Monday, July 26, 2004

playlist for july 26, 2004

9:00 hour

Slowblow  "Within Tolerance"  Slowblow
Tracy + The Plastics  "happens"  culture for pigeon
Mirah  "la familia"  you think it's like this but really it's like this
Morrissey  "The First of the Gang to Die"  You Are the Quarry
Saint Etienne  "Hit the Brakes"  The Bad Photographer EP
Kiddo  "To the Moon"  (live at Studio-A-Rama)
New Grenada  "Steady Diet of Slayer"  The Open Heart
Harry and the Potters  "Wizard Chess"  Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters  "Rocking at Hogwarts"  Mail Songs EP #1
Harry and the Potters  "Bertie Botts"  Mail Songs EP #1
The Twilight  "The Sound"  (live on Elixir Is Zog)
Black Cabbage  "The Vice-President Is a Robot"  (live at Cassettefest Fest)
Harvey + Felix  "Reading Rainbow" 
Harvey + Felix  "America Will Punch You"
Harvey + Felix  "frobee"  (Cassettefest entry)
The Minders  "Tearaway"  The Future's Always Perfect
The Minders  "Chatty Patty"  Cul-De-Sacs & Dead Ends

10:00 hour

Barmitzvah Brothers  "Today Is Sunday"  The Night of the Party
Oval-Teen  "Flying Silver Rocket Ships"  A Million Shades of Oval-Teen
L.A. Tool and Die  "I'll Give You Three"  Fashion for the Evildoer
Poussin  "Boy Friend"  Pop Jingu Vol. 2
The Smittens  "Doomed Lo-Fi and In Love"  Gentlefication Now!
The Smittens  "Gin and Platonic"  Gentlefication Now!
New Grenada  "Thanks a Lot"  Fundraising For the Field Trip #1
New Grenada  "Lazer Blast" (demo)  Asaurus Records EP Club #2
New Grenada  "Concussion"  Hot War EP
Shonen Knife  "Chinese Disco"  Strawberry Sound
I am the World Trade Center  "No Expectations"  The Cover Up
Dressy Bessy  "All These Colors"  SoundGoRound
Dressy Bessy  "That's Why"  SoundGoRound
Harry and the Potters  "These Days Are Dark"  Harry and the Potters


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