Wednesday, September 29, 2004

every little thing she does is magic, every little thing she do just turns me on...

For two weeks in a row, I've played a song with the word "yoni" in it. I wonder if anyone has noticed.

I recently found this post on Chris and Thea's guestbook:

Name: AF
Email: sergiovannospamfucker(putting in this notation because I still use this e-mail address; in the original post this person just put the unedited e-mail address)
HomePage: http://
Where are you from: Cleve
Comments: Warning: I would suggest NOT putting your real email in the Email entry. Maybe include it with the content. Spammers have gleaned my address from an earlier date, and ever since I have been getting a bunch of shit. In fact the first piece was titled Assholier Than Thou and I thought it was a reply. Damn. Thus, I generally use Sergio's email address. He is a real dik.

July 22, 2003 13:37:22 (GMT Time)

Well, that depresses the fuck out of me. It's amazing to see that someone could hate me enough to attempt to sabotage my e-mail box. Maybe he didn't realize that my whole career up to that point (and a few months after) was all a joke.

Now do you see why that show had to end?

Something positive: Blod Records, the label that released that How Bizarre: A Tribute to the '90s CD I've been playing things from recently has noticed me. Yay!

I hope you listened to the Twilight on Elixir Is Zog last night. They ruled, and they did a great version of U2's "With or Without You" that I would kill to have. Just kill, though. I wouldn't die to have it, or endure great pain or personal sacrifice for it.

And no, I couldn't tell that Phoenix had pneumonia. I didn't hear him coughing. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention.

I'm not sure if I feel bad about only one person calling in for the tickets to Rilo Kiley/Tilly and the Wall/Now It's Overhead. I do want lots of people to listen to the show, but do I really want Saddle Creek/Omaha scene people in my audience? I really don't know. But I felt worse about having trouble with giving away tickets to the Calvin Johnson/Ian Svenonius DJ thing.

Any Sealab 2021 fans reading this? If you had looked at the comments thread for the latest playlist, you'd see that Calamine (the band that did the Sealab 2021 theme) has a CD out. Here's a link to the Amazon listing for the CD. There is one free MP3 of a full song you can download if you have an Amazon account. I wasn't into the song, though, because it sounded too folky. I mean, it sounded a lot like Triple A folk. But if they rock on the Sealab theme, then maybe they'll rock at least once on the CD. Maybe I'll get it just because it'll go well next to my Splendora CD.

Splendora did the theme song to Daria.

Everytime that Manos makes a comment on one of the comments links on this page, I feel bad because I still haven't seen the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. :(

Video game music fans: I've been getting the remixes I've been playing from Overclocked Remix and VGMix.
I suggest that you just browse through those sites for a while because there's a lot of great stuff on them. Also, the station just got a new album from the 14 Year Old Girls, which is this band that does a bunch of songs about video games. This new CD has a song about Wario Ware. Wario Ware is just bloody awesome. So, I'm going to play that song and a few others next week.

Sometime when I remember, I'll get that CD by the Advantage.

Anyone see the Scene Best of Cleveland issue that came out today? WCSB won "Best Radio Programming". I believe that we truly deserved that award on the strength of "The Best of WCSB (a.k.a. Scruggscorp Radio)" alone. That was some great stuff. Oh, and I said that show was ending, but I guess they're still doing it even though one of the main people behind the show had to leave.

Finally, I just want to announce that Sweetest Day is next month. Remember how that one DJ years ago would make fun of Sweetest Day by playing nothing but breakup songs and anti-love songs on his Sweetest Day show? I'm going to do it, too. Think of some good indie breakup songs that you'd like to hear, everyone.

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