Friday, July 02, 2004

some more news and links

Okay, I've got a few notes of interest for you.

We have a third band for the Twilight/Pants Yell! on the 14th. The band's name is Expecting Rain. They're a local indie folk band that's on the same label that's releasing the Twilight's EP. They do have songs for download if you want to hear a couple samples.

So, the whole show is now worked out, except for the small detail of finding a place for Pants Yell! to stay the night.

If you didn't read the comment link on the post below, I guess I should tell you that the Wiggins are making their triumphant return to Cleveland. You might remember them as one of the bands from Sergiofest. A while ago, Jon, who basically IS the Wiggins, moved to Texas. Since that time, he has returned to doing a solo version of the Wiggins. Now, he's finally coming back to play a show at the Black Eye on the 9th. This is going to be just him and drum machine. It's going to be fucking great.

I don't know where the Black Eye is, though. If anyone knows, please click on the comments link and give the address.

In other news, you can legally download Tilly and the Wall's entire full-length album for free in MP3 form. I don't know what the fuck Conor Oberst is thinking. But if you go to this link, it's all right there.

However, that still doesn't hold a candle to the Brian Jonestown Massacre's website, where MP3s of all their albums (plus Peel sessions, live tracks, and, toward the bottom, some albums by other people) are available for free download.

Finally, my review of the new I am the World Trade Center album is up on Mundane Sounds.

Have a nice Independence Day Weekend, and I hope you lucky people who cheat destiny by getting the 5th off have a nice time sleeping through my next show. :P

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