Monday, July 26, 2004

hooray for coffee, let's not complain

Pika! I hope today's show didn't suck too much. I had to promote four shows that are happening in the next week, so I hope I didn't annoy people with things they've already heard a bunch of times.

In case you didn't see below, Harry and the Potters are playing a show at the Shaker Heights Public Library, in addition to the one at Mac's Backs. The library show is at 3, and the Mac's Backs show is at 7. I know the library show is free, but I don't know about the Mac's Backs one. They had flyers up in the store when I was there last week, but I don't think there was a price on them.

Sadly, I can't go to the library show at 3. But I'm definitely going to the one at Mac's. I hope other people go, too.

The Icicles have new songs on their website! Go listen!

Of Montreal just posted a shitload of MP3s on their site. Included are all four cover songs from the bonus CD that came with their latest album. Damn, I guess I didn't have to buy the album after all to get those songs. The MP3s are on this page.

Remember Cassettefest Fest? That one show you didn't go to. I got to spend some of the proceeds from the door on a couple of things. Soon, WCSB will finally have that reissue of Sonic Youth's Dirty. We don't even have the old version of that CD at the station, so it will be very welcome. We're also getting the latest Capricorns CD. They released one last year, and I didn't even know. And finally, we're getting the Sebadoh Bakesale CD. I've never even heard that CD myself. I had to get that for the station because it's a Sebadoh CD and we're a college radio station. We should have every fucking thing that Sebadoh ever released.

I'm pretty tired at the moment and don't have anything else that's important to say at the moment, so this is going to be it for now. I might have more later in the week.

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