Wednesday, September 29, 2004

every little thing she does is magic, every little thing she do just turns me on...

For two weeks in a row, I've played a song with the word "yoni" in it. I wonder if anyone has noticed.

I recently found this post on Chris and Thea's guestbook:

Name: AF
Email: sergiovannospamfucker(putting in this notation because I still use this e-mail address; in the original post this person just put the unedited e-mail address)
HomePage: http://
Where are you from: Cleve
Comments: Warning: I would suggest NOT putting your real email in the Email entry. Maybe include it with the content. Spammers have gleaned my address from an earlier date, and ever since I have been getting a bunch of shit. In fact the first piece was titled Assholier Than Thou and I thought it was a reply. Damn. Thus, I generally use Sergio's email address. He is a real dik.

July 22, 2003 13:37:22 (GMT Time)

Well, that depresses the fuck out of me. It's amazing to see that someone could hate me enough to attempt to sabotage my e-mail box. Maybe he didn't realize that my whole career up to that point (and a few months after) was all a joke.

Now do you see why that show had to end?

Something positive: Blod Records, the label that released that How Bizarre: A Tribute to the '90s CD I've been playing things from recently has noticed me. Yay!

I hope you listened to the Twilight on Elixir Is Zog last night. They ruled, and they did a great version of U2's "With or Without You" that I would kill to have. Just kill, though. I wouldn't die to have it, or endure great pain or personal sacrifice for it.

And no, I couldn't tell that Phoenix had pneumonia. I didn't hear him coughing. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention.

I'm not sure if I feel bad about only one person calling in for the tickets to Rilo Kiley/Tilly and the Wall/Now It's Overhead. I do want lots of people to listen to the show, but do I really want Saddle Creek/Omaha scene people in my audience? I really don't know. But I felt worse about having trouble with giving away tickets to the Calvin Johnson/Ian Svenonius DJ thing.

Any Sealab 2021 fans reading this? If you had looked at the comments thread for the latest playlist, you'd see that Calamine (the band that did the Sealab 2021 theme) has a CD out. Here's a link to the Amazon listing for the CD. There is one free MP3 of a full song you can download if you have an Amazon account. I wasn't into the song, though, because it sounded too folky. I mean, it sounded a lot like Triple A folk. But if they rock on the Sealab theme, then maybe they'll rock at least once on the CD. Maybe I'll get it just because it'll go well next to my Splendora CD.

Splendora did the theme song to Daria.

Everytime that Manos makes a comment on one of the comments links on this page, I feel bad because I still haven't seen the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. :(

Video game music fans: I've been getting the remixes I've been playing from Overclocked Remix and VGMix.
I suggest that you just browse through those sites for a while because there's a lot of great stuff on them. Also, the station just got a new album from the 14 Year Old Girls, which is this band that does a bunch of songs about video games. This new CD has a song about Wario Ware. Wario Ware is just bloody awesome. So, I'm going to play that song and a few others next week.

Sometime when I remember, I'll get that CD by the Advantage.

Anyone see the Scene Best of Cleveland issue that came out today? WCSB won "Best Radio Programming". I believe that we truly deserved that award on the strength of "The Best of WCSB (a.k.a. Scruggscorp Radio)" alone. That was some great stuff. Oh, and I said that show was ending, but I guess they're still doing it even though one of the main people behind the show had to leave.

Finally, I just want to announce that Sweetest Day is next month. Remember how that one DJ years ago would make fun of Sweetest Day by playing nothing but breakup songs and anti-love songs on his Sweetest Day show? I'm going to do it, too. Think of some good indie breakup songs that you'd like to hear, everyone.

Monday, September 27, 2004

playlist september 27, 2004

set 1 (9:07-9:32)

Tilly and the Wall "Fell Down the Stairs" Wild Like Children
The Blow "Come On Petunia" Poor Aim: Love Songs
63 Crayons "Mice and Feathers" Good People
I am the World Trade Center "No Expectations" The Cover Up
Client "Overdrive" city
Saicobab "Death Valley 69" Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute to Sonic Youth
William Shatner "You'll Have Time" Has Been

set 2 (9:43-10:00)

Le Tigre "New Kicks" Peace Not War Volume 2
Colin Clary and the Magogs "Remember In November" For Whom the Casio Tolls
Rilo Kiley "It's a Hit" More Adventurous
Kimya Dawson "Anthrax (Power Ballad Version)" Hidden Vagenda

set 3 (10:12-11:03)

The Pancakes "Martin" Flying In the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
Cibo Matto "Sugar Water" Viva! La Woman
Jens Lekman "A Higher Power" When I Said I Wanted to Be Yoru Dog
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Dialtone" Every Night
The Late BP Helium "candy for everyone" amok
Casper and the Cookies "Take It Away, Kathy" Oh!
63 Crayons "Mrs. Brewster" Good People
Dressy Bessy "Bubbles" Heroes and Villains: Music Inspired By the Powerpuff Girls
They Might Be Giants "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" Future Soundtrack For America
New Grenada "Lightning Parade" For Whom the Casio Tolls
The Blow "The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide" Poor Aim: Love Songs]
Palomar "The Lost Freshman" Palomar III: Revenge of Palomar
The Casual Dots "Evil Operations Classified" The Casual Dots
Tilly and the Wall "Bessa" Wild Like Children
Rilo Kiley "Science vs. Romance" Take Off and Landings


Monday, September 20, 2004

one bush voter down, millions to go...

I can't believe that no one has flamed me for the inappropriate, inflammatory comments that I made concerning Johnny Ramone this morning. It just upsets me that one of the original Ramones would be one of those "God Bless America" Republican sheep.

It's better to be an Anybody But Bush sheep.

I guess everyone was just zoning out and waiting to hear the words "Yo La Tengo tickets" before starting to pay attention again.

I went back and checked to see how long that dead air was when I had to go to the "little boys room". 41 seconds. Any silence longer than 10 seconds is way too long, but I'm glad that it didn't eclipse the one minute mark because that would have been very horrible.

You know what? Calling it the "little boys room" makes it sound really perverted.

Remember last week when I played that CD that had the shopping music from the Sims? What I didn't know was that the Sims 2 was getting released the next day. It's only for the PC, though. That's bad for me because my computer is too obsolete to handle it. I really would love to have it because the Sims can actually age from birth to death in it. I was disappointed when I realized that child Sims don't age in the original Sims.

Oh, but I just found out that in November, they're releasing this new Sims game for the Playstation and other console systems called "The Urbz: Sims in the City". It seems to be all twenty-something Sims living in apartments and trying to be cool. For the soundtrack, they have the rap group, Black Eyed Peas. I'm not into them, but I really want to hear what they do because they're going to be rapping in Simlish. That should be a riot!

I hope you don't mind all the obsessing over video games. I also hope that at least some of you liked the video game remixes that I played this morning. Somebody else in Cleveland has to like that sort of thing. Are any of those people listening to my show?

Listen to Elixir Is Zog on WCSB this Friday night from 11 to 1! The Twilight are going to be on again! Seriously, you really need to listen to it!

I don't think I have anything else to say now. Have fun at that Yo La Tengo show. I don't know if it's sold out yet.

playlist for september 20, 2004

set 1 (9:06-9:36)

Pixelated "Surely, Justice" (Zelda 2 remix) Download from
Yo La Tengo "Sudden Organ" Painful
William Shatner "It Hasn't Happened Yet" Has Been
Ash Productions "The Expendable Guy" (live) Trekkies 2 Soundtrack
Saturday Looks Good to Me "We Can't Work It Out" Every Night
The Blow "Hey Boy" Poor Aim: Love Songs
Client "Radio" city
Sissies "Play By the Rules" Look Back and Laugh
The Frenchmen "Powdered Blue" (live) Sorry We Ruined Your Party

set 2 (9:47-10:09)

Jens Lekman "If You Ever Need a Stranger (to sing at your wedding)" When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
Lizzie Wittman "[Track 3]" Solo
Sinkcharmer "Nothing to Me" Clouds and Balloons Vol. 1: The Search for Skull Island
The Wiggins "Ten Years" (?)
Yo La Tengo "Outsmartener" Today Is the Day EP
The High Water Marks "National Time" songs about the ocean
Jaroban "Super Mario Bros. Medley Live" Download from

set 3 (10:23-11:00)

Yo La Tengo "You Can Have It All" And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
Yo La Tengo "Autumn Sweater" I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One
The Twilight "I've Got Love" Summer Sweet Summer
Racetrack "Sharpest Pencils" City Lights
William Shatner "Common People" Has Been
Yoko Ono & Yo La Tengo "Hedwig's Lament/Exquisite Corpse" Wig In a Box
The Blow "Come On Petunia" Poor Aim: Love Songs
Yo La Tengo "Hey Ya" 2004 WFMU All-Request Marathon


Monday, September 13, 2004

playlist for september 13, 2004

set 1 (7:06-7:33)

Sleater-Kinney "Faraway" One Beat
Neutral Milk Hotel "Ghost (World Trade Center Remix)" (Found this on Audiogalaxy... have no idea who made this curiosity piece)
Sleater-Kinney "Combat Rock" One Beat
Bratmobile "Shop For America" Girls Get Busy
Sleater-Kinney and Pearl Jam "Keep On Rocking In the Free World" (Forgot where I downloaded this from)
Harvey + Felix "America Will Punch You" Farm Aid
Poster Children "Let's Have a War" On the Offensive

set 2 (7:46-8:30)

The Blow "Hey Boy" Poor Aim: Love Songs
Northern State "Ignite" All City
KY Prophet "Making the Nature Scene" Confuse Yr Idols
Le Tigre "Well Well Well" Feminist Sweepstakes
Masked Superstar "What About Your Friends" How Bizarre: A Tribute to the '90s
Gary Wilson "6.4=Makeout (O.G. 1976 Version)" Mary Had Brown Hair
The Frogs "Love Sanctuary" Dennis Voice Only
The Last Hard Men "The Last Hard Men" The Last Hard Men
The Frenchmen "Runaway" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Later Operator" All Girl Summer Fun Band
The Twilight "I've Got Love" Summer Sweet Summer
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Since You Stole My Heart" Every Night

set 3 (8:43-9:30)

Majestic "Rainbow Connection" Just For a Day
Kiddo "Woodward Avenue" Kiddo
The Kitchen "Better on the Floor" (?)
Bis "this is fake diy" I [Heart] Bis
The Capricorns "Mickey Baby" Go the Distance!
Barcelona "The Power of Jen" TransHuman Revolution
Air "Sexy Boy" Sexy Boy EP
The Blow "Let's Play Boys Chase Girls" Poor Aim: Love Songs
The Blow "Knowing the Things That I Know" Poor Aim: Love Songs
Freezepop "Tonight" Fancy Ultra-Fresh
Lizzie Wittman "[Track 3]" (Dammit, Christian! If you read this, you need to send me the tracklist to this CD!) Solo
Jens Lekman "Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa" When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
The Velvet Underground "I'll Be Your Mirror" The Velvet Underground and Nico
Guided By Voices "Sleep Over Jack" Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Kiddo "This Could Take Forever" Boompa Vol. 1
Saturday Looks Good to Me "All Over Town" Every Night

set 4 (9:40-10:20)

Sloan "The Rest of My Life" Action Pact
Colin Clary and the Magogs "The Shape of This Town" Her Life of Crime
Dressy Bessy "Carry On" SoundGoRound
Bugs Eat Books "Down This Canoe" Ghosts of Leaves
The Like Young "Freddy" Kittridge Records 2004 New Music Sampler
Miracle Legion "Good For Her" Portrait of a Damaged Family
Violent Femmes "All I Want" Freak Magnet
Mirah "Don't" Ragazza Pop
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Record Store" Metaphysics For Beginners
Annette "Pajama Party" Tomorrow I'll Be Sixteen
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Theme Song" All Girl Summer Fun Band
Miss Mary "The Rain" I'm With Cupid

set 5 (10:27-11:00)

Nancy Sinatra "Let Me Kiss You" Let Me Kiss You single
The Blow "The Love That I Crave" Poor Aim: Love Songs
Lizzie Wittman "[Track 6]" Solo
Yo La Tengo "Stockholm Syndrome" I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One
Let's Whisper "It'll Be OK" Download from Mundane Sounds
Nedelle and Thom "Lullaby" Summerland
Palomar "Brick and the Skipper" Palomar III: Revenge of Palomar
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Becky" The Way Things Change Vol. 6
Racetrack "Legal Fees" City Lights
Neutral Milk Hotel "Ghost (WTC Remix)" (see above)


Saturday, September 11, 2004

gay variety wheel?

I just wanted to tell you people once again to go to Harvey + Felix's Awesome Fest. Seriously, if you love me, you will want to go, and actually be there for the beginning of the show, which will start at about 5.

This is the order of bands, from first to last:

Virgins Live, Sluts Die
RAW Society
Gay Variety Wheel
Harvey + Felix
[Secret Band]

And I have no idea who the secret band is going to be.

I really want to see what a band with a name like "Gay Variety Wheel" would sound like, so I'm quite excited about going to this show. And also, I want to see the Hajime solo performance and see the special show of patriotism that Harvey + Felix will indulge in.

I also wanted to tell you that my review for the Confuse Yr Idols Sonic Youth tribute is on Mundane Sounds now. Click here to see it.

Monday, September 06, 2004

playlist for september 6, 2004

set 1 (7:07-7:56)
Shonen Knife "Side 1" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Buggy Bug" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Wild Life" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Nya Nya" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife [Track 5]* Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Super Big Black Bass" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "CM Song" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Side 2" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Punk Rock Star" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife [Track 10]* Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife [Track 11]* Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Chinese Disco" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Mosquitoes" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Mayonnaise Addiction" Strawberry Sound
Shonen Knife "Synthesizer" Strawberry Sound

*Song title is in Japanese

set 2 (8:12-8:56)

The Frogs "Where's Jerry Lewis?" My Daughter the Broad
Magnetic Fields "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend (Dub Mix)" I Thought You Were My Boyfriend: Remixes
Dealership "Spies" Action/Adventure
The Blow "What Tom Said About Girls" Live @KSDT
KY Prophet "Making the Nature Scene" Confuse Yr Idols
Gary Wilson "Gary Saw Linda Last Night" Mary Had Brown Hair
Jens Lekman "A Sweet Summernight on Hammer Hill" You Are the Light EP
Harvey + Felix "Your Favorite Band" Farm Aid
Harvey + Felix "Do You Know What Time It Is?" Farm Aid
The Frenchmen "Private Name, Private Number" Sorry We Ruined Your Party
The High Water Marks "Second Time" Songs About the Ocean
Racetrack "Fingertips" City Lights
The Moldy Peaches "Jorge Regula" The Moldy Peaches

set 3 (9:10-9:58)

The Frogs "Jerry Lewis" (live) Philly 3/30/01
Snoozer "Labor Day" Winter Stops All Sound
Le Coupe "Our Way" You Make Me Smile
Le Coupe "Everything I Do (4-track version)" Just For a Day
Brittle Stars "No Longer Waiting" Brittle Stars
Churchbuilder "P.S. I Miss You" Patty Darling
Churchbuilder "French Kiss Conspiracy" Patty Darling
Colin Clary and the Magogs "Pet Sound" Her Life of Crime
The Color Bars "All Your Kitchen Ghosts" Making Playthings
Nedelle and Thom "Sun In My Eyes" Summerland
The Capricorns "Yeah, So?" Go the Distance!
The Wiggins "So Low" (unreleased?)
Harvey + Felix "Last Kiss" Cassettefest Entry
Hajime "Words and Art/My Turn" WCSB Best and Worst of Cassettefest 2002

set 4 (10:12-11:00)

The Frogs "Jerry Lewis" (live) Louisville 4/29/99
Harvey + Felix "America Will Punch You" Farm Aid
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Jason Lee" 2
Palomar "Minory Song" Palomar II: Revenge of Palomar
The Pancakes "I Know" Flying In the Blue Sky On a Frying Pan
The Pancakes "Rock Guitar" Global Indie Clubpop
Dressy Bessy "Girl, You Shout!" Cleveland 9/20/03
XTC "Senses Working Overtime" The English Settlement (relish this, you will probably never hear me play anything like this again)
California Oranges "The Weather" Little Darla Has a Treat For You Vol. 20
Puffy AmiYumi "Urei" Nice
Hot Pursuit "Basketball" Teenbeat 2002
The Twilight "I've Got Something to Say" Summer Sweet Summer
Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" You Are the Light EP


Wednesday, September 01, 2004


First of all, for any returning CSU students, I want to tell you that the trick for a 100% minotaur-free jaunt through the labyrinth of CSU parking is to come during Chris and Thea's show. Or live on campus.

But yeah, I thought for sure that at least one person was listening while they were trying to find empty parking real estate.

I don't know if I have much to say, but I want to announce that Harvey + Felix will be having an important show at Pat's in the Flats on September 12th. That's a Sunday. The show is called Harvey + Felix's Awesomefest. It's probably going to start early at 5 p.m., and there are going to be a bunch of bands there. I assume that Harvey + Felix will headline. They may have deliberately planned it for the day after September 11th. After all, you'd think that the people who did "America Will Punch You" would want to have a pretentious public display of patriotism around that time.

Now, I don't want to get too specific, but if you are a huge fan of mine, you will want to go to this show. I mean, if you truly love me and have contemplated stalking me in an effort to convince me to let my guard down and spend my life with you, you'll want to go to this show.

In case you didn't hear before, Chris and Thea are going on vacation for the next two weeks. That means that my next two shows will be from 7 to 11 instead of just 9 to 11. I'm thinking about playing a full album on the next show (Labor Day) because very few people will be listening. Any requests? Make them now because I want to be able to tell you what the album will be in advance so you'll know if you want to get up early on Labor Day and hit the record button on your tape player.

My review of the Colin Clary and the Magogs CD was posted yesterday. Click here to see it.

I think I've run out of things to say. Go ahead and click on the comments link below and tell me how I should fill up the 4-hour Labor Day show!

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