Monday, July 26, 2004

pre-show post

Again, we're still in the production room, but much progress has been made in the main air studio, so we could be back to normal with the new board before the next show.

But this time, I will again not be updating the playlist live.  However, I will be able to type the playlist right after the show before I have to leave.  I was able to get it done right after last weeks show, actually, but Blogger fucked up when I tried to post it.

And then I have more things I want to post tonight.  I'm sorry about the recent lack of posts.  I've just been tired thanks to a weird, upset sleeping schedule, but I think I've gotten that straightened out now.

Oh, and I want everyone to know that before Harry and the Potters play at Mac's Backs in Coventry on Friday (that starts at 7), they're playing a show at the Shaker Heights Public Library at 3.  The library show is free.  I don't know if the Mac's Backs show is or not.

Anyway, I have to go start the show now.  I have a nice new Black Cabbage song to play for you.  And if you haven't heard the sad news about Black Cabbage, please scroll down.

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