Tuesday, April 20, 2004

what the hell were those commercials on your show

Well, this is basically the post-show post here...

Today, I played certain commercials and IDs that might not have made sense to you. Scruggs Corp? What the hell is Scruggs Corp? Well, Scruggs Corp is the multi-billion dollar Texas company that bought WCSB.

Well, not really, but that's the premise for one of best and most underappreciated shows on WCSB. In fact, that show is called "The Best of WCSB", and it's very aptly named.

"The Best of WCSB" airs every Sunday night from midnight to 2. Basically, it's like tuning into an alternate dimension version of WCSB in which it has become a commercial radio station (owned by Scruggs Corp, a conglomerate of companies in various industries). What happens every week is pure comedy gold. Every week, the hosts do a different show and portray different characters. Sometimes, they'll pretend to be regular auto workers doing a sports talk show called "Game Time". Other times, they'll pretend to be CSU frat boys and do "Greek Talk". Last night was a particularly great episode. They did the Jerry Waldaman show, and Jerry's guest was this Christian researcher who listened to television theme songs backwards in order to expose Satanic messages. So, the researcher played a bunch of TV theme songs backwards and gave interpretations of the backwards lyrics. Mr. Ed rules! I wanna go to the hot surface, surface, surface! (That's one of the messages you hear when you play Mr. Ed backwards... something about the "hot surface, surface, surface".)

When you tune into that show, you'll also hear commercials. And they're quite funny. My favorite is the one for the "College Radio Classics" CD.

So, I played the IDs and some commercials from "The Best of WCSB" in order to try to promote it. How did I get access to the IDs and commercials? Never you mind...

When I mentioned "The Best of WCSB" on the air, I forgot to mention one important detail. All the shows that they do are call-in shows! You can actually call in to the fake shows and interact with the characters! That's really cool. I guess Negativland did that type of thing and released CDs of it, but you know what? You and I weren't around when Negativland did their shows. And Negativland never did any sports talk or frat talk.

"The Best of WCSB" has also done a bunch of other shows, but I can't remember them all. A few weeks ago, they did a show hosted by a couple of model train enthusiasts. Unbelievable stuff.

I wonder if I actually convinced anyone to listen to that show. This one DJ who happened to be in the station when I was talking about it seemed interested, but that might be it.

I hope that I don't get my ass kicked for playing the stuff from that show.

I hope that Scruggs Corp doesn't sue the pants off of me for that.


I don't know what to say about the show other than that. My heart wasn't totally into doing the show today. I was feeling exceptionally tired and I didn't finish the whole paper last night (although I did get it finished and turned in on time, thank you very much). I made a bunch of technical mistakes. More than usual, I think.

I might have made artistic mistakes, too. :P

Oh, and when I said the word "Pancakes" at the top of the 10:00 hour in that high-pitched voice... that was actually a Powerpuff Girls reference. "You'll never guess what you're going to hear next... PANCAKES!" That was inspired by that one episode where the Powerpuff Girls' neighbor got sick of the girls and became a villain. Every morning, that guy's wife would say, "You'll never guess what we're having for breakfast... PANCAKES!" And she'd say it in that high-pitched way.

Nobody understands me.

I don't think I have anything else to say. You should start listening to WCSB from midnight to 2 on Sunday nights. If you're up that late.

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