Saturday, March 27, 2004

the icicles

I just remembered to put up a link for the Icicles. Go to their page. They have an MP3 for a new track called "The Lovescopes Theme Song". It's really good. I think it sounds a lot like the way Cub would sound if they had an organ.

Oh, and if anyone from the Twilight sees this, if you still don't have a band for that show at Pat's in May, you should try getting the Icicles. They rule! And a lot of the Cleveland indie rock DJs have played them. Not just me! So, it would be really good if you could get them because people might actually show up to see them.

I just wanted to say that here in case I forget to e-mail the Twilight about it.

Anyway, the Icicles rule, so you really need to go and see their site and listen to that song.

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