Monday, February 23, 2004

reflections on today's show (debriefing)

So, what did we learn today? We learned that William Shatner made an Elton John song seem cool. While you might not think of William Shatner as a serious musical vocalist, there just seems to be something extremely cool about the way he just speaks through a song.

The Family Guy episode with Stewie Griffin's tribute to William Shatner's version of "Rocket Man" aired last week, and that's what made me want to play it for this show.

We also learned that the Wannadies are a good band.

What else is there to say?

Well, I delivered on my promise to play J-pop this week. Not a total saturation, but there was a clear J-pop presence. TEEN TITANS!

Teen Titans is an okay show. I don't go out of my way to watch it, but it's interesting to watch. It puts Robin (as in "Batman and Robin") together with a few other teenage superheroes. What's interesting about it is that there's an anime influence to it, even though it's a very American cartoon. The characters have big eyes, and they sometimes do anime sweatdrops and other unique anime expressions of emotion. I guess it makes it cuter than it would normally be. And Puffy AmiYumi doing the theme song just makes it even cooler.

And just in case someone actually did hear both the beginning and end of the show "Freckles" and "Sobukasu" are the same song, but in different languages. That's got to be my favorite anime theme song. It even tops "Cruel Angel's Thesis" from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I love how it starts out with that cheesy metal riff, but then suddenly becomes the cutest, sugary, and most upbeat theme song you've ever heard. I've never heard anything else by Judy & Mary. I wonder if they've done anything else as good as that song.

We got the comments section up to 24 by the end of the show. Nice. ^_^

However, I'm not totally happy because I was hoping that at least one new person would show up to the blog. I really wish that someone else would have realized that they need to see the blog to fully appreciate the show. Maybe the cart doesn't make it clear enough. Maybe I need to make a different one that says "For live playlist updates, go to..." or something like that.

But like I said before, I actually answered a couple of phone calls today. The first time I've picked up the phone since taking this slot. Maybe I'll do it again next week.

Next week, I'll finally play the Casual Dots CD that everyone on WRUW has been playing for weeks. That's the new band with Kathi Wilcox (ex-Bikini Kill), a woman from Slant 6 (can't remember her name), and some other guy I've never heard of before.

Other than that, I'm not really sure what to play.

I think that's all I have to say about the show today.

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