Tuesday, January 08, 2008

final episode

So, there you go. The end of the 2007 singles countdown. I hope you enjoyed my selection of songs and weren't disappointed by the lack of Animal Collective or LCD Soundsystem.

But yeah, you shouldn't have been surprised by the number one song. I was thinking about having it be what ended up being the number two song, but... that song just resonated with me too much, even though number two also had a lot of significance for me (and the rest of Cleveland) in 2007.

Besides the countdown, I also got to play my "guilty pleasure of the year". My guilty pleasure of the year is the band Say Anything. Say Anything is a very guilty pleasure for me because they're an emo band. A very pretentious emo band. But they're so over-the-top, it's awesome.

I didn't get to tell the whole story on the air about how I got into Say Anything, so I'll tell it to you now...

I was listening to a University of Toledo college radio show, and it played this really catchy almost-electroclash dance song about, well... the chorus of the song went, "I called her on the phone and she touched herself, she touched herself, she touched herself... I laughed myself to sleep." The song was called "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" and it was about the male singer having an inappropriate relationship over the phone with a minor! But it was so catchy!

The next day, I looked up Say Anything on Wikipedia and found out they were an emo band. "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" isn't necessarily representative of all their work. But then... I started listening to other songs on the album besides that song. The actual emo songs. And started enjoying them. Because when Say Anything gets emo, they get so pretentious and over-the-top about it, and my repressed inner emo boy squeals with delight when I hear them sing lines like, "There's a man assigned to me, and he checks on my stability. We discuss you every week, then I rinse and rinse, repeat. And he charges by the tear, 'til I weep no more strictly out of fear that I can't afford your love..." (That's from a song called "Total Revenge".)

And that's just stuff from an older album. They released a new album this year, a month or two after I started listening to them, and it's really pretentious, too. In fact, it's a two-disc set about his relationship with a girl and how he has to choose between this girl and his addictions to drugs and ruin. FUCK YEAH!

So, that's how I got into Say Anything...

(By the way, here's a YouTube link for "Wow, I Can Get Sexual, Too"... it's probably Not Safe For Work.)

Anyway, this does it for Boogiepop Does Not Smile. If I get another regular time slot again, I want to do a new show under a different name. Right now, I'm still trying to figure out how to do things differently (and better)...

Thanks for listening, everybody!

So... let me just give you the links to the MP3s:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

2007 no money mark memorial end-of-year countdown part 2

23. Jens Lekman "A Postcard to Nina" Night Falls Over Kortedala
22. Pants Yell! "Magenta and Green" Alison Statton
21. The Whomping Willows "In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out" Welcome to the House of Awesome
20. Tullycraft "Bored to Hear Your Heart Still Breaks" Every Scene Needs a Center
19. Apples In Stereo "Can You Feel It" New Magnetic Wonder
18. Piano Squall "Cruel Angel's Thesis" Game
17. Stephin Merritt "I'm In a Lonely Way" I'm In a Lonely Way single
16. The Parselmouths "It's Not Half Bad" Illegal Love Potion
15. Dennis Driscoll (feat. Rose Melberg) "He's In Love With You" My Grave Is Kept Clean
14. Cars Can Be Blue "Doctor" Happy Happy Birthday to Me Vol. 4
13. The Hat Company "Love Letter" Fair Weathered Friends
12. Saturday Looks Good To Me "Apple" Fill Up the Room
11. The Helper T-Cells "Hay Is for Horses" More Odd-Toe Ungulates and Nose-Rubbin Shrubs
10. Camera Obscura "Hands Up Baby" If Looks Could Kill EP
9. Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil "Can We Kiss" Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil
8. Kiddo "About You" Okay Sweetheart
7. Normandie Wilson "Happy to Be a Grown-Up" Glitter Patter
6. The Icicles "La Ti Da" Arrivals & Departures
5. The Hot Toddies "HTML" Smell the Mitten
4. The Grade Grubbers "Down With Mo" Let's Kiss to Make It Real
3. The Smittens "C'mon (When the Grass Grows Tall and Green)" Let It Bee
2. Afternoon Naps "Postcard" Sunbeamed
1. Boyracer "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Jukebox Volume One

Guilty Pleasure of the Year: Say Anything ("The Church Channel" from In Defense of the Genre)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

two-week return engagement...

Because of a serendipitous fill-in opportunity, I have been able to revive Boogiepop Does Not Smile for two weeks in order to have an end-of-year countdown for 2007. You're very fortunate that the guy who does the 9-11 a.m. Tuesday morning slot is on vacation. I really thought I wasn't going to be able to do this, but... Here it is.

I decided to do an even 50 songs for this countdown, and I was able to get through number 24 ("The Past Is a Grotesque Animal" by Of Montreal) before having to quit for the week. We'll have the Top 23 next week (Jan. 8th), and I should have no trouble getting through it all.

So, tune in next Tuesday morning from 9 to 11 to see what got in the Top 23!

And now, the MP3s of this week's show:

Part 1 (of 2)
Part 2 (of 2)

2007 no money mark memorial countdown part 1

50. Au Revoir Simone "Stars" The Bird of Music
49. Palomar "Bury Me Closer" All Things, Forests
48. Bears "All I" Shortest Day of the Year
47. Ruby Isle "Atom Bombs" Into the Black EP
46. Tender Forever "How Many" Wider
45. Harry and the Potters "Bacon" Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice
44. Entertainment System "Darkwing Rescue Ducks" Super Entertainment System
43. Red Pony Clock "Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are" God Made Dirt
42. Fishboy "Taqueria Girl" Albatross...
41. Trouble Books "Distortion Pedal" Distortion Pedal
40. Remus and the Lupins "Expecto Patronum" Born to Howl
39. Pelle Carlberg "I Love You, You Imbecile" In a Nutshell
38. Dean & Britta "You Turned My Head Around" Back Numbers
37. Maria Taylor "Smile and Wave" Lynn Teeter Flower
36. They Might Be Giants "The Mesopotamians" The Else
35. Rocket Punch "Better Lives" Blood on the Ukelele
34. The Passerines "The Gun" The Passerines EP
33. Annemarie "Wonderboy" ABC on TV
32. Mirah "Green Up Time" Play
31. Colin Clary "Thank You (For Making Me Slow Dance)" Apocalypse Yow!
30. Draco and the Malfoys "Slytherin Pride" Party Like You're Evil
29. Camera Shy "Ideas of the Absent-Minded" Ideas of the Absent-Minded EP
28. The Pipettes "Dance and Boogie" We Are the Pipettes (American version)
27. The Postmarks "Goodbye" The Postmarks
26. Midtown Dickens "Tetris" Oh Yell!
25. Best Friends Forever "Handpocket" Romance Conflict Adventure
24. Of Montreal "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal" Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

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