Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2007 no money mark memorial end-of-year countdown part 2

23. Jens Lekman "A Postcard to Nina" Night Falls Over Kortedala
22. Pants Yell! "Magenta and Green" Alison Statton
21. The Whomping Willows "In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out" Welcome to the House of Awesome
20. Tullycraft "Bored to Hear Your Heart Still Breaks" Every Scene Needs a Center
19. Apples In Stereo "Can You Feel It" New Magnetic Wonder
18. Piano Squall "Cruel Angel's Thesis" Game
17. Stephin Merritt "I'm In a Lonely Way" I'm In a Lonely Way single
16. The Parselmouths "It's Not Half Bad" Illegal Love Potion
15. Dennis Driscoll (feat. Rose Melberg) "He's In Love With You" My Grave Is Kept Clean
14. Cars Can Be Blue "Doctor" Happy Happy Birthday to Me Vol. 4
13. The Hat Company "Love Letter" Fair Weathered Friends
12. Saturday Looks Good To Me "Apple" Fill Up the Room
11. The Helper T-Cells "Hay Is for Horses" More Odd-Toe Ungulates and Nose-Rubbin Shrubs
10. Camera Obscura "Hands Up Baby" If Looks Could Kill EP
9. Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil "Can We Kiss" Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil
8. Kiddo "About You" Okay Sweetheart
7. Normandie Wilson "Happy to Be a Grown-Up" Glitter Patter
6. The Icicles "La Ti Da" Arrivals & Departures
5. The Hot Toddies "HTML" Smell the Mitten
4. The Grade Grubbers "Down With Mo" Let's Kiss to Make It Real
3. The Smittens "C'mon (When the Grass Grows Tall and Green)" Let It Bee
2. Afternoon Naps "Postcard" Sunbeamed
1. Boyracer "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Jukebox Volume One

Guilty Pleasure of the Year: Say Anything ("The Church Channel" from In Defense of the Genre)

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