Saturday, September 11, 2004

gay variety wheel?

I just wanted to tell you people once again to go to Harvey + Felix's Awesome Fest. Seriously, if you love me, you will want to go, and actually be there for the beginning of the show, which will start at about 5.

This is the order of bands, from first to last:

Virgins Live, Sluts Die
RAW Society
Gay Variety Wheel
Harvey + Felix
[Secret Band]

And I have no idea who the secret band is going to be.

I really want to see what a band with a name like "Gay Variety Wheel" would sound like, so I'm quite excited about going to this show. And also, I want to see the Hajime solo performance and see the special show of patriotism that Harvey + Felix will indulge in.

I also wanted to tell you that my review for the Confuse Yr Idols Sonic Youth tribute is on Mundane Sounds now. Click here to see it.

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