Tuesday, April 26, 2005

yeah, it's exactly how life works...

It figures. Asaurus Records mentions my show in their e-mail newsletter this morning, and I end up screwing up the URLs for my archive. I don't have much time to post the archive links right after my show (I have to be at work at noon), so that leaves much room for me to make haste-induced errors. So, anyway, I'm kind of sad because the increased traffic to my site wasn't able to access my archive and I don't know if they'll try to come back and access it again. :(

Come back! The links below are fixed now!

Maybe it's all for the best. I really don't want to squander my 15 minutes of fame in college as a DJ. I'd rather get my 15 minutes for being an indiepopstar.

Although, if you actually are new to this site, may I suggest that you read the FAQ? It'll explain some things about this show that you might not understand otherwise. And if you're not new to this show, but still haven't read the FAQ, I suggest you read it, too. Go ahead, it's written in an entertaining manner, meant to be read all the way through.

If you're like Christian from Kiddo and enjoy listening to Snow Machine, you'll be interested to see that there's a small article about them in Maxim. There's a "WTF" for you. I had no idea that Maxim would be interested in that kind of music.

Unfortunately, I have another death that I have to report. Michael Zimmerman, one of the founders of the music review site Heraclitus Sayz, committed suicide this past weekend. I have no idea what drove him to commit suicide (being an agnostic, somewhat nihilistic personality, I certainly don't blame him for doing so), but it's sad to see him do this before Heraclitus Sayz had a chance to really take off.

On a personal note, Michael Zimmerman was the only editor who actually asked me to write reviews for his publication. I told him "no" because I liked writing for Mundane Sounds and didn't have time to write for more than one publication. What I didn't tell him was that I also felt that I wasn't intelligent enough to be in the company of the great philosophical thinkers like him at Heraclitus Sayz. If you've read my reviews for Mundane Sounds, you know that I write reviews like a teenage fanzine editor, Michael and the other reviewers at Heraclitus Sayz write like philosophy doctorate students. I'm flattered to think that he actually thought I might have been worthy of writing for his site.

Anyway, I join the other underground music fans on the Internet in mourning the passing of such a great writer and thinker.

With that said, I'm going to finish with something on a somewhat brighter note. This is for any Ed the Watchman fans who might be reading this: I've found a few of his old playlists online. This playlist has hits like "Mother Teresa Died Because She Was a Dumb Cunt" by the Vampire Sorority Babes, as well as "Cadveric Splatter Platter" by Exhumed. Or this one featuring Urine doing "Golden Mouthwash". And finally, here's one with Morbid Sexual Fetish doing "Regurgitated Intestines Through a Sewn Mouth". Just do a Google search for "playlist" and "beast_10@hotmail.com" and you'll find more.

Vampire Sorority Babes is such a fucking awesome name for a band. I wish I had thought of that first. That sounds like some sort of crazy hentai.

That's all for now.

Monday, April 25, 2005


I was actually able to put this up right after the show! Yay!

Part 1
Part 2

Oh, I have to quickly tell you about Scruggscorp taking off. I guess it's not going to happen. Someone from the Scene was writing an article about Scruggscorp, but the editor decided they didn't want to publish it. Dumb fucker! I bet that editor wouldn't know good radio if it bit he/she/it up the ass!

Anyway, I'm going to keep that the classic "Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker" episode up for now. And I talked with a representative from Scruggscorp at the station meeting this past week. They're going to give me a couple more shows to put up. It might not happen really soon (you know how company bureaucracies can be), but I'll eventually have two more to put up.

So, here are the links again for the show I have:

Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker Part 1
Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker Part 2

And finally, here's that game of Yo La Tengo Breakout with the awesome soundtrack. Click here to goof off!

Edit: I typed in the wrong file names for the Boogiepop links this morning. They are correct now. Thanks to thumbs for actually bringing this to my attention. I encourage anyone to tell me whenever there is a broken link on this site.

playlist for april 25, 2005

set 1 (9:05-9:38)

Snoozer "Sub-Zero" Cwistmas Twee
Palomar "Stay Out Late" Palomar 3.5
Dirty Moons "the Story" Asaurus EP Club #10
Dirty Moons "Clean heart" Asaurus EP Club #10
Of Montreal "Family Nouveau" The Sunlandic Twins (vinyl version)
I Live the Life of a Movie Star Secret Hideout "Indochine Kru (Come and See)" A House Full of Friends
Fitzgerald "Rendered" Raised By Wolves
Dream Bitches "Black and Gray" Sanfransisters
Colin Clary and the Magogs and Friends "Good Vibrations" You Already Have Way Too Many CD-Rs
Colin Clary "Sweet Boy" You Already Have Way Too Many CD-Rs
Kidz Bop Kids "Float On" Kidz Bop Vol. 7

set 2 (9:51-10:23)

Men's Recovery Project w/Le Tigre "The Mayor Is a Robot" False Object Sensor
They Might Be Giants "Particle Man" Flood
Mountain Goats "Broom People" The Sunset Tree
Momus "Robin Hood" Little Darla Has a Treat For You Vol. 23
The Smittens "Momus, Where Are You?" Gentlefication Now!
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! "Bossa Nostra: The Sound of Leisure" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
Violent Femmes "Promise" Violent Femmes
Gay God and the Rolling Stones "Can't Stop the Sax" How Many Minutes Til the Sex Scene?
The Electronic Happy Girl Click and Pop "Buddy Holly(/Bob Peterson Skit)" We're Friends of Steve
The Electronic Happy Girl Click and Pop "Sunrise" Hospital Hospital Here I Come

set 3 (10:36-11:00)

Robert Schneider "Skyway" (live) download from You Ain't No Picasso
Marbles "Magic" Expo
kanda "frankie" all the good meetings are taken
kanda "one place" all the good meetings are taken
Emperor X "F-R-E-S-N-E-L Licenseur" Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes
Chika Chika "Ten Feet Tall" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
lil A gets nasty "smoothie" lick my key
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "The Story of Isaac" To All We Stretch the Open Arm

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

ed the watchman

I'm not sure if anyone reading this is especially interested because this isn't a grindcore site, but we do have information about services for Ed "The Watchman" Cowell. If you know anyone who might want to know this information, please pass it on to them:

Visitation- Friday, 2-4 and 7-9 pm @ McGorry's Funeral Home 14133 Detroit Ave, in Lakewood.

Memorial Service- Saturday, 10:00 am @ Trinity Cathedral on Euclid @ E.22. Burial follows immediately at Sunset Memorial Park.


Our metal director, Mike Hughes, just sent this e-mail out to all the WCSB staffers:

I talked to Ed Cowell's mom just now at 10:30 PM. She gave me the details on what happened. It seems Ed died of a blood clot traveling from his legs to his lungs. He collapsed and stopped breathing. CPR was administered at once, but did nothing. EMS arrived quickly, but could not revive him at all. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

His mom wants me to spread the word to anyone involved with WCSB, 'Watchman's Grind' or his favorite Lakewood 'haunts' (her word...not mine), that his viewing and funeral will be open to all. That includes listeners. . . The viewing will be this Friday at McGorray's Funeral Home from 2-4 PM and 7-9 PM. The church service will be at Trinity Cathedral (E22nd and Euclid) at 10 AM Saturday. The actual burial will be at some cemetary near Great Northern called Sunset Memorial. After that, some type of gathering will take place at some German folk center type place on Route 252. Obviously, all these details will be available at the viewing Friday.

fuck the stooges!

If you didn't already hear, we had a death in the WCSB family. Ed Cowell (a.k.a. Ed the Watchman), host of Watchman's Grind, died Sunday night. For those who don't know, he was a grindcore DJ. If I hear more details, I'll post them here. Our station is having its quarterly general staff meeting on Wednesday, so I might hear more at that time.

Also on Wednesday is the Of Montreal show at the Spot. You should go. You'll probably get in. And the new album doesn't suck like Pitchfork says it does. But like I said before, Pitchfork doesn't understand t3h cute.

Remember how Satanic Panic in the Attic was supposed to be really electronic, but only a couple songs were really electronic? The Sunlandic Twins is actually overwhelmingly electronic. And funky. Yes, funky. If you go to the show, you might have to dance.

Now... I have to say more about my sadness over the lack of attendance at the Pony Up! show and all that "indie rock MTV" crap I was talking about.

In one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, there's this machine that shows the user how insignificant they are relative to the universe. Going to the Pony Up! show was a lot like being subjected to that machine.

Although I decided not to give myself a real name to be called over the air in the hopes that the music would be the star of the show, but I guess I have to be honest and admit that I do have some ego and would like to have some tastemaker status. It's not just that, though. I really love the bands that I play on the show, and I'd love to see them achieve at least a moderate amount of success and garner very warm receptions when they come to Cleveland. Or at least garner some sort of reception in Cleveland.

So, the reason for my dismay is two-fold. First, it seems that my show is not reaching the potential audience that it should be reaching, and those who do hear it don't seem interested in the new, less popular bands that I play. I know that there are plenty of people out there who would enjoy this show and the bands that I play if they gave them a real chance. Second, it seems that the indie/twee pop scene in Cleveland is very small, and if people don't go out to these shows, these great bands are going to avoid coming to Cleveland. We'll be lucky if Pony Up! decides to come back again. Sure, any Elephant 6 bands or K bands will get plenty of support here, but will anyone come out to see Palomar or the Smittens if the Twilight doesn't open for them?

Going back to the lack of listenership to my show... and I know there's a lack because I get maybe one or two calls per show if I'm lucky, very few people post on this site, and people don't go to shows of bands that get their only Cleveland airplay on my show. Anyway, going back to that, I just want to know what I'm doing wrong. Is it the program description in WCSB's program guide? Yeah, it sucks. I'm trying to think of a better one. Or could it be the fact that I don't play much of what's in rotation on "indie rock MTV"? That might have at least a little to do with it. And I've noticed that I've veered away from playing old stuff. I think that most of what I play is new. So, that also heightens the disfamiliarity that might drive people away. Other than that, I just don't know. Time shouldn't be much of an excuse thanks to my archive, but not a lot of people seem to listen to it. I was hoping that it would give me more listenership in Cleveland and beyond, but it doesn't seem to be doing that. Maybe it's because I'm not advertising it heavily. I don't want to do that, though. I'm not the type to spam message boards with advertisements for my show. The only board on which I've posted about it is the Asaurus Records board, but that's just because I know they wouldn't mind and maybe a couple people there would have wanted to know about it. But yeah, I just don't know what to do to get more listeners.

And the lack of a pop scene... I think Tony from the Twilight said it best in his recent letter to the Free Times. Basically, Cleveland is too much of a hard rock town, and anything that isn't intense and similar to the Stooges is not worthy of attention. Fuck.

Anyway, I think I'm finished venting for now.

Before I end this post, I'll give you a fun link to go to. Let's Get It Together: Ribald Youth. It's a manga-style comic. Very addictive.

That's it for now!

Monday, April 18, 2005


I'm in a hurry right now. I'll see if I can post something later. Here's today's show:

Part 1
Part 2

Okay, this is really going to be the last week that I'll keep the Scruggscorp show online:

Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker Part 1
Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker Part 2

playlist for april 18, 2005

set 1 (9:05-9:39)

Jens Lekman "Tram #7 to Heaven" When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
Of Montreal "requiem for o.m.m.2" The Sunlandic Twins
Dream Bitches "Other People's Mothers" Sanfransisters
Le Tigre "TKO" Live at KCRW
Le Tigre "[interview segment]" Live at KCRW
Le Tigre "Viz" Live at KCRW
Bis "am i loud enough?" Social Dancing
kanda "list" all the good meetings are taken
Marbles "Cruel Sound" Expo
Of Montreal "i was never young" The Sunlandic Twins
Of Montreal "a question for emily foreman" aldhils arboretum
Pants Yell! "Tram #7" Asaurus Records EP Club #10

set 2 (9:53-10:21)

The Blow "Come On Petunia" (a capella version!) Marriage Records: Is Orange Birds
Busytoby "My Russian Olive" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
Benett "Short Stories of Stardom" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
Fitzgerald "Bloody Stumps" Raised By Wolves
Dinosaur Jr. "The Lung" You're Living All Over Me
Boyracer "Wholly Generic" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
Bearsuit "Going Steady" cat spectacular!
California Oranges "Falling Back" Little Darla Has a Treat For You Vol. 23
The Blow "Come On Petunia" Poor Aim: Love Songs

set 3 (10:35-11:04)

Pants Yell! "The Not So City Life" Asaurus Records EP Club #10
Palomar "Stay Out Late" Palomar 3.5
Mt. Eerie "It's Not the Hunting" Marriage Records: Is Orange Birds
Dirty Moons "the Villain" Asaurus Records EP Club #10
Dirty Moons "Dreaming" Asaurus Records EP Club #10
Of Montreal "Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl" Cherry Peel
Warbler "Untitled" Homemade Hits Vol. 2
Lil Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer" Pants Control
Of Montreal "Let's Do Everything For the First Time Forever" Coquelicot Asleep In the Poppies
Of Montreal "forecast fascist future" The Sunlandic Twins
The Channel "Second-Born Daughters" Little Darla Has a Treat For You Vol. 23

Monday, April 11, 2005


Latest show:

Part 1
Part 2

Scruggscorp Radio still hasn't gotten big yet, so I'm going to keep the backmasker episode up for one more week in hopes that I'll be able to ride the coattails of Scruggscorp when it does get big. But just enough so I don't run out of bandwidth.

Anyway, here are the links again:

Part 1
Part 2

Only one person called for the Pony Up! tickets. What the hell?! Don't you people like the bands that I play? Sure, they're not endorsed by Pitchfork or whoever the fuck, but still...

And they're on Dim Mak, which is the no wave hipster label.

Once more, I'll remind you that all earlier episodes of Boogiepop have been deleted from the server. The links in the postings below are now dead. They have ceased to be. They are not pining for the fjords. They are ex-links.

playlist for april 11, 2005

set 1 (9:05-9:45)

Fitzgerald "The Folds in Her Dress" Raised by Wolves
Men In Fur "Sister Moon" Men In Fur
Sister Vanilla "Pastel Blue" Sunsets and Silhouettes
Nirvana "Something In the Way" Outcesticide
Nirvana "Do You Love Me" [some obscure Kiss tribute]
Kiddo "This Could Take Forever" Boompa Vol. 1
Dinosaur jr. "Don't" BUG
The Minders "Don't You Stop" A House Full of Friends
Snow Machine "Wrecking Ball" Snow Machine
Yo La Tengo "Taxman" 2004 WFMU All-Request Marathon

set 2 (9:52-10:23)

Pony Up! "I Heard You Got Action" Ben Lee/Pony Up! split 7"
The Mathletes "I Will Melt Your Heart With Lasers" Jest & Earnest
The Mathletes "Your Innocence Asphyxiated (Super No. 1)" Jest & Earnest
Marbles "Move On" Expo
Kanda "They'll Need Cocaine" All the Good Meetings Are Taken
bearsuit "rodent disco" cat spectacular!
Palomar "Washington" Palomar 3.5
Of Montreal "Art Snob Solutions" The Sunlandic Twins (Bonus CD)
Of Montreal "I Was a Landscape In Your Dream" The Sunlandic Twins
Pony Up! "Matthew Modine" Pony Up!

set 3 (10:32-11:00)

Shonen Knife "Burning Farm" Burning Farm
Nirvana "Opinion" With the Lights Out
Dream Bitches "Love Letter Lullaby" Sanfransisters
Nirvana "Dumb" Roma
Jens Lekman "F-Word" download from Department of Forgotten Songs
Jens Lekman "You Are the Light" Live From Stora Teatern
Kanda "Filler" All the Good Meetings Are Taken
Nirvana "Seasons In the Sun" Rio Session

Friday, April 08, 2005

let's talk baseball...

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I'm giving away tickets for Pony Up! on the next show! They're playing with some uninteresting rock band, and hopefully, they'll play first so I can go home early.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

blockiness is next to godliness

Sorry if you thought the latest show sucked. I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get to play Kanda or Bearsuit again. But I did get "Bloody Stumps" in. I had to play that again. I know at least one listener actually liked that song.

I'm going to play at least a couple more Nirvana songs next week. There's this cover song that I really should play because it's not on With the Lights Out. (With the Lights Out is the box set of Nirvana rarities and demos that was released last year). So, I'm going to play that cover next week.

Oh, and another disappointing thing about the show is that I forgot about this one version of "I'm Sad the Goat Just Died Today" by the Frogs in which they replace the word "goat" with "pope". FUCK!

And no, I don't have With the Lights Out. I just started using iTunes (the RIAA and antivirus people have me too worried about using the illegal stuff), and there are a bunch of songs from With the Lights Out on it. So, I got some to play on this last show. It didn't have all the songs from With the Lights Out on it, though, so I'm going to have to buy those songs all over again if I do get the actual box set.

Besides that, I also got those Ladytron live tracks from iTunes. Those were actually from the reissue of 604. That's really neat if you think about. Instead of buying a reissue to get the extra tracks, you can buy the extra tracks online.

Just for the hell of it, I checked to see if they had anything by Kiddo, and they actually do have "This Could Take Forever" on there. So, if you don't want to buy Boompa Vol. 1 (the compilation that it's on), you can just get that one song for 99 cents.

Edit: Actually, you can download that song for free from Kiddo's MySpace page.

Finally, I don't know if any of you would give a shit, but Rockstar Games is offering the first and second Grand Theft Auto games for free download. Of course, they're not as cool as GTA3 and everything after that, but they were great for their time and a very good deal to get for free. GTA2 is a 350+ MB download, though, so don't get it if you don't have access to a fast connection. Go here if you're interested. And yes, they are the full games, not just shareware demos.

GTA is so not twee. Maybe I should stop liking it. Hello Kitty wouldn't play GTA.

I bet that Hello Kitty would go to the church of Tetris. Blockiness is next to godliness! Tetris was the true messiah! Tetris brought about the end of communism. Realize the truth before it's too late!

I bet Tetris stopped Atilla the Hun from completely conquering the Roman empire, too. People just didn't know because they didn't have TV screens back then.

Tetris was way cool.

But anyway, Tetris is probably cute enough for Hello Kitty.

Bart from Stand Clear of the Closing Doors is now on MySpace. Click here to be his friend!

Oh, and before I end this post, I just want to say that the Dream Bitches rule. I only got to play one song by them and didn't get to talk about it much during the last show, but trust me when I say that they role. They're from the same NYC antifolk scene that the Moldy Peaches came from, but they're also quite twee, too. Visit their site by clicking here.

On next week's show, we have selections from the new Of Montreal album, stuff from the new Palomar EP (Palomar 3.5), and other stuff that you'll love because I'm so good at picking music to play!

Monday, April 04, 2005

64 pages of infallibility

Today's show:

Part 1
Part 2

I think this is going to be the last week I'll leave up the Scruggscorp show because Scruggscorp is about to get big. Yes, we do have an estimated time for when it's going to get big. So... Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker:

Scruggscorp Part 1
Scruggscorp Part 2

I might have another post for you, either tonight or later in the week.

playlist for april 4, 2005

set 1 (9:04-9:41)

William Shatner "You'll Have Time" Has Been
Phranc "Caped Crusader" Folksinger
Microphones "I Can't Believe You Actually Died" Song Islands
Nirvana "You Know You're Right" (solo acoustic) With the Lights Out
Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (live on Tops of the Pops) Outcesticide
Maximilian Hecker "Today" Infinite Love Songs
Magnetic Fields "All the Umbrellas In London" Get Lost
The Frogs "Deathbed" Death Songs
Nirvana "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam" (live Dallas 10/19/91) Outcesticide
Nirvana "Sliver" (solo acoustic) With the Lights Out

set 2 (9:55-10:23)

Fitzgerald "Bloody Stumps" Raised By Wolves
Dream Bitches "Laurel Tree" Sanfransisters
Nirvana "D-7" (live) Outcesticide
Saturday Looks Good to Me "When the Party Ends" Every Night (vinyl version)
Vaselines "Son of a Gun" The Way of the Vaselines-A Complete History
Nirvana "If You Must" With the Lights Out
Nirvana "Here She Comes Now" (live) Outcesticide

set 3 (10:33-11:00)

Ladytron "USA vs. White Noise" (live) 604 (reissue)
Ladytron "He Took Her to a Movie" (live) 604 (reissue)
Nirvana "Bambi Slaughter" Outcesticide
Nirvana "Old Age" With the Lights Out
Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (rehearsal demo) With the Lights Out
Phranc "Lifelover" Folksinger
Strong Bad "The Cheat Is Not Dead" Strong Bad Sings

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