Monday, April 25, 2005


I was actually able to put this up right after the show! Yay!

Part 1
Part 2

Oh, I have to quickly tell you about Scruggscorp taking off. I guess it's not going to happen. Someone from the Scene was writing an article about Scruggscorp, but the editor decided they didn't want to publish it. Dumb fucker! I bet that editor wouldn't know good radio if it bit he/she/it up the ass!

Anyway, I'm going to keep that the classic "Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker" episode up for now. And I talked with a representative from Scruggscorp at the station meeting this past week. They're going to give me a couple more shows to put up. It might not happen really soon (you know how company bureaucracies can be), but I'll eventually have two more to put up.

So, here are the links again for the show I have:

Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker Part 1
Ol' Jer Meets the Backmasker Part 2

And finally, here's that game of Yo La Tengo Breakout with the awesome soundtrack. Click here to goof off!

Edit: I typed in the wrong file names for the Boogiepop links this morning. They are correct now. Thanks to thumbs for actually bringing this to my attention. I encourage anyone to tell me whenever there is a broken link on this site.

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