Tuesday, March 30, 2004

the answers to questions that nobody asked

Hey... I'm thinking of starting another Angelfire site. One for this show. Maybe not a full-blown one like the last site I did, but I'd love to post a Frequently Asked Questions page that people can refer to for basic information about the show. Stuff like, "What was wrong with your old show, why did you change time slots, and why do you fly off the handle whenever someone mentions your old show, you fucking quitter?" or "Where did you get the name, 'Boogiepop Does Not Smile', from?" I just want to make it really clear what this show is about and make it clear why it was necessary to end that other show.

So, do you have any questions you'd like me to answer? Click the comments link below, tell me what question(s) you have, and I'll put it on the FAQ page. Or if I actually don't get around to starting the FAQ page, I'll just post an answer in this blog.

Any takers?

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