Friday, April 16, 2004

what the fuck?!

New Grenada is playing with Sodastream at the Symposium tonight?! How come I didn't hear about this until a few minutes ago?! Well, that fucking blows. I'd love to see them, but I already have a ticket to the Trachtenburgs. I don't know. Maybe the show will start super late and I could get there to see them, but probably not. I'd probably get there in time for Sodastream, but not New Grenada. And I don't really like Sodastream because they sound too much like Belle and Sebastian. And I think I'm going to see Sodastream in Pittsburgh tomorrow, anyway.

I had said something to the Twilight about getting New Grenada for the May 7th show at Pat's, but I guess that's not practical now. Besides, I think they have a fourth band now.

And what is New Grenada doing at the Symposium, anyway? The owners screwed them over the last time they played there. They're from Michigan, and they had traveled all the way from Indiana as part of some tour, and the Symposium didn't give them a fucking dime. I can't believe they'd play there again. I don't think I'll ever want to play at the Symposium. If I want to play in obscurity, I'll do it at Pat's, thank you very fucking much.

I am the World Trade Center was fun last night. Dance party! Woooooo! They did a by-the-numbers rendition of "Bizarre Love Triangle", which pretty much melted in with their original stuff. While hearing them last night, it hit me how '80s-sounding they are. I shouldn't like '80s music. Yuck!

Well, it wasn't the wrong kind of '80s music, though. ^_^ So, it's okay.

Don't forget to listen to Elixir Is Zog on WCSB tonight from 11 to 1. The Twilight will be playing on the air.

Please get me a recording of that, Twilight!

And I guess I'll be seeing at least a couple of you at the Trachtenburg show. Yee haw!

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