Monday, March 29, 2004

playlist for March 29, 2004

set 1 (9:06-9:59)

Moldy Peaches "Lucky Number Nine (video version)" Unreleased Cutz and Live Jamz
Pants Yell! "Song For Architects" Our Horse Calls
The Flower Machine "In the Glow" Chalk Dust Dream of the Tea Cozy Mitten Company
Camera Obscura "Eighties Fan" Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi
The Brian Jonestown Massacre "When Jokers Attack" And This Is Our Music
The Color Bars "The Last Time I Felt Alive" Making Playthings
Mirah "Archipelago" you think it's like this but really it's like this
Luna "Crazy People" Lunapark
Breezy Porticos "My Biplane" Keep It Crisp
Harry and the Potters "Save Ginny Weasley" Harry and the Potters
Kenickie "Can I Take U 2 the Cinema?" In Your Car
Chester Copperpot "Whine, Women and Song" The Kings of Kirby
Ash "Lost In You" 1977
Sekiden "Pinball Summer" Junior Fiction
Kiddo "Flea Market Day" SVL Session 12/10/03
Kiddo "The New Song" Live at WRUW Studio-A-Rama '03

set 2 (10:10[?]-11:00)

Ladytron "Blue Jeans 2.0" Softcore Jukebox
Dewey Decimator "Late Night Booty Call" Kittridge Records presents Homemade Hits V. 1
Applied Communication "Kangaroo" Africa Baby, Yeah Yeah Yeah
Cristina "What's a Girl To Do" Softcore Jukebox
Lil Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer" Pants Control
Harry and the Potters "Problem Solving Skillz" Harry and the Potters
The Smittens "Army of Pop Kids" Gentlefication Now!
The Icicles "The Lovescopes Theme Song" download it from
Awesome Animal Ambulance "Count On Us" This Is Sour--Lemon Peel
The Twilight "I've Got Something to Say"
The Twilight "Where I'm Going to Be" (not officially released yet)
Lesley Gore "She's a Fool" The Best of Lesley Gore
International House of Karen "Tell Me Momma" Patty Duke Fanzine #2 7"
Snoozer "Winterclothes" Winter Stops All Sound
Sekiden "Pulsewidth" Junior Fiction
Kiddo "Rollerskating Girl" Live at WRUW Studio-A-Rama '03


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