Monday, July 26, 2004

hooray for coffee, let's not complain

Pika! I hope today's show didn't suck too much. I had to promote four shows that are happening in the next week, so I hope I didn't annoy people with things they've already heard a bunch of times.

In case you didn't see below, Harry and the Potters are playing a show at the Shaker Heights Public Library, in addition to the one at Mac's Backs. The library show is at 3, and the Mac's Backs show is at 7. I know the library show is free, but I don't know about the Mac's Backs one. They had flyers up in the store when I was there last week, but I don't think there was a price on them.

Sadly, I can't go to the library show at 3. But I'm definitely going to the one at Mac's. I hope other people go, too.

The Icicles have new songs on their website! Go listen!

Of Montreal just posted a shitload of MP3s on their site. Included are all four cover songs from the bonus CD that came with their latest album. Damn, I guess I didn't have to buy the album after all to get those songs. The MP3s are on this page.

Remember Cassettefest Fest? That one show you didn't go to. I got to spend some of the proceeds from the door on a couple of things. Soon, WCSB will finally have that reissue of Sonic Youth's Dirty. We don't even have the old version of that CD at the station, so it will be very welcome. We're also getting the latest Capricorns CD. They released one last year, and I didn't even know. And finally, we're getting the Sebadoh Bakesale CD. I've never even heard that CD myself. I had to get that for the station because it's a Sebadoh CD and we're a college radio station. We should have every fucking thing that Sebadoh ever released.

I'm pretty tired at the moment and don't have anything else that's important to say at the moment, so this is going to be it for now. I might have more later in the week.

playlist for july 26, 2004

9:00 hour

Slowblow  "Within Tolerance"  Slowblow
Tracy + The Plastics  "happens"  culture for pigeon
Mirah  "la familia"  you think it's like this but really it's like this
Morrissey  "The First of the Gang to Die"  You Are the Quarry
Saint Etienne  "Hit the Brakes"  The Bad Photographer EP
Kiddo  "To the Moon"  (live at Studio-A-Rama)
New Grenada  "Steady Diet of Slayer"  The Open Heart
Harry and the Potters  "Wizard Chess"  Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters  "Rocking at Hogwarts"  Mail Songs EP #1
Harry and the Potters  "Bertie Botts"  Mail Songs EP #1
The Twilight  "The Sound"  (live on Elixir Is Zog)
Black Cabbage  "The Vice-President Is a Robot"  (live at Cassettefest Fest)
Harvey + Felix  "Reading Rainbow" 
Harvey + Felix  "America Will Punch You"
Harvey + Felix  "frobee"  (Cassettefest entry)
The Minders  "Tearaway"  The Future's Always Perfect
The Minders  "Chatty Patty"  Cul-De-Sacs & Dead Ends

10:00 hour

Barmitzvah Brothers  "Today Is Sunday"  The Night of the Party
Oval-Teen  "Flying Silver Rocket Ships"  A Million Shades of Oval-Teen
L.A. Tool and Die  "I'll Give You Three"  Fashion for the Evildoer
Poussin  "Boy Friend"  Pop Jingu Vol. 2
The Smittens  "Doomed Lo-Fi and In Love"  Gentlefication Now!
The Smittens  "Gin and Platonic"  Gentlefication Now!
New Grenada  "Thanks a Lot"  Fundraising For the Field Trip #1
New Grenada  "Lazer Blast" (demo)  Asaurus Records EP Club #2
New Grenada  "Concussion"  Hot War EP
Shonen Knife  "Chinese Disco"  Strawberry Sound
I am the World Trade Center  "No Expectations"  The Cover Up
Dressy Bessy  "All These Colors"  SoundGoRound
Dressy Bessy  "That's Why"  SoundGoRound
Harry and the Potters  "These Days Are Dark"  Harry and the Potters


pre-show post

Again, we're still in the production room, but much progress has been made in the main air studio, so we could be back to normal with the new board before the next show.

But this time, I will again not be updating the playlist live.  However, I will be able to type the playlist right after the show before I have to leave.  I was able to get it done right after last weeks show, actually, but Blogger fucked up when I tried to post it.

And then I have more things I want to post tonight.  I'm sorry about the recent lack of posts.  I've just been tired thanks to a weird, upset sleeping schedule, but I think I've gotten that straightened out now.

Oh, and I want everyone to know that before Harry and the Potters play at Mac's Backs in Coventry on Friday (that starts at 7), they're playing a show at the Shaker Heights Public Library at 3.  The library show is free.  I don't know if the Mac's Backs show is or not.

Anyway, I have to go start the show now.  I have a nice new Black Cabbage song to play for you.  And if you haven't heard the sad news about Black Cabbage, please scroll down.

bad news

Maybe you've already heard about this, but in case you haven't, here's a post from the Black Cabbage mailing list:

There will be *no* Black Cabbage show tonight.
Kat went out walking last night and after jumping down off of a wall that she says was either 6 or 8 feet tall, landed wrong and broke *both* her legs.
She is currently in Lakewood hospital with a fractured tibia & fibia in her left leg, and a fractured heelbone in her right leg.  Tomorrow morning at 7:30 she is getting surgery done on her left leg (the Dr said he'd probably be putting a rod into it) so that it can heal up quickly so she can have at least one good leg.   The heelbone is a much more difficult procedure and is only able to be worked on by orthopedic specialists, none of which practice in our part of town, apparently.  But since it is not an emergency to get it worked on right away, they are going to wait a week or two to work on it, and let her other leg get a little better in the mean time.
The doctor also said she probably wouldn't be up on her feet at all for another 6 weeks or so.
Kat also has absolutely no health insurance coverage.
And from another post by DJ Master LS...

I'm sure many of you are wondering, like my dad was:
> What the heck was she doing up on a wall, anyway?
She was walking to a friend's house over on Clifton, a few streets away from us, and had taken a shortcut behind a row of stores & bars, which ended in a wall, which she hadn't realized.  I looked at it today, and it's really not *that* high - maybe about 5 feet high on one side & maybe 6 on the other.   Anyway, rather than walking back around to the front of the stores, she decided she could just climb over the wall.  She says she didn't even really jump from the top of the wall, she was sitting on it, and was dangling her feet down - it really doesn't look like the kind of height you'd expect to hurt yourself at all from, especially if you were going to get down off of it like that.   But somehow she just landed on her feet wrong..
Anyway -
Her surgery is now scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow morning (did I mention that already?  sorry if I did) but that is also prone to changing, according to the doctor.  No idea what kind of shape she'll be in after the operation, if she'll want any visitors right away or what.  
I thought I had more to mention now, but I'm just too exhausted to remember I guess..
thanks to everyone for their good wishes etc, they are much appreciated.
Of course we here at Boogiepop Does Not Smile also wish Black Cabbage and DJ Homefry K the best in this situation.

Monday, July 19, 2004

playlist for july 19, 2004
9:00 hour
Dennis Driscoll  "The Happy Lucky Girl" Shipwreck Day
The Minders  "Comfortably Tucked Up Inside"  Hooray For Tuesday
Of Montreal  "Spike the Senses"  Satanic Panic in the Attic
Ash  "Uncle Pat"  Trailer
Marine Research  "I Confess"  Parallel Horizontal EP
Camera Obscura  "San Francisco Song"  Old Enough to Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records
Folk Implosion  "boyfriend, girlfriend"  Take a Look Inside
L.A. Tool and Die  "Lucky For Me"  Fashion for the Evildoer
Music Tapes  "An Orchestration's Overture"  Old Enough to Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records
They Might Be Giants  "Experimental Film"  The Spine
They Might Be Giants  "Particle Man"  120 Minutes Live
C.O.C.O.  "Supercool"  The C.O.C.O. Sound
The Gossip  "Jason's Basement"  Movement
New Grenada  "Lazer Blast"  Hot War EP
Boyskout  "Secrets"  School of Etiquette
The Vibration  "Vibration"  Ear to the Ground EP
The Cut-Outs  "Leave That Girl Alone"  I'm With Cupid
10:00 hour
The Twilight  "Where I'm Going to Be"  (i'm taking bets on many CD release shows they'll have before they actually release their EP)
The Salteens  "Summer's Gone"  Let Go of Your Bad Days
The Smittens  "Gentlefication Now! (the La La Song)"  Gentlefication Now!
The Smittens  "My Girl"  Gentlefication Now!
Magnetic Fields  "If There's Such a Thing as Love"  i
Rose Melberg  "I Love How You Love Me"  Patty Duke Fanzine 7" #2
The Wiggins  "Hill"
Black Cabbage  "Emotional Cripple" (live)  Grog Shop 3/17/04
Morrissey  "It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small"  Irish Blood, English Heart EP
Cornershop  "Funky Days Are Back Again"  When I Was Born For the 7th Time
Ladytron  "paco!"  604
I am the World Trade Center  "The Cover Up"  The Cover Up
Tracy + The Plastics  "save me claude"  culture for pigeon
The Pancakes  "Etienne"  Sofa #1
Smashing Pumpkins  "Pennies"  Zero EP
Awesome Animal Ambulance  "Operation Kitty"  This Is Sour--Lemon Peel
Harry and the Potters  "The Dark Lord Lament"  Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters  "Problem Solving Skillz"  Harry and the Potters

another pre-show announcement
The new main air studio still isn't done yet.  (not a surprise)  So, again, I won't be updating the playlist live.  Also, I don't know if I'll get it up after the show because I now have a job that I have to go to right after the show.  I'll have it up late tonight by the latest.
In the meantime, feel free to comment on the show here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

musical theater

If anyone wants to download the Magnetic Fields cover of "If I Were a Rich Man" (yes, the Fiddler on the Roof song), it's available for free at Click here.

Tomorrow night is the Twilight/Pants Yell!/Expecting Rain show at Pat's in the Flats. I hope to see you there! It starts at 9:30 (seriously, it's really supposed to start at 9:30), and it's $5 to get in. Go to Pat's website if you're not sure how to get there.

That's it for now.

Monday, July 12, 2004

playlist for July 12, 2004

9:00 hour

Babes In Toyland "Right Now" (live) The Further Adventures of Babes In Toyland
Bikini Kill "Tell Me So" Pussy Whipped
The Frumpies "She's a Real Cutie Pie" Frumpie One Piece
L7 "Shirley" Hungry For Stink
The Pinheads "Post Toasty Pt. 4" Poop Breath EP
The Wiggins "Lying" (unreleased?)
Nirvana "Sliver" Incesticide
Babes In Toyland "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" The Further Adventures of Babes In Toyland
Kiddo "The Hell Song" Kiddo
Expecting Rain "A New Girl" Expecting Rain
The Twilight "Where I'm Going to Be" (unreleased... still waiting for that EP)
Pants Yell! "Public Gardens" Songs For Siblings
Pants Yell! "My Boyfriend Writes Plays" Live on WERS
Harry and the Potters "Stick It to Dolores" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock

10:00 hour

Tilly and the Wall "Shake It Out" Wild Like Children
Morrissey "The Never-Played Symphonies" Irish Blood, English Heart EP
Camera Obscura "San Francisco Song" Old Enough To Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records
Electric Grandmother "I Just Visited" Sin City Sex Mix
Electric Grandmother "Milkshake" Sin City Sex Mix
Freezepop "I am Not Your Gameboy" Fancy Ultra-Fresh
I am the World Trade Center "Follow Me" The Cover Up
Tracy + The Plastics "quaasars" culture for pigeon
Hott Beat "Nobody's Home" A Hott Mess
Saint Etienne "I'm Too Sexy" The Fred EP
Sonic Youth "Burning Spear" Sonic Youth EP
The Vibration "No Eyeliner" Ear to the Ground
Magnetic Fields "If I Were a Rich Man" Knitting on the Roof

pre-show announcement

Attention! The playlist will not be updated live during the show today. WCSB's main air studio has been ripped apart in preparation for the installation of a new board. All shows are being broadcast from the production studio, which does not have a computer connected to the Internet. The playlist will be posted within 30 minutes of the conclusion of today's show.

Also, tickets for the Twilight/Pants Yell!/Expecting Rain show on Wednesday will be given away today. We actually do get to answer phones in the production studio. Hopefully, I'll figure out how to do that.

That's it for now. Enjoy the show!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

quick notes

I don't have anything special to say about the show this week. Very few people were listening, of course. The people who did call didn't seem to get the show. Sorry, but I'm not playing Billy Bragg or Mazzy Star, and "I Shot the Devil" (a.k.a. "I Shot Reagan") by Suicidal Tendencies ceased being culturally relevant a week or two ago. Yes, those were all requests that I got. Ugh!

So, you saw that I played Elastica. I dug that CD up and listened to it this past weekend. One of the few good things to be released on a major label. I also listened to Nevermind this past weekend, and I kept listening to "Polly" for some reason. I'm not sure why. The subtle dynamics somehow captured my interest.

Oh, and I played some obvious 4th of July classics.

We got new Wiggins material at the station yesterday. Too late for my show this week, but Jasmine played it. It's very good. The show they're playing tomorrow (Friday) night is going to rock. For those who don't know, the Black Eye, where the show is going to be held, is at 1946 East 71st (in Cleveland). The show starts at midnight. Another band on the Wiggins' label, NTX, is going to be playing. I don't know if there will be anyone else there, or what the order of bands will be.

Harry and the Potters have released their new album, Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock. I haven't gotten it, and I don't know how soon I'll be able to, but there are three new MP3s from the new album on the "for Listening" page. It sounds good! It all seems to be Order of the Phoenix-related. I can't wait for the show!

Finally, the Pancakes have updated their (her) website. Now, there's a page entitled "Favoritos!" with Dejay's favorite things. Check out the letter's "F" and "W" for challenges to your preconceived notions of what is a sitcom. You'll understand what I mean if you look. And look at the cute picture of the new puppy if you haven't already.

That's it for now. Listen for a new Camera Obscura song, new Wiggins material, and lots of promotion for the Twilight/Pants Yell!/Expecting Rain show this coming Wednesday (the 14th) at Pat's in the Flats.


Monday, July 05, 2004

playlist for july 5, 2004

set 1 (9:00-9:31)

Pavement "No More Kings" Schoolhouse Rock Rocks
Silver Jews "Smith & Jones Forever" American Water
Third Grade Teacher "Atomic" How many bands does it take to screw up a Blondie tribute?
Bis "school disco" I [heart] Bis
Elastica "Connection" Elastica
Boyskout "Girl on Girl Action" School of Etiquette
I am the World Trade Center "The Cover Up" The Cover Up

set 2 (9:45-10:01)

The Wiggins "Golden Records" The Wiggins EP
The Wiggins "Giant Killer" Import EP
Pants Yell! "Your Favorite Fairgrounds" Songs For Siblings
Camera Obscura "A Sisters Social Agony" Underachievers Please Try Harder
Beat Happening "The Fall" Beat Happening
The Diskettes "Come On Over" The Diskettes

set 3 (10:08-11:00)

Water Utility Rates "One Dollar Bill" Music for We Sleep In Our Clothes People
Harvey + Felix "America Will Punch You" (I forget the album title)
The Twilight "Apple Pie Suburbia" live on Elixir Is Zog
The Vibration "Vibration" Ear to the Ground
Sleater-Kinney "All Hands on the Bad One" All Hands on the Bad One
Nirvana "Polly" Nevermind
Azure Ray "4th of July" Azure Ray
Sonic Youth "Peace Attack" Sonic Nurse
Jimmy Flemion (The Frogs) "Because July" (live) Linneman's 8-14-03
The Frogs "We Can Stop the War" Made Up Songs #1,6
They Might Be Giants "Damn Good Times" The Spine
Harry and the Potters "Gryffindor Rocks" Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters "The Dark Lord Lament" Harry and the Potters
Sebadoh "Ocean" Harmacy
Elastica "S.O.F.T." Elastica


Friday, July 02, 2004

some more news and links

Okay, I've got a few notes of interest for you.

We have a third band for the Twilight/Pants Yell! on the 14th. The band's name is Expecting Rain. They're a local indie folk band that's on the same label that's releasing the Twilight's EP. They do have songs for download if you want to hear a couple samples.

So, the whole show is now worked out, except for the small detail of finding a place for Pants Yell! to stay the night.

If you didn't read the comment link on the post below, I guess I should tell you that the Wiggins are making their triumphant return to Cleveland. You might remember them as one of the bands from Sergiofest. A while ago, Jon, who basically IS the Wiggins, moved to Texas. Since that time, he has returned to doing a solo version of the Wiggins. Now, he's finally coming back to play a show at the Black Eye on the 9th. This is going to be just him and drum machine. It's going to be fucking great.

I don't know where the Black Eye is, though. If anyone knows, please click on the comments link and give the address.

In other news, you can legally download Tilly and the Wall's entire full-length album for free in MP3 form. I don't know what the fuck Conor Oberst is thinking. But if you go to this link, it's all right there.

However, that still doesn't hold a candle to the Brian Jonestown Massacre's website, where MP3s of all their albums (plus Peel sessions, live tracks, and, toward the bottom, some albums by other people) are available for free download.

Finally, my review of the new I am the World Trade Center album is up on Mundane Sounds.

Have a nice Independence Day Weekend, and I hope you lucky people who cheat destiny by getting the 5th off have a nice time sleeping through my next show. :P

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