Monday, July 05, 2004

playlist for july 5, 2004

set 1 (9:00-9:31)

Pavement "No More Kings" Schoolhouse Rock Rocks
Silver Jews "Smith & Jones Forever" American Water
Third Grade Teacher "Atomic" How many bands does it take to screw up a Blondie tribute?
Bis "school disco" I [heart] Bis
Elastica "Connection" Elastica
Boyskout "Girl on Girl Action" School of Etiquette
I am the World Trade Center "The Cover Up" The Cover Up

set 2 (9:45-10:01)

The Wiggins "Golden Records" The Wiggins EP
The Wiggins "Giant Killer" Import EP
Pants Yell! "Your Favorite Fairgrounds" Songs For Siblings
Camera Obscura "A Sisters Social Agony" Underachievers Please Try Harder
Beat Happening "The Fall" Beat Happening
The Diskettes "Come On Over" The Diskettes

set 3 (10:08-11:00)

Water Utility Rates "One Dollar Bill" Music for We Sleep In Our Clothes People
Harvey + Felix "America Will Punch You" (I forget the album title)
The Twilight "Apple Pie Suburbia" live on Elixir Is Zog
The Vibration "Vibration" Ear to the Ground
Sleater-Kinney "All Hands on the Bad One" All Hands on the Bad One
Nirvana "Polly" Nevermind
Azure Ray "4th of July" Azure Ray
Sonic Youth "Peace Attack" Sonic Nurse
Jimmy Flemion (The Frogs) "Because July" (live) Linneman's 8-14-03
The Frogs "We Can Stop the War" Made Up Songs #1,6
They Might Be Giants "Damn Good Times" The Spine
Harry and the Potters "Gryffindor Rocks" Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters "The Dark Lord Lament" Harry and the Potters
Sebadoh "Ocean" Harmacy
Elastica "S.O.F.T." Elastica


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