Tuesday, April 06, 2004

so, does anyone know the best place to find single eyeglass-wearing indie girls?

I don't really need that piece of information, but I guess there are others who do. Maybe I could bring it up on the next show. I have to admit that I'm curious.

And not worthless, trendy hipster chicks or stupid fucking emo girls. Where are the indie rockers or the (very rare indeed in Cleveland) twee pop girls?

I guess it might be a good idea to ask if any indie girls who might be looking upon this blog know where the best indie boys are to be found? Right here at this very blog, maybe? ^_^

Or not.

My Of Montreal review was posted yesterday on Mundane Sounds. Check it out here. It's probably the best record they've ever done. At least, it's definitely their most accessible, yet most experimental at the same time because they've added some different sounds that they didn't have before. You really should buy it. I'm sure it'll be on my best of the year list if I'm still reviewing for some zine by then.

I got that Pancakes album. You know what? Hello Kitty's band wouldn't be the All Girl Summer Fun Band. It would be the Pancakes!

The Pancakes can be quite deep and witty sometimes, though. It's pretty amazing when you have a lyrics sheet in front of you (like I do). Dejay (the woman who IS the Pancakes) seems actually quite fluent in English, even though she seems to be a Hong Kong native. I was thinking about sending her fan mail and asking her where I could get all her records, and I might actually do it because there's a good chance she'll understand me.

Check out these lyrics for a song called "Patronage".

While I'm at it, here's another one that I really like. It's called "I Know".

Yeah, life is exactly how it is described in that song..

Dejay, I want to be your friendcake!

Finally, I wanted to tell everyone that I've registered angelfire.com/indie/boogiepopwcsb. I still don't plan to make it a full site. Just that FAQ page. So, anyone have questions about the show or whatever?

So, go ahead now and write your comments about where to find single indie people and what questions you'd want to see in a FAQ for my show.

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