Monday, September 20, 2004

one bush voter down, millions to go...

I can't believe that no one has flamed me for the inappropriate, inflammatory comments that I made concerning Johnny Ramone this morning. It just upsets me that one of the original Ramones would be one of those "God Bless America" Republican sheep.

It's better to be an Anybody But Bush sheep.

I guess everyone was just zoning out and waiting to hear the words "Yo La Tengo tickets" before starting to pay attention again.

I went back and checked to see how long that dead air was when I had to go to the "little boys room". 41 seconds. Any silence longer than 10 seconds is way too long, but I'm glad that it didn't eclipse the one minute mark because that would have been very horrible.

You know what? Calling it the "little boys room" makes it sound really perverted.

Remember last week when I played that CD that had the shopping music from the Sims? What I didn't know was that the Sims 2 was getting released the next day. It's only for the PC, though. That's bad for me because my computer is too obsolete to handle it. I really would love to have it because the Sims can actually age from birth to death in it. I was disappointed when I realized that child Sims don't age in the original Sims.

Oh, but I just found out that in November, they're releasing this new Sims game for the Playstation and other console systems called "The Urbz: Sims in the City". It seems to be all twenty-something Sims living in apartments and trying to be cool. For the soundtrack, they have the rap group, Black Eyed Peas. I'm not into them, but I really want to hear what they do because they're going to be rapping in Simlish. That should be a riot!

I hope you don't mind all the obsessing over video games. I also hope that at least some of you liked the video game remixes that I played this morning. Somebody else in Cleveland has to like that sort of thing. Are any of those people listening to my show?

Listen to Elixir Is Zog on WCSB this Friday night from 11 to 1! The Twilight are going to be on again! Seriously, you really need to listen to it!

I don't think I have anything else to say now. Have fun at that Yo La Tengo show. I don't know if it's sold out yet.

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