Monday, November 28, 2005


I don't really have anything to say right now. So, here's today's show:

11/28/05 Part 1
11/28/05 Part 2

playlist for november 28, 2005

Michael Andrews "When I Call a Name" Me and You and Everyone We Know Soundtrack
Calvin Johnson "Your Eyes" Before the Dream Faded
Soltero "if i had a chance" Hell Train
Neutral Milk Hotel "Avery Island/April 1st" On Avery Island
Neutral Milk Hotel "Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone" On Avery Island
Cub "I'm Your Angel" Come Out Come Out
Colin Clary "darlin' on a land line" [demo]
Let's Whisper "March of the grooms" Some songs in progress...
The Maybellines "Our Hearts Keep Time" A La Carte
Tullycraft "Leaders of the New School" Disenchanted Hearts Unite
Churchbuilder "vespa" Patty Darling
Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch" Witching Hour
Tender Forever "Make Out" The Soft and the Hardcore
Six Cents and Natalie "Devil In Your Heart" Sweet Sweet Casio
New Grenada "Lightning Parade" Parting Shots
Amy Kasio (a.k.a. lil A gets nasty) "i heart you" lick my key
Ash "Kung Fu" 1977
Nirvana "Do Re Mi" Sliver-The Best of the Box
Dream Bitches "Atlantic City" Sanfransisters
Cheese On Bread "Shakin' Hands" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby
Cheese On Bread "How Long Have You Been Haitian" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby
Electric Grandmother "Bob Saget Marches On" Pee Sells...But Who's Buysing?
Electric Grandmother "Hangin' Out With Mr. Cooper Sucks" Pee Sells...But Who's Buysing?
The Snow Fairies "Sweet Darling" get married
Apples In Stereo "Liza Jane" Dimension Mix
Tender Forever "Tender Forever" The Soft and the Hardcore
The Teacups "Red Light, Green Light" This Will Come Back to Haunt You
Cheese On Bread "Stepping Out of Ketosis" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby

Monday, November 21, 2005

i don't know what you think, but ladytron and britney spears seem like two very different things to me

Fuck! I forgot to play the Thanksgiving version of "Bitchin' Camaro"! Why didn't you remind me, Kris?! ^_^

In case you didn't see the edit of the last post, I'll say it again here... I didn't discover until Friday that the link to last week's show was broken. When I post my shows, I usually do them in the brief time that I have between the actual end of my show and the time when I have to go to work. Since I'm in a hurry, it's not that difficult for me to make a mistake, and if I'm off in one letter in a link or filename, the link doesn't work. In the future, if you see a broken link on this site, don't assume that the server is down. It's most likely a broken link, so please leave a comment saying that the link is broken. I don't have enough time to test the links on here myself, so it would help me very much if you could tell me whenever you come across a broken link. These things are very easy to fix, as long as I know that they're there. Thanks!

So, maybe I'll see you at Saturday Looks Good to Me/Calvin Johnson tonight? Or The Wiggins/Electric Grandmother on Friday night?

Here's the show:

11/21/05 Part 1
11/21/05 Part 2

I'm also leaving last week's show up:

11/14/05 Part 1
11/14/05 Part 2

playlist for november 21, 2005

Calvin Johnson "Deliverance" Before the Dream Faded
Colin Clary "[Don't know the title, I'll have to get back to you on that]" [unreleased demo]
Snow Fairies "First Sad Love Song" get married
Elekibass "Good Morning Blues" Welcome Wonderful World
Elekibass "Welcome Wonderful World" Welcome Wonderful World
Oval-Teen "Making Sense (My Favorite Color)" Yorkville, IL
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Lift Me Up" Every Night
The Diskettes "Cabin By the Sea" Weeknights at Island View Beach
The Wiggins "A.T.S." Import EP
The Wiggins "Johnny" Greatest Apes EP
Mummy the Peepshow "School Girl Pop" Records of the Damned
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re "Tea Time Ska" Pregnant Fantasy
Cars Can Be Blue "TMNT" All the Stuff We Do
Electric Grandmother "Danny Tanner Had a Wife" My Imaginary Audience
Electric Grandmother "Here Comes the Urkel" Pee Sells... But Who's Buying?
Rabbit In Red "The Honey Industry" Sweet Sweet Casio
Calvin Johnson "Love Will Come Back Again" The Way Things Change Vol. 1
Ladytron "International Date Line" Witching Hour
Guv'ner "Lucky Ladybug" Break a Promise
L.A. Tool and Die "I'll Give You Three" Fashion for the Evildoer
YMCK "Magical 8-Bit Tour" Records of the Damned
Ghetto Squirrels "Old McDonald Had a Factory Farm" Live on Sergio Van Lukenstein's Unjustified Thanksgiving Episode 2001
Jens Lekman "How much you mean to me" USA October 2005 Tour EP
Let's Whisper "Let's Whisper" Some songs in progress...
The Wiggins "Golden Records" The Wiggins
Electric Grandmother "Milkshake" Sin City Sex Mix
Electric Grandmother "Dance Party" Dickalis
Nirvana "Sappy (1990 studio demo)" Sliver--The Best of the Box
Heavenly "k-klass kisschase" operation heavenly
The Maybellines "Dream Vacation" A La Carte
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Dialtone" Every Night (vinyl version)
The Happiest Guys In The World "The International Holiday of Thanksgiving" The Tarquin Records All Star Holiday Extravaganza
Calvin Johnson "When You Are Mine" Before the Dream Faded

Monday, November 14, 2005

this one goes out to little johnny indie rocker...

Edit: I didn't find out that the link to the latest show wasn't working until today (Friday the 18th)! Please, if you notice a link that's not working, either a link to one of the files for my show or one of the links to other websites, tell me about immediately. E-mail me or post a comment. I don't care what link it is. I don't want any dead links on this site.

Please understand that I'm an actual college student with classes and a job. I don't have time to test every single link on my site to see if it works. I post my show archive in this little bit of time that I have between the actual end of my show and the time that I have to leave for my job. The links to my show archive can be rendered broken and ineffective if there's just a little incongruency in the address in the link and the filename itself. Sometimes, this can happen because I'm in a rush and don't always have time to check if the link is correct and it works.

In short, if the link to my show doesn't work, it's probably because of a simple spelling error that I could easily correct if I know it's there. So, please, if you notice something is wrong, tell me so I know that I have to fix it and you don't have to wait until Friday for me to find the error myself. All you need to do is to post one tiny little comment, and I can fix it.

You have to help me to help you, okay? ^_^

By the way, I found out on Monday that the link to my MySpace wasn't working. So, if you tried the link before and didn't feel like telling me that it wasn't working, the link is working now. Damn, I have no idea how long that link was broken!

So, if you didn't hear the show, my Radiothon total was only $510, but in general the station made its $30,000 goal. Thanks to everyone who pledged during my show, and please follow through and pay for your donations so you can get whatever nice premium you've selected.

Also, the WCSB Open House is this weekend, on Friday from 3 to 8 p.m., and then Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. I'm only going to be at the Friday. Come to room 956 in Rhodes Tower so you can get your premiums, along with some free pizza!

And here's the show for this week:

Part 1
Part 2

november 14, 2005

Cars Can Be Blue "I Like" All the Stuff We Do
Colin Clary & the Magogs "The Shape of This Town" Her Life of Crime
Calvin Johnson "Rabbit Blood" Before the Dream Faded
The Icicles "Snowman" A Hundred Patterns
Jens Lekman "Black Cab" Oh you're so silent Jens
The Smittens "Guess What?" A Little Revolution
The Shins "Know Your Onion" Oh, Inverted World
Acid House Kings "A Long Term Plan" Sing Along With Acid House Kings
Mood Elevator "Money City Maniacs" One Scene to Another
Saturday Looks Good to Me "I Don't Want to Go" I Don't Want to Go/Disaster 7"
Freezepop "Stakeout" Fancy Ultra-Fresh
Ladytron "Amtv" Witching Hour
Winterbrief "Sore Losers, Sour Grapes" Tickets For a Peek
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re "Lingerie Shop" Pregnant Fantasy
R. Shand "U Wanna Be a Grip" U Wanna Be a Grip single
They Might Be Giants "Particle Man" 120 Minutes Live
Nirvana "Come As You Are (boombox version)" Sliver-The Best of the Box
The Maybellines "The Only One" A La Carte
Asobi Seksu "Sooner" Asobi Seksu
Asobi Seksu "Asobi Masho" Asobi Seksu
Puffy AmiYumi "Cannnana Fever" I Love Guitar Wolf... very much
Elekibass "People Pack into the Rock" Welcome Wonderful World
Colin Clary & the Magogs & Friends "Good Vibrations" You Already Have Way Too Many CD-Rs
Calvin Johnson "The Leaves of Tea" Before the Dream Faded
Shonen Knife "Mosquitoes" Strawberry Sound

Monday, November 07, 2005

some of your radiothon are belong to us

I'm not putting up today's show. Most of it is me begging for Radiothon donations, which would be just too boring. Instead, I'm putting up another episode of Scruggscorp Radio. It's the show from July 4th of this year, and it was the Patriotism and Recruiting Special on Sy Thomas's Rainforest Radio.

If you still want to donate to Radiothon (I'm looking at you, any out-of-towners who only download the show from here and don't listen live), you can still call in at (216) 687-6900 to donate. Radiothon goes on until this Sunday at noon. Again, the list of premiums is here. If you want a premium, don't just donate online. You have to call in to (216) 687-6900 and tell us what premium you want.

In other news, my review of the Cars Can Be Blue album is up today. Sadly, there's lots of explicit material on there, so I can't play much of it on the show. Maybe I'll have to do an internet-only "Too Hot for Radio" special at some point.

Anyway, here's that Scruggscorp episode:

Sy Thomas Patriotism and Recruiting Special Part 1
Sy Thomas Patriotism and Recruiting Special Part 2

playlist for november 7, 2005

Nirvana "Spank Thru" (demo) Sliver-The Best of the Box
Of Montreal "Forecast Fascist Future" The Sunlandic Twins
Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers" The Woods
The Snow Fairies "The Stone Pony" get married
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Since You Stole My Heart" Every Night (vinyl version)
Elekibass "All the People Come, Lets Get Down" Welcome Wonderful World
Winnebago "Golden Girls" sitcomp!
Winnebago "brass knuckle beach" Cuz We're Winnebago
Of Montreal "Let's Do Everything For the First Time Forever" Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies
The Make Up "We Can't Be Contained" After Dark
Stars "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" Set Yourself on Fire
Men In Fur "The Tiger Song" Men In Fur (cassette version)


I'm not posting the playlist here until after the show. Instead of going here, I want you to go to WCSB's Radiothon page, look at all the premiums (scroll down and click on the links near the bottom of the screen), and call (216) 687-6900 to make a pledge.

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