Monday, November 21, 2005

playlist for november 21, 2005

Calvin Johnson "Deliverance" Before the Dream Faded
Colin Clary "[Don't know the title, I'll have to get back to you on that]" [unreleased demo]
Snow Fairies "First Sad Love Song" get married
Elekibass "Good Morning Blues" Welcome Wonderful World
Elekibass "Welcome Wonderful World" Welcome Wonderful World
Oval-Teen "Making Sense (My Favorite Color)" Yorkville, IL
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Lift Me Up" Every Night
The Diskettes "Cabin By the Sea" Weeknights at Island View Beach
The Wiggins "A.T.S." Import EP
The Wiggins "Johnny" Greatest Apes EP
Mummy the Peepshow "School Girl Pop" Records of the Damned
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re "Tea Time Ska" Pregnant Fantasy
Cars Can Be Blue "TMNT" All the Stuff We Do
Electric Grandmother "Danny Tanner Had a Wife" My Imaginary Audience
Electric Grandmother "Here Comes the Urkel" Pee Sells... But Who's Buying?
Rabbit In Red "The Honey Industry" Sweet Sweet Casio
Calvin Johnson "Love Will Come Back Again" The Way Things Change Vol. 1
Ladytron "International Date Line" Witching Hour
Guv'ner "Lucky Ladybug" Break a Promise
L.A. Tool and Die "I'll Give You Three" Fashion for the Evildoer
YMCK "Magical 8-Bit Tour" Records of the Damned
Ghetto Squirrels "Old McDonald Had a Factory Farm" Live on Sergio Van Lukenstein's Unjustified Thanksgiving Episode 2001
Jens Lekman "How much you mean to me" USA October 2005 Tour EP
Let's Whisper "Let's Whisper" Some songs in progress...
The Wiggins "Golden Records" The Wiggins
Electric Grandmother "Milkshake" Sin City Sex Mix
Electric Grandmother "Dance Party" Dickalis
Nirvana "Sappy (1990 studio demo)" Sliver--The Best of the Box
Heavenly "k-klass kisschase" operation heavenly
The Maybellines "Dream Vacation" A La Carte
Saturday Looks Good to Me "Dialtone" Every Night (vinyl version)
The Happiest Guys In The World "The International Holiday of Thanksgiving" The Tarquin Records All Star Holiday Extravaganza
Calvin Johnson "When You Are Mine" Before the Dream Faded

Christmas music conforms with my merry mood following Ohio State's glorious football victory over Angband.
Re ticket giveaways, I'm reminded about the mystery as to what has been the falling out between WCSB and Peabody's Down Under (not like I have actually ever been to Peabody's Down Under, but I like to gossip anonymously on blogs).
Peabody's was not receiving (or pretending not to receive) our guest lists and not letting people in. So, of course, that pissed us off.

But yeah, I've only been to maybe 4 shows there ever.
Thanks for the explanation. By the way, the Guv'ner song is GREAT! It sounds like a parody of '60s film song.
"Lucky Ladybug" was a '60s song (or maybe '50s). The original artist was "Billy and Lillie".
Oh! Thanks again for the elucidation. The Thanksgiving dialogue is hilarious.
Interesting animal rights song.
Thank you Sergio, you brave masked man you... thank you where ever you are...
loved the electric grandmother stuff. that, and caroling kittens, is what was called for on an agonizing monday morning.
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