Monday, February 23, 2004

preshow briefing

You know those carts that I wanted to make? I never did get the chance to make them. You put off things until the weekend, and then look what happens... you get sick! Or I got sick! I got the flu, or something. Something involving me vomiting a few times and my stomach hurting in an agonizing manner.

So, I didn't leave my place at all this weekend. Which was bad because Kiddo played at Pats in the Flats Saturday night. Fuck! They're not going to do another show here for a couple of months. They're going to record their second album soon, and then they're going to tour the Midwest with Australian indiepop band Sekiden. So, I don't get to see them again for a while.

Anyway, the sickness kept me from achieving my goals for the weekend, so I'll try to get the nice carts done next weekend.

The next show I'm going to, though, is on the 5th (of March). It's Volta Sound/The Twilight/Uva Ursi. I'm going for the Twilight and Uva Ursi, but the Volta Sound aren't bad, so maybe I'll stay for the whole thing. That's a Friday night.

Oh, and yes, I did talk on Cassettefest on Wednesday (and I forgot to mention before that Cassettefest is on from 3 to 5 in the afternoon... oops). If I hadn't, then Jasmine would have had to do the end of the show alone because everyone else left by then (deserters!). Only one really indie rock/pop thing (Dead Corporate Eyes) covered last Wednesday, and there was a Malcom Ryder entry (Malcom Ryder is probably a rock subgenre to himself) that referenced the State of Decay show on WRUW. Those were the bright spots. There was an okay '80s rap-influenced thing that was amusing, and the other two things were horrible corporate-sounding rock shit. I was really harsh on the corporate-sounding shit, but can you blame me? Someone had to witness the indie gospel and show the error of the ways of these foul bands!

Anyway, it's almost time for the show, so I'd better get going. Same procedure as before. I'll be updating the set list as the show goes on. Comment on whatever you please. Reload often!

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