Wednesday, April 14, 2004


My review for the Chester Copperpot CD is now on Mundane Sounds. It's too bad no one really notices them. I bet that seeing them live would be so much fun.

I did a fill-in show Friday night. I had less than two hours advance notice, so that's why you didn't know about it. I just happened to be there when Jermaine from A Pox On You called to say he was sick and couldn't come in. So, I played some things during that time slot.

Anyway, someone called me during that slot, and the last thing they said during that call was "Can I ask you a personal question? You and Elizabeth get along so well..." And I knew where it was going because Elizabeth told me that people have said the same thing before. No, we are not an item, and there's no chance of that happening. I think I actually said that once on her show, but this guy didn't hear. In fact, he never got the memo about my new show, so... anyway... I would never go out with Elizabeth. Do you realize how long Elizabeth has been doing her show? For a decade! So, you'd figure that she's too old for me. And she pretty much is. Also, she doesn't like Kiddo. I couldn't go out with anyone who doesn't like Kiddo.

Actually, you wouldn't know who my significant other is. She's not even from Cleveland.

By the way, my significant other came up with her own little guide to scoring indie chicks. It's on her blog.

If you come to this blog and don't read the comments, you should start reading them. The comments are where all the action is.

We have the new eX-Girl album at the station. Yay! It's weird, though, because two of the original members are no longer with the band. Only the bassist remains.

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