Monday, January 24, 2005

playlist january 24, 2004

set 1 (9:06-9:40)

Harvey and Felix "Polly/Keep On Rockin In the Free World/America Will Punch You" (unreleased)
Sloan "If It Feels Good Do It" (music video version) Pretty Together
I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy "Unborn Billy" Funnier Than God
Spoilsport "Snowball" Cwistmas Twee
Kiddo "To The Moon" live at Studio-A-Rama
The Mathletes "Rocket" The Hiss That We Have Missed
Lou Barlow "Round-N-Round" EMOH
Nirvana "About a Girl" Bleach

set 2 (9:53-10:14)

Stereo Total "Hungry!" Do the Bambi
Tracy and the Plastics "dawn feather" Gossip/Tracy and the Plastics split CD
Fur Cups For Teeth "Happy For, Proud Of" Allergic 2 Fur
Sonic Youth "Hey Joni" Daydream Nation
The Gossip "sleepers" Gossip/Tracy and the Plastics split CD
Shonen Knife "A Map Master" Heavy Songs
The Icicles "Snowman" A Hundred Patterns

set 3 (10:24-11:00)

Strong Bad "The Cheat Is Not Dead" Strong Bad Sings
I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy "Unwanted William" Funnier Than God
Bis "conspiracy a go-go" I [Heart] Bis
Ladytron "Oops Oh My" Softcore Jukebox
Stereo Total "Chelsea Girls" Do the Bambi
Trembling Blue Stars "Open Skies" The Seven Autumn Flowers
Magnetic Fields "I Wish I Had an Evil Twin" i
Winter Vacation "Balloon Township" The Netherlands, 1980
Lou Barlow "Caterpillar Girl" EMOH
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra "What Keeps Mankind Alive" To All We Stretch the Open Arm

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