don't fucking get that. Why don't they just print the real starting time (10 o'clock or whatever the fuck) for the other indie shows instead of the fake 9 p.m. starting time?

Answer me! I know that you people from the Beachland and the Grog Shop are looking at this!

Actually, they're not looking at this. My show would be too big if they were, I suppose.

I hope you tuned in at the beginning and heard the cool heavy metal version of the Legend of Zelda theme. That's the best version of that song I've ever heard. Or else it ties with the Violent Femmes-like version I played a couple months ago. I have to play the Violent Femmes-ish version again. It rules.

I can't think of anything else to say. I'm sure I'll remember shit later that I really wanted to tell you.

playlist for april 12, 2004

set 1 (9:00 hour)

K. Praslowicz "Zelda-Fear and Sufferance" download from Overclocked Remix site
The Capsules "Slideshow" someone for everyone
Sekiden "Pulsewidth" Junior Fiction
I am the World Trade Center "Me to Be" Out of the Loop
I am the World Trade Center "Dancing Alone" The Tight Connection
Ladytron "Oops Oh My" Softcore Jukebox
Casual Dots "Hooded" Casual Dots
Pancakes "Patronage" Flying in the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
Of Montreal "Climb the Ladder" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Marbles "Go Marilee" Pyramid Landing & other favorites
Tiara "The Same Things" Trolley Bus Music Tour
The Twilight "The Violet Evening" download from
Cub "Motel 6" Betti-Cola
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players "Together As a System We Are Unbeatable" Vintage Slide Collections From Seattle Vol. 1
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players "Look at Me" (live on Conan O'Brien)
(me... no name for this project) "All Yr Base Are Belong to Us, You Spoony Bard" (Cassettefest non-entry)

set 2 (10:00 hour)

Would-Be-Goods "Trying to Be Bad" Brief Lives
They Might Be Giants "Ant" Indestructible Object EP
Of Montreal "Chrissy Kiss the Corpse" Satanic Panic In the Attic
The Vaselines "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam" The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History
Beauty Pageant "Girlfriend on Fire" Beauty Pageant
Unrest "Make Out Club" Perfect Teeth
Harvey + Felix "Frobee" (actually, a drunken cover of that one Mr. Big song. you know the one.) Cassettefest entry
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Inarticulation" 2
The Smittens "My Girl" Gentlefication Now!
Chester Copperpot "My parents' fridge" The Kings of Kirby
The Capricorns "Steve and Tiffanie" Tracks and Fields
The Capricorns "Teenage Boyfriend" In the Zone
I am the World Trade Center "Metro (brooklyn mix)" Out of the Loop
Mirah "Look Up" C'mon Miracle


where's the playlist, jerk?!

The computer in main air is dead. I guess we're getting a new one. I don't know how long that will be.

But that means that I won't be doing any live playlist updates until then. I'll be able to come on here every once in a while, so if you do have comments about the show in progress, leave them here and I'll be able to read them.

Ticket giveaways for I am the World Trade Center and the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players at around 10.

edit: Actually, I might save one of the giveaways for near the end of the show. I'm not sure.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

ambience in the countryside...

I forgot to tell you how the Twilight show was.

It ruled!

Greg rules!

I got there three songs into the set (I didn't know they'd actually start before 10), but I got to see most of it, and it was excellent!

I thought that Greg drummed well, bringing out that technically proficient and fun-to-watch drumming that we all love.

He said he screwed up in places, but I couldn't tell. I think it was just one of those circumstances where performers screw up and only the performers can tell. I guess he also got tired towards the end, so they cut one song. Something to do with the drum sticks they use live being heavier than the sticks they use to practice.

Anyone from the Twilight want to explain?

But the show ruled, and they played a different cover this time. This time it was "Laid" by James. I remember hearing the original song but didn't know the band or title. I think people were thrilled to hear it.

And this Friday night, the Twilight is going to be at the WCSB studio! They're going to be on Elixir Is Zog and play live. That show is from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. (right before 669). I don't know if I'll get to hear it live because I'll be going to see the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, but I hope to get a recording at some point.

So, don't forget to listen. Unless you're going to see the Trachtenburgs, too.

Friday, April 09, 2004

upcoming shows

Okay, I added an upcoming shows list in the sidebar of the blog. Look beneath the links.

It's not pretty, but I guess it'll do until I think of a better way to present it (if I do think of one).

The Frogs are playing next month! Yay! And there won't be any conflict with any other shows this time!

I mean, the last time they played in the area (The Pirate's Cove on the CSU campus), I missed them to see Dressy Bessy and the first performance of Kiddo with their new drummer.

And Sloan is playing at the Grog Shop. I wonder if it'll be big enough to hold the show because when they played here last time (at Peabody's) it was packed.

Anyway, that's it for now.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

so, does anyone know the best place to find single eyeglass-wearing indie girls?

I don't really need that piece of information, but I guess there are others who do. Maybe I could bring it up on the next show. I have to admit that I'm curious.

And not worthless, trendy hipster chicks or stupid fucking emo girls. Where are the indie rockers or the (very rare indeed in Cleveland) twee pop girls?

I guess it might be a good idea to ask if any indie girls who might be looking upon this blog know where the best indie boys are to be found? Right here at this very blog, maybe? ^_^

Or not.

My Of Montreal review was posted yesterday on Mundane Sounds. Check it out here. It's probably the best record they've ever done. At least, it's definitely their most accessible, yet most experimental at the same time because they've added some different sounds that they didn't have before. You really should buy it. I'm sure it'll be on my best of the year list if I'm still reviewing for some zine by then.

I got that Pancakes album. You know what? Hello Kitty's band wouldn't be the All Girl Summer Fun Band. It would be the Pancakes!

The Pancakes can be quite deep and witty sometimes, though. It's pretty amazing when you have a lyrics sheet in front of you (like I do). Dejay (the woman who IS the Pancakes) seems actually quite fluent in English, even though she seems to be a Hong Kong native. I was thinking about sending her fan mail and asking her where I could get all her records, and I might actually do it because there's a good chance she'll understand me.

Check out these lyrics for a song called "Patronage".

While I'm at it, here's another one that I really like. It's called "I Know".

Yeah, life is exactly how it is described in that song..

Dejay, I want to be your friendcake!

Finally, I wanted to tell everyone that I've registered I still don't plan to make it a full site. Just that FAQ page. So, anyone have questions about the show or whatever?

So, go ahead now and write your comments about where to find single indie people and what questions you'd want to see in a FAQ for my show.

Monday, April 05, 2004

final words

Fuck, I wish I had remembered sooner that this was about the time of year that Kurt Cobain died. There's a really good article about Kurt in the Olympian (that's newspaper in Olympia, WA, near where Kurt lived). Thanks to largeheartedboy for posting that on his blog. He doesn't know I exist, but I thank him, anyway.

People managed to call for the Twilight tickets. More than one person called. Where the fuck were they before?

The noise piece I played at the end of the show was something I did Friday night. I wouldn't submit it by itself as a Cassettefest submission because we've had too much noise, but I like it and would put it next to the twee pop songs that I'd love to do. I think it would be fun to do live because I could have the audience chant "All your base are belong to us!" while I sing the words. In case you didn't catch it, the words to the song are the intro dialogue from Zero Wing for the Sega Genesis and the infamous "You spoony bard!" dialogue from Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintendo.

I didn't know that They Might Be Giants were coming out with a new EP. I just happened to find it during the show. It's so-so. Then again, TMBG never were the same again when they started playing with a full band on their recordings.

Anyone notice Colin Clary's love song to the Smittens? It's so cute!

I need to get a Colin Clary solo album.

I think that's all that I have to say for now. I've got a review of the new Of Montreal submitted for Mundane Sounds, so I'll let you know when/if it's posted.

playlist for April 5, 2004

set 1 (9:00 hour)

Daniel Johnston "A Little Story" Songs of Pain
Patti Smith "Gloria" Horses
The Icicles "Polyester Dress" Pure Sugar EP
Lesley Gore "That's the Way Boys Are" Best of Lesley Gore
Of Montreal "Your Magic Is Working" Satanic Panic In the Attic
Kissing Book "Oh Oh Oh" Lines & Color
The Twilight "Where I'm Going to Be" (unreleased)
The Twilight "Something For Your Heart" download from
The Color Bars "Eliza" Making Playthings
Mirah "Jerusalem" C'mon Miracle
Would-Be-Goods "Esperanza" Brief Lives
Churchbuilder "Snow In April" Microdancer
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players "Look At Me" live on Conan O'Brien
Apologetix "People" (parody of "Pepper" by the Butthole Surfers) Ticked

set 2 (10:00 hour)

The Frogs "Now You Know You're Black" Now You Know You're Black/Adam and Steve 7"
Six Cents and Natalie "Easter Sunday" When Punk Fell to Earth
Six Cents and Natalie "True Colors" When Punk Fell to Earth
Sarah, Plain and Tall "End of the Golden Weather" download from
The Softies "Count to Ten" The Softies EP
Of Montreal "Lysergic Bliss" Satanic Panic In the Attic
They Might Be Giants "Memo to Human Resources" Indestructible Object EP
Breezy Porticos "Throwing Bees" Keep It Crisp
The Smittens "My Girl" Gentlefication Now!
Colin Clary "I Miss the Bubblegum" 7:52 Thursday Evening (Mundane Sounds online sampler Vol. 2)
Sekiden "All Ordinaries" Junior Fiction
Chester Copperpot "Sorry I Bit You" The Kings of Kirby
Ladytron "Oops Oh My" Softcore Jukebox
(Something I did... I don't know what to call this project, though) "All Yr Base Are Belong to Us, You Spoony Bard" (my nonexistent Cassettefest submission)



The computer in main air is fucked up this morning, so I can't do the normal live playlist updates. We do have a computer in the office here, but it would be inconvenient and impractical to keep running in here and running out while I'm trying to do a show.

So, just wait until I announce the songs.

The full playlist will be up after the show today.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

The following post was an April Fool's Day Joke. Please disregard. Greg really is drumming for the Twilight now.


I have just learned some appalling news.

Apparently, the story about Greg from Kiddo being the new drummer from the Twilight was an April Fool's joke.

I just received an e-mail from Pat of the Twilight, and at the bottom, he said "P.S. The drummer story was an April Fool's joke."

I'm very shocked and angered almost to tears.

I'm sorry, but maybe I really just can't take a joke.

I feel very betrayed. The Twilight deceived me into posting a false story that was intended solely to generate publicity for the band.

Well, fuck them!

I really believed in the Twilight. Of course, you know that before this false story about Greg surfaced, I was very impressed with them. I liked their songs. They were already my second favorite Cleveland band.

But now... I just don't think I can respect a band who would stoop so low as to deceive me into gaining publicity for them.

You had great music! The people at that show at Pat's I went to were really impressed. You didn't have to do this! You would have gained recognition for your art. You didn't need to deceptively use Greg's semi-celebrity status for those ends.

I also can't believe that Greg went along with it and let them take pictures of him to post on their site. I just don't understand why he'd let them use him like that.

I'm very angry right now. I'm thinking about never playing the Twilight again and removing all references and links to them from this site. That would take some time, though. I don't look forward to doing that at all.

So... I sincerely apologize to everyone for getting your hopes up. Had I known that this story was false, I would have never posted it, or I would have posted a comment saying "April Fool's!" or something like that under it.

Now, I don't look forward to telling Christian and Liz from Kiddo, Brandt, Candy, and everyone else at the show who I told about Greg drumming again. I don't think I've ever felt so humiliated in all my life.

Whatever. I need to go and sulk now. Fuck!

april fool's?

I was thinking about doing an April Fool's joke on here today. I was going to say that I was fucking stupid for abandoning that show that I used to do and losing all my fan base in the process. Then, I was going to say that I would be abandoning the current show format and resuming the old format where I left off.

But then I realized that people probably don't check this site every day, so they wouldn't see the joke. :(

mountain trip to japan, 1959

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are playing at the Grog Shop on Friday, the 16th!

Fuck yeah!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link and be amazed!

twilight news

In case you didn't actually click on the comments link, Greg Hyland, the ex-drummer from Kiddo, is now drumming for the Twilight. I thought I should say that because I don't know how much effort people are willing to invest in viewing this site and clicking comments links.

But I also wanted to tell you that they're playing at the Grog Shop on the 8th. That's Thursday of next week. They're opening for some band that I don't care for called 16 Horsepower. So, if you haven't seen them, you get a chance to do so very soon. You'll get to see Tony, that sexy motherfucker that everyone will be talking about soon, while ignoring the other members of the band. And you'll get to see Greg in action for the first time since last year.

Seriously, I wonder if the Twilight will develop into one of those bands with a lead singer who becomes bigger than the rest of the band. There's that risk, because he's a charismatic, sexy motherfucker. Scary.

I can't believe I'm actually voicing that concern and not keeping them to myself.

Oh, and they also have this big show that they're planning for May 7th. They were trying to get the Smittens and Cars Can Be Blue, but they probably won't come. The Smittens want to come to Cleveland, but that day is probably not a good day for them. Cars Can Be Blue can't make it because they're recording a full-length album at that point.

Have you checked out Cars Can Be Blue, by the way? They're friends with the Smittens. They actually toured together at one point. They describe themselves as "Dressy Bessy meets Tenacious D, Tullycraft meets Adam Sandler, Beat Happening meets the Moldy Peaches." So, that means they're really awesome. They have some songs on their site, and when I asked them a while ago if they had a full album to buy, they said they just had those songs on the site to offer and they don't mind if people burn them until there's an actual album out.

Anyway, they did get another band for the May 7th show. Remember that Color Bars band that was supposed to play with them a couple weeks ago, but the show got cancelled thanks to snow? Well, they're going to play this show now.

I don't know if they noticed that I was begging them to try and get the Icicles.

I think that's all the news about them that I have for now.

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