Monday, March 08, 2004

post-show debriefing

Okay, so there were a couple of new people commenting. An "anonymous" and a "TOC". I wonder about the TOC. Is that someone's initials, or does it stand for "Table of Contents"? Did the table of contents for some book somehow come to life, get an Internet account, and listen to WCSB? I hope not. I'm not ready for sections of books to start coming to life and listening to my radio show, and I don't think the human race as a whole is ready for that sort of thing.

I love that Lil Pocket Knife song. I wonder if she really is some sort of geek, or it's just her schtick. I suspect it because the idea of a D&D geek liking to dance and move is unlikely. ^_^ That would be so cool if it wasn't just a joke, though. I wonder if she even looks like a geek. I can't find any pictures of her, though. (The album cover is a drawing.)

I never did play D&D. I played made-up RPGs close to that sort of thing in middle school (but without the dice), but that's it.

I wonder how many people shut off WCSB when they heard the Smashing Pumpkins at the beginning.

I finally played "Zzzzzzz" by the Twilight and didn't confuse it for some other song. I'll give you a review of that show, but it'll be in a different post.

Someone called to ask about the Sonic Youth song. I said it was from EVOL, and the caller said he hadn't listened to that album in 15 years. Ah, that'll make some of you feel old.

Where are the young, 20-something hipsters? The ones with glasses. Helloooo? Hip and unique radio show here!

NO! STOP THAT! YOU'RE DOING THIS FOR CALVIN! Thinking like that is dangerous.

I don't know what else to say now.

I'll be adding more links whenever I remember which ones to add.

I'm tired. Blah.

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