Monday, July 26, 2004

bad news

Maybe you've already heard about this, but in case you haven't, here's a post from the Black Cabbage mailing list:

There will be *no* Black Cabbage show tonight.
Kat went out walking last night and after jumping down off of a wall that she says was either 6 or 8 feet tall, landed wrong and broke *both* her legs.
She is currently in Lakewood hospital with a fractured tibia & fibia in her left leg, and a fractured heelbone in her right leg.  Tomorrow morning at 7:30 she is getting surgery done on her left leg (the Dr said he'd probably be putting a rod into it) so that it can heal up quickly so she can have at least one good leg.   The heelbone is a much more difficult procedure and is only able to be worked on by orthopedic specialists, none of which practice in our part of town, apparently.  But since it is not an emergency to get it worked on right away, they are going to wait a week or two to work on it, and let her other leg get a little better in the mean time.
The doctor also said she probably wouldn't be up on her feet at all for another 6 weeks or so.
Kat also has absolutely no health insurance coverage.
And from another post by DJ Master LS...

I'm sure many of you are wondering, like my dad was:
> What the heck was she doing up on a wall, anyway?
She was walking to a friend's house over on Clifton, a few streets away from us, and had taken a shortcut behind a row of stores & bars, which ended in a wall, which she hadn't realized.  I looked at it today, and it's really not *that* high - maybe about 5 feet high on one side & maybe 6 on the other.   Anyway, rather than walking back around to the front of the stores, she decided she could just climb over the wall.  She says she didn't even really jump from the top of the wall, she was sitting on it, and was dangling her feet down - it really doesn't look like the kind of height you'd expect to hurt yourself at all from, especially if you were going to get down off of it like that.   But somehow she just landed on her feet wrong..
Anyway -
Her surgery is now scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow morning (did I mention that already?  sorry if I did) but that is also prone to changing, according to the doctor.  No idea what kind of shape she'll be in after the operation, if she'll want any visitors right away or what.  
I thought I had more to mention now, but I'm just too exhausted to remember I guess..
thanks to everyone for their good wishes etc, they are much appreciated.
Of course we here at Boogiepop Does Not Smile also wish Black Cabbage and DJ Homefry K the best in this situation.

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