Monday, April 12, 2004

musical memories and other reminisces from today's show

We need a new computer in main air. Then when people see the live playlist updates, they'll see why they need to come to this site. I don't think the idea of coming here to have conversations with me and other listeners about music and other things are incentive enough.

"You were the first one..." That's a song that can get in your head, and it has a cool title. No wonder someone would start a site with that name. "Make Out Club". That song is from '93, by the way. It predates the site by so many years.

The Trachtenburg ticket giveaway was funny. I gave away one pair and the lines were just flooded with callers. I then realized I had a second pair to give away. And the callers just trickled in. It's weird. Did people just lose hope after the first time?

People just need to call in. Live a little and make that call! And if it's busy, keep trying to call!

And you should come to the website and post comments. This show isn't so popular that the comment links are flooded with responses.

I forgot about that Casual Dots show until a little bit into the show, but we didn't have tickets for it. Then the organizer of the show called after the first time I went on the air to give us a couple pairs of tickets to give away. That show is on Sunday, by the way.

I just found out that "Oops Oh My" is a cover of an R & B song. I had no idea.

Don't forget to listen to the Twilight on Elixir Is Zog this Friday night from 11 to 1... if you're not going to see the Trachtenburgs. I don't know how late that show will go, though. The Grog Shop website says it starts at 8 and there's an opening band. Since it's going to be a really popular band, I bet it'll start on time. I notice that for the bigger indie bands (Le Tigre, Nada Surf, etc.) the shows actually start when they're advertised. I just don't fucking get that. Why don't they just print the real starting time (10 o'clock or whatever the fuck) for the other indie shows instead of the fake 9 p.m. starting time?

Answer me! I know that you people from the Beachland and the Grog Shop are looking at this!

Actually, they're not looking at this. My show would be too big if they were, I suppose.

I hope you tuned in at the beginning and heard the cool heavy metal version of the Legend of Zelda theme. That's the best version of that song I've ever heard. Or else it ties with the Violent Femmes-like version I played a couple months ago. I have to play the Violent Femmes-ish version again. It rules.

I can't think of anything else to say. I'm sure I'll remember shit later that I really wanted to tell you.

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