Monday, April 05, 2004

final words

Fuck, I wish I had remembered sooner that this was about the time of year that Kurt Cobain died. There's a really good article about Kurt in the Olympian (that's newspaper in Olympia, WA, near where Kurt lived). Thanks to largeheartedboy for posting that on his blog. He doesn't know I exist, but I thank him, anyway.

People managed to call for the Twilight tickets. More than one person called. Where the fuck were they before?

The noise piece I played at the end of the show was something I did Friday night. I wouldn't submit it by itself as a Cassettefest submission because we've had too much noise, but I like it and would put it next to the twee pop songs that I'd love to do. I think it would be fun to do live because I could have the audience chant "All your base are belong to us!" while I sing the words. In case you didn't catch it, the words to the song are the intro dialogue from Zero Wing for the Sega Genesis and the infamous "You spoony bard!" dialogue from Final Fantasy II for the Super Nintendo.

I didn't know that They Might Be Giants were coming out with a new EP. I just happened to find it during the show. It's so-so. Then again, TMBG never were the same again when they started playing with a full band on their recordings.

Anyone notice Colin Clary's love song to the Smittens? It's so cute!

I need to get a Colin Clary solo album.

I think that's all that I have to say for now. I've got a review of the new Of Montreal submitted for Mundane Sounds, so I'll let you know when/if it's posted.

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