Thursday, April 01, 2004

twilight news

In case you didn't actually click on the comments link, Greg Hyland, the ex-drummer from Kiddo, is now drumming for the Twilight. I thought I should say that because I don't know how much effort people are willing to invest in viewing this site and clicking comments links.

But I also wanted to tell you that they're playing at the Grog Shop on the 8th. That's Thursday of next week. They're opening for some band that I don't care for called 16 Horsepower. So, if you haven't seen them, you get a chance to do so very soon. You'll get to see Tony, that sexy motherfucker that everyone will be talking about soon, while ignoring the other members of the band. And you'll get to see Greg in action for the first time since last year.

Seriously, I wonder if the Twilight will develop into one of those bands with a lead singer who becomes bigger than the rest of the band. There's that risk, because he's a charismatic, sexy motherfucker. Scary.

I can't believe I'm actually voicing that concern and not keeping them to myself.

Oh, and they also have this big show that they're planning for May 7th. They were trying to get the Smittens and Cars Can Be Blue, but they probably won't come. The Smittens want to come to Cleveland, but that day is probably not a good day for them. Cars Can Be Blue can't make it because they're recording a full-length album at that point.

Have you checked out Cars Can Be Blue, by the way? They're friends with the Smittens. They actually toured together at one point. They describe themselves as "Dressy Bessy meets Tenacious D, Tullycraft meets Adam Sandler, Beat Happening meets the Moldy Peaches." So, that means they're really awesome. They have some songs on their site, and when I asked them a while ago if they had a full album to buy, they said they just had those songs on the site to offer and they don't mind if people burn them until there's an actual album out.

Anyway, they did get another band for the May 7th show. Remember that Color Bars band that was supposed to play with them a couple weeks ago, but the show got cancelled thanks to snow? Well, they're going to play this show now.

I don't know if they noticed that I was begging them to try and get the Icicles.

I think that's all the news about them that I have for now.

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