Friday, January 28, 2005

you don't need to be the walrus, you don't need to be the eggman

HOLY SHIT! SHONEN KNIFE IS COMING IN MARCH! This is going to be a very important show. It's been shaping up to be a slow concert season lately, but we have this to look forward to now. I wonder if they're just touring for those reissues or if they have something new to release, too.

That Joanie person from Boston who called about Low Barlow's RATT cover and actually doesn't like Dinosaur/Sebadoh/etc. is actually a punk DJ on MIT's radio station, WMBR. I found a list of her favorite albums of 2004, and none of them are even close to the stuff that I play.

I'm astounded when punk and/or metal people can stand more than 1 minute of my show. Actually, I'm astounded when anyone can stand more than a minute of my show.

Especially conservatives. ^_^

No freaky conservative have been calling lately, by the way. But then again, I haven't been discussing much in the way of politics. You would have thought I'd go off about the inauguration, but I didn't. It's just fucking hopeless.

Want to read something funny? I found this blog post a while ago. It's bloody classic...

This is why I don’t turn my music up very loud at work: the president of our company was by my desk, heard J Mascis’s wailing guitar work, and in complete shock asked, “You listen to heavy metal music?!” ::: insert eye-rolling here :::

I could’ve taken the time to explain, “Well, this is actually more of a punk/indie rock band, not heavy metal…” but then it just gets all complicated! So to avoid a long, complicated conversation, I just replied, “Well, sometimes…” and left it at that. But I can see it now: I’m gonna get a rep as some heavy-metal-lovin’ chick. This has actually happened once before: I was sitting at my desk listening to Kings of Convenience, and a co-worker was like, “What is this?” and for lack of a better term, I replied, “Well, it’s kind-of folk…” and she replied, “Like ‘Kumbaya my Lord’?” Uh, sure. And then another of my co-workers joined us for the Tullycraft birthday extravaganza last month. The next Monday at work, he asked me, “What kind of music are Tullycraft?” and I told him, “Well, indie-pop.” My co-worker stared at me blankly. “Or, uh, twee-pop…uh, you know…” The look of confusion on his face failed to clear up with my ever-so articulate explanation.

So how do you deal with co-workers not understanding the kind-of music you listen to? How do you explain to them what “indie-pop” is? How do you explain to stupid co-workers that wearing an Apples In Stereo t-shirt is not some slang-reference to your breasts! :::SIGH!:::

Okay rant-mode off. I’m in such a cranky mood! I thought I was going to enjoy doing HR stuff here at work, and I’m not enjoying it. : ( It’s upsetting me!! : ( Oh wait, didn’t I say “rant-mode off"? Okay, no more complaining from me! ; ) Bye!

I never had any dirty thoughts about the name "Apples In Stereo" until I read that post.

That's from the blog of Janice, the founder of copacetic zine. It's a good site, so I suggest you visit it when you're bored.

If Janice or anyone from copacetic comes across this post, please don't be angry at me. That was just too good not to share with everyone.

You also might want to try Heraclitus Sayz. The spelling of "Sayz" makes it look cheesy, but the site is actually a interesting, eclectic mix of classic philosophy and indie music reviewing.

I've think I've run out of things to say for now. The first Monday morning 7-9 edition of Stand Clear of the Closing Doors is coming up in a couple days. Make sure you don't freak out when you notice that Chris and Thea are gone and keep your dial tuned to Bart!

Edit: I also have a bit good news and bad news. Jens Lekman is going to be in town on February 9th. The bad news is that it's at the Spot, which is this campus hangout at Case where only Case students are admitted. I have also found out Of Montreal will play there in a few months.

Of course, I'm very pissed. Maybe I'll go picket the entrance to the Spot the day of the Jens Lekman show and protest these exclusionist policies. I feel powerless, though. I know that it would be difficult to talk these national acts out of playing the shows because they're college shows, and college shows are great for touring indie acts because they're guaranteed to pay great money, no matter how many people show up.

Still, don't the people at the Spot realize that it's unfair for them to just bogart these great national acts for themselves and Case students only? Have a fucking heart, please!

Please tell me you're just taking advice from that episode of South Park where Cartman gets that amusement park and makes it successful by not allowing anyone to come in at first.

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