Monday, March 15, 2004


Not much to say...

I hope we all learned that disco sucks, but "Disco Dancer" is good because it's not a real disco song (it's electroclash).

The Twilight are playing tomorrow night at the Beachland. I'm going.

I just learned that Of Montreal is playing at the Beachland on April 20th. That's 4/20 for all you potheads... as well as Hitler-worshipping assholes (it's Hitler's birthday/the anniversary of Columbine).

Go look at Tiny Sepuku. It's cute.

I think the prog rock guy who called on Wednesday night is trying to torment me. Some guy called asking for prog rock today. I guess I shouldn't answer the phone for the next couple of weeks. Or ever again.

I meant to play "Cutie Pie", not "Brooklyn Phone Call" to end the show. Fuck. "Brooklyn Phone Call" is a beginning song, and not a closing song at all.

Oh, and someone called to say that they heard the word "fuck" on the air. I'm not sure what part it was. Maybe the Dear Nora song. I wasn't listening because I was dealing with the prog rock fucker. I hope it wasn't a conservative asshole who called to say that. Go ahead and complain to the university and the FCC, assholes! If you do and I lose my show, I'll kill myself. But I'll make sure to do it on your front step so you'll have to be traumatized by the sight of my bloody corpse and clean up the mess! How do you like that?!

No, I'm being melodramatic. Nothing like that will happen... I think. I've heard a DJ (I'm not going to name names here) get away with playing a song where the singer said "fuck" over and over again. During the day. I was amazed.

No Homestar Runner today. I didn't find the CD until late in the show. Hopefully, I'll have it next week for y'all.

And I'll remind you one more time that I'll be on the air Wednesday night/early Thursday morning from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.

That's it for now.

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