Monday, March 29, 2004

it was a french kiss conspiracy when you decided to kiss me

Remember Churchbuilder?

Remember that brash statement I made a few posts down when I called Patrick Carney a traitor to indiepop?

Well, I was wondering if Denise Grollmus was still doing music. It doesn't look like she is. :(

She is writing from the Akron Beacon-Journal. Check this little nugget out.

I wonder if she'll ever get back into music.

As for Erin Carracher, she seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth. I see that she also did vocals for a band called Kinski Spiral for a while, but it doesn't look like she was on their latest recording. Check out this for more info about that band.

I last saw Gabe Fulvimar in June of last year at a show at the Symposium (New Grenada was playing, and I had no idea beforehand that he'd be there). He was playing in some sucky band. I can't even remember their name.

But the worst just might be drummer BJ Barbieri. He's now in a band called Waiting For Evangeline, and they play *GASP* emo music! Yuck!

It's a fucking shame.

Go look at the Churchbuilder site and read the bio. The last paragraph really gets me...

"it's been a short time since we first started playing together. the band is more than music, it embodies childhood friendship, love, and most of all, the akron new wave spirit. we hope the band can carry on the forgotten history of akron's music heritage - from devo to the waitresses to tin huey - it is our city where the unpretentious underground movement of new wave started. Though that was long ago, we can still feel the music in the air, and now we want to give something back. thanks to everyone we know... we love you all. and remember, we're for akron!"

If I'm going to sell out, I at least want to sell out while doing indiepop!

Now if only I can locate the muse that I lost when I was a teenager... then I can start rocking this motherfucking place!

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