Monday, November 14, 2005

this one goes out to little johnny indie rocker...

Edit: I didn't find out that the link to the latest show wasn't working until today (Friday the 18th)! Please, if you notice a link that's not working, either a link to one of the files for my show or one of the links to other websites, tell me about immediately. E-mail me or post a comment. I don't care what link it is. I don't want any dead links on this site.

Please understand that I'm an actual college student with classes and a job. I don't have time to test every single link on my site to see if it works. I post my show archive in this little bit of time that I have between the actual end of my show and the time that I have to leave for my job. The links to my show archive can be rendered broken and ineffective if there's just a little incongruency in the address in the link and the filename itself. Sometimes, this can happen because I'm in a rush and don't always have time to check if the link is correct and it works.

In short, if the link to my show doesn't work, it's probably because of a simple spelling error that I could easily correct if I know it's there. So, please, if you notice something is wrong, tell me so I know that I have to fix it and you don't have to wait until Friday for me to find the error myself. All you need to do is to post one tiny little comment, and I can fix it.

You have to help me to help you, okay? ^_^

By the way, I found out on Monday that the link to my MySpace wasn't working. So, if you tried the link before and didn't feel like telling me that it wasn't working, the link is working now. Damn, I have no idea how long that link was broken!

So, if you didn't hear the show, my Radiothon total was only $510, but in general the station made its $30,000 goal. Thanks to everyone who pledged during my show, and please follow through and pay for your donations so you can get whatever nice premium you've selected.

Also, the WCSB Open House is this weekend, on Friday from 3 to 8 p.m., and then Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. I'm only going to be at the Friday. Come to room 956 in Rhodes Tower so you can get your premiums, along with some free pizza!

And here's the show for this week:

Part 1
Part 2

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