Monday, November 28, 2005

playlist for november 28, 2005

Michael Andrews "When I Call a Name" Me and You and Everyone We Know Soundtrack
Calvin Johnson "Your Eyes" Before the Dream Faded
Soltero "if i had a chance" Hell Train
Neutral Milk Hotel "Avery Island/April 1st" On Avery Island
Neutral Milk Hotel "Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone" On Avery Island
Cub "I'm Your Angel" Come Out Come Out
Colin Clary "darlin' on a land line" [demo]
Let's Whisper "March of the grooms" Some songs in progress...
The Maybellines "Our Hearts Keep Time" A La Carte
Tullycraft "Leaders of the New School" Disenchanted Hearts Unite
Churchbuilder "vespa" Patty Darling
Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch" Witching Hour
Tender Forever "Make Out" The Soft and the Hardcore
Six Cents and Natalie "Devil In Your Heart" Sweet Sweet Casio
New Grenada "Lightning Parade" Parting Shots
Amy Kasio (a.k.a. lil A gets nasty) "i heart you" lick my key
Ash "Kung Fu" 1977
Nirvana "Do Re Mi" Sliver-The Best of the Box
Dream Bitches "Atlantic City" Sanfransisters
Cheese On Bread "Shakin' Hands" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby
Cheese On Bread "How Long Have You Been Haitian" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby
Electric Grandmother "Bob Saget Marches On" Pee Sells...But Who's Buysing?
Electric Grandmother "Hangin' Out With Mr. Cooper Sucks" Pee Sells...But Who's Buysing?
The Snow Fairies "Sweet Darling" get married
Apples In Stereo "Liza Jane" Dimension Mix
Tender Forever "Tender Forever" The Soft and the Hardcore
The Teacups "Red Light, Green Light" This Will Come Back to Haunt You
Cheese On Bread "Stepping Out of Ketosis" Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby

i like the waitresses.
i guess i'm not cool enough for your show.
Did _ dis the "Waitresses" yesterday? - I mustah missed that.

Awgh! I like the Waitresses too. They K N O W what boys like.

I really dug that Ladytron song! :-)
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