Monday, November 07, 2005

some of your radiothon are belong to us

I'm not putting up today's show. Most of it is me begging for Radiothon donations, which would be just too boring. Instead, I'm putting up another episode of Scruggscorp Radio. It's the show from July 4th of this year, and it was the Patriotism and Recruiting Special on Sy Thomas's Rainforest Radio.

If you still want to donate to Radiothon (I'm looking at you, any out-of-towners who only download the show from here and don't listen live), you can still call in at (216) 687-6900 to donate. Radiothon goes on until this Sunday at noon. Again, the list of premiums is here. If you want a premium, don't just donate online. You have to call in to (216) 687-6900 and tell us what premium you want.

In other news, my review of the Cars Can Be Blue album is up today. Sadly, there's lots of explicit material on there, so I can't play much of it on the show. Maybe I'll have to do an internet-only "Too Hot for Radio" special at some point.

Anyway, here's that Scruggscorp episode:

Sy Thomas Patriotism and Recruiting Special Part 1
Sy Thomas Patriotism and Recruiting Special Part 2

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