Thursday, January 20, 2005

jumping on the arcade fire bandwagon

I just want to tell everyone that I'm going to be doing a fill-in show Friday night from 7 to 9. I'm filling in for a rock and roll show, but of course, I'm just going to pop.

Perhaps you've heard the news about Chris and Thea? Well, if you didn't, next week is their final episode. They're not ruling out the possibility of coming back, but it'll be a while because Chris wants to take time off to concentrate on law school.

If you hated that show, you might want to start listening to that time slot now because a really good show is moving to that time slot. The show is called Stand Clear of the Closing Doors. Bart, the DJ for that show, is an old school college rock fan, so I think that show should appeal to most of you. Click on that link and you'll be able to see the playlists from when he was on early Wednesday mornings. They look good, don't they?

I haven't decided how much I like the Arcade Fire. They're not as good as Neutral Milk Hotel, I know that at least. They're like a more accessible version of Godspeed You Black Emperor or Silver Mt. Zion, which is not surprising because they all come from Montreal.

Now, excuse me while I go weep in profound sadness at the tragedy and dark comedy that is the second Dubya inauguration.

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