Friday, April 30, 2004

more logo fun, plus other news

You know what? Until a couple of days ago, I didn't realize that the Boogiepop logo had a mouth. I didn't see that there were ellipses at the part of the smile ^_^ where the underscore should be. I hate to say it, but I don't really like the ellipses. I don't know why I didn't see them before. Probably something to do with my obsolete computer at home, or I need to clean my monitor, or my brain isn't working properly.

Hm... ^ ^ or ^...^?

I like ^ ^ because it takes more effort to understand it.

In other logo news, Pat from the Twilight saw the comment that someone made about it being a surprise that the logo wasn't Hello Kitty-ish at all. So, Pat made a new logo in response. Now, I probably can't use the logo because of copyright concerns, but damn... when you look at it, you'll see why I wish so much that I could use it.

Google Image Search rules!

In other Twilight news, they updated their website with photos and reviews. The reviews page is why Pat made that logo for me. So, go there if you want some sexy photos to print out and see what words of mine they took out of context.

I have good show-related news. We have a computer in main air again! Yay! So, I will be able to do the live playlist thing again and post responses to comments during the show.

And on the next show, you'll hear new Sloan and Dear Nora material, plus other new material you've never heard of before. And I'll probably play the Twilight's cover of "Laid" again. And maybe the Pancakes again because they/she rule(s). Have you been to the Pancakes website, by the way? There are some MP3s there.

The new Sloan isn't bad. Of course, it doesn't stack up to their early work. They just don't understand that they need to be less '70s and more '60s. Greg will like it, though. Someone else at the station said it sounds like Cheap Trick. So, Greg, I bet you will want to go see them on the 19th and buy their new album.

By the way, Greg, that wasn't the record on the last show. It was a tie at the most because the morning after I got the first 4-song Kiddo demo, I played every song. Or technically, I played 3 songs and then Jes played 1 (she was apprenticing on my show, then). But we went through the whole demo that morning. And I probably played the whole thing some other week, too.

You know what? Everyone thought I was Kiddo's bitch before? Now, it seems like I'm the Twilight's bitch. But no, I'm still Kiddo's bitch, too. Just setting the record straight.

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