Monday, November 21, 2005

i don't know what you think, but ladytron and britney spears seem like two very different things to me

Fuck! I forgot to play the Thanksgiving version of "Bitchin' Camaro"! Why didn't you remind me, Kris?! ^_^

In case you didn't see the edit of the last post, I'll say it again here... I didn't discover until Friday that the link to last week's show was broken. When I post my shows, I usually do them in the brief time that I have between the actual end of my show and the time when I have to go to work. Since I'm in a hurry, it's not that difficult for me to make a mistake, and if I'm off in one letter in a link or filename, the link doesn't work. In the future, if you see a broken link on this site, don't assume that the server is down. It's most likely a broken link, so please leave a comment saying that the link is broken. I don't have enough time to test the links on here myself, so it would help me very much if you could tell me whenever you come across a broken link. These things are very easy to fix, as long as I know that they're there. Thanks!

So, maybe I'll see you at Saturday Looks Good to Me/Calvin Johnson tonight? Or The Wiggins/Electric Grandmother on Friday night?

Here's the show:

11/21/05 Part 1
11/21/05 Part 2

I'm also leaving last week's show up:

11/14/05 Part 1
11/14/05 Part 2

My bad. This year I even forgot to take the Thanksgiving version of Bitchin' Camaro along for our journey to Hartville for turkey-giving with the fam.

Speaking of silly Philly bands:

I got an email from Adam (and His Package) Goren on Saturday - He's doing really well. He's a high-school Chemestry and Physics teacher, of all things! He's in a new-ish band called ARmalite

Have a great radio show!

Wow! I didn't know _The Waitresses_ were from Akron! I also did not know that _Churchbuilder_ is from Akron. I never cease to be amazed by how my home Buckeye state region of northeast Ohio produced all of this talent! Thank god I was able to go to Ohio State in "the '80s" and find out about it.
By the way, I really like the background music on Boogiepop's psa on motorcycle helmet safety.
Can you find some Kwanzaa music?
Okay, Ben...

Motorcycle PSA: The music is the theme from the Marlon Brando film, The Wild One (which is why Count Lapone does the Brando impression at the end of the PSA). Count Lapone chose the music because it's about motorcycle gangs.

Kwanzaa music: I can't find any indie rock Kwanzaa songs. If I could find any, I'd play them.
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