Monday, July 12, 2004

playlist for July 12, 2004

9:00 hour

Babes In Toyland "Right Now" (live) The Further Adventures of Babes In Toyland
Bikini Kill "Tell Me So" Pussy Whipped
The Frumpies "She's a Real Cutie Pie" Frumpie One Piece
L7 "Shirley" Hungry For Stink
The Pinheads "Post Toasty Pt. 4" Poop Breath EP
The Wiggins "Lying" (unreleased?)
Nirvana "Sliver" Incesticide
Babes In Toyland "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" The Further Adventures of Babes In Toyland
Kiddo "The Hell Song" Kiddo
Expecting Rain "A New Girl" Expecting Rain
The Twilight "Where I'm Going to Be" (unreleased... still waiting for that EP)
Pants Yell! "Public Gardens" Songs For Siblings
Pants Yell! "My Boyfriend Writes Plays" Live on WERS
Harry and the Potters "Stick It to Dolores" Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock

10:00 hour

Tilly and the Wall "Shake It Out" Wild Like Children
Morrissey "The Never-Played Symphonies" Irish Blood, English Heart EP
Camera Obscura "San Francisco Song" Old Enough To Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records
Electric Grandmother "I Just Visited" Sin City Sex Mix
Electric Grandmother "Milkshake" Sin City Sex Mix
Freezepop "I am Not Your Gameboy" Fancy Ultra-Fresh
I am the World Trade Center "Follow Me" The Cover Up
Tracy + The Plastics "quaasars" culture for pigeon
Hott Beat "Nobody's Home" A Hott Mess
Saint Etienne "I'm Too Sexy" The Fred EP
Sonic Youth "Burning Spear" Sonic Youth EP
The Vibration "No Eyeliner" Ear to the Ground
Magnetic Fields "If I Were a Rich Man" Knitting on the Roof

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