Monday, March 08, 2004

playlist for March 8, 2003

If you're new and actually checking the website during the show, please be advised that the playlist is updated live after each song is played. And feel free to comment about the songs, good or bad, by clicking the comment link right below.

set 1 (9:05-9:30)

Smashing Pumpkins "Silverfuck" Siamese Dream
Sonic Youth "In the Kingdom #19" EVOL
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Wisdom" Strung Out In Heaven
Neutral Milk Hotel "Tuesday Moon" Hype City Soundtrack
Ash "Goldfinger" 1977

set 2 (9:32-10:01)

Kiddo "Good Friend" click on the exhaust fume (that's a hint, not an album title)
Dear Nora "Round and Round" KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles Live Vol. 6
Cub "Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?" download here
Patterns In Paris "Lights Off" Asaurus Records EP Club #3
The Casual Dots "Evil Operations Classified" The Casual Dots
Harry and the Potters "The Wrath of Hermione" download from their site
Pants Yell! "My Boyfriend Writes Plays" Songs For Siblings
Marzipan featuring Strong Bad "Sensitive to Bees" Strong Bad Sings
The Wannadies "Come With Me (Till Things Get Better)" Before & After
The Wannadies "You And Me Song" Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack
The Diskettes "Bossa Nova Love" The Diskettes

set 3 (10:05-10:32)

Lil Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer" Pants Control
Bis "Tell It to the Kids" (live) Play Some Real Songs
Evelyn "So So Fresh" 2004 Teenbeat Sampler
what's her face (from the teen girl squad) "i think i have a chance with this guy" Strong Bad Sings
April March "Chick Habit" Lessons of April March
The Salteens "Emptyhead" KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles Live Vol. 6
The Twilight "Zzzzzzz"
Beauty Pageant "Hello Claire" Caroms
Chester Copperpot "Whine, Women and Song" The Kings of Kirby
Pants Yell! "Public Gardens" Songs For Siblings
Rilo Kiley "Science vs. Romance" KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles Live Vol. 7

set 4 (10:35-)

Lil Pocket Knife "East Coast/West Coast" Pants Control
Sinkcharmer "She Was the President" Asaurus Records EP Club #3
Beauty Pageant "Playwrite In Trouble" Very Friendly
The Smittens "Cotton Sox" Gentlefication Now!
The Smittens "Twee Valley High" Gentlefication Now!
Miss Mary "My Friend" Miss Mary/A-Lines split 7"
Of Montreal "You Feel You Must Go, Don't Go" KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles Live Vol. 6
In Interview "Bells" 2004 Teenbeat Sampler
Denise James "Love Has Got Me Crying Again" It's Not Enough to Love
Lil Pocket Knife "Disco Dancer" Pants Control
Strong Bad "The System Is Down" Strong Bad Sings


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