Monday, April 04, 2005

playlist for april 4, 2005

set 1 (9:04-9:41)

William Shatner "You'll Have Time" Has Been
Phranc "Caped Crusader" Folksinger
Microphones "I Can't Believe You Actually Died" Song Islands
Nirvana "You Know You're Right" (solo acoustic) With the Lights Out
Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (live on Tops of the Pops) Outcesticide
Maximilian Hecker "Today" Infinite Love Songs
Magnetic Fields "All the Umbrellas In London" Get Lost
The Frogs "Deathbed" Death Songs
Nirvana "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam" (live Dallas 10/19/91) Outcesticide
Nirvana "Sliver" (solo acoustic) With the Lights Out

set 2 (9:55-10:23)

Fitzgerald "Bloody Stumps" Raised By Wolves
Dream Bitches "Laurel Tree" Sanfransisters
Nirvana "D-7" (live) Outcesticide
Saturday Looks Good to Me "When the Party Ends" Every Night (vinyl version)
Vaselines "Son of a Gun" The Way of the Vaselines-A Complete History
Nirvana "If You Must" With the Lights Out
Nirvana "Here She Comes Now" (live) Outcesticide

set 3 (10:33-11:00)

Ladytron "USA vs. White Noise" (live) 604 (reissue)
Ladytron "He Took Her to a Movie" (live) 604 (reissue)
Nirvana "Bambi Slaughter" Outcesticide
Nirvana "Old Age" With the Lights Out
Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (rehearsal demo) With the Lights Out
Phranc "Lifelover" Folksinger
Strong Bad "The Cheat Is Not Dead" Strong Bad Sings

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