Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hm... since this is a blog, I suppose that I should do what other people do with their blogs and put my innermost thoughts and feelings, the miniscule details of what I've been doing with my insignificant circle of friends, and my "Which character from Bitchy Prep Teen Movie 2004 are you most like?" quiz results.

Well, not quite. I'll go for some thoughts and feelings, but that's it.

I don't have friends, anyway, and I don't go to see movies as often as I should (and of course, if I went more often, I'd be going to see them at the art movie places like the Cinematheque or the Cedar Lee).

So... It's Valentine's Day. Of course, that makes fodder for a good post. I'm not going to go on an anti-commercialist rant on the whole thing, though. Instead, I'm going to give some love advice.

Here's something that you need to know about love. Perhaps you already know it, but read on in case you don't. Okay, the most important lesson about love is this:

"Don't date outside of your musical genre!"

If you take your music seriously (which you probably do if you're looking at this site), you need to date someone with the same musical taste as you. Rob, the main character of High Fidelity said it best: "It's not what you're like, it's what you like." In other words, you must share a most important common interest. For cool people like us, that would be indiepop (or if you're just experimenting by listening to this show, then fill in your favorite musical genre there).

If you're dating someone who can't stand your type of music, dump that person immediately! Chances are, it's not going to work out. One thing that I learned in collegiate courses is that people get along best with the people who are most like them. This goes for dating. Sure, you might get the occasional odd couple with someone who likes indie rock and someone who likes classical rock (or techno, or something else), but those are exceptions, not the norm. Let's see how long they stay together.

Think about it. Could you really spend your life with someone who has significantly less indie cred than you? Someone who listens to corporate drivel horseshit when they could be listening to high-quality indie goodness. You know, it's quite revolting when someone hears the indie gospel and rejects it. Could you imagine marrying someone who won't let you put on your Sonic Youth or Yo La Tengo records in the house? Fuck no! So, stay away from those types of people.

However, I will admit that "what you're like" also has some weight in the matter. Someone can be indie and an asshole at the same time, or indie and have some other sort of undesirable traits (like he rarely bathes or won't buy you cheap, cheap cake). Still, you can't live on personality and good character traits alone. The type of relationship which someone explains by saying, "Oh, I'm dating Josh just because he's such a nice person." is not going to last long. And dating some hot girl just because she has a nice rack is not going to cut it, either! I'd take a nice indie geek over a supermodel popstar prep bitch any day!

If you prize looks over indieness, your priorities are in the wrong place, and I want you to leave this blog and never come back.

Blessed are those who date the indie geeks within their own particular indie subgenres, for they have found true love.

Here endeth the lesson.

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