Wednesday, March 31, 2004

sekiden... i wish i had remembered to ask them what that name means

The Sekiden/Kiddo show ruled! Kiddo was great (as usual), and Sekiden just rocked!

Speaking of that, I reviewed the new Sekiden record, too, and that's featured on Mundane Sounds today. Click here to go directly to it.

I talked to Simon, their singer/guitarist for a lengthy period of time. I wish I had brought a tape recorder. I could have had an interview. I told him that I reviewed the new album and compared them to Ash and asked him if he felt insulted, and he said that he liked Ash, so that's okay. We also talked about video games. I brought up that Game Boy program that you can make music with (the one that they used for the first few seconds of a song on their latest album), and then we just ended up talking about video games. They play a lot of Game Boy on the road. He said that Seja (their female singer/keyboardist) is a "Tetris demon" and no one can score higher than her. She said that the most lines she's gotten on the marathon Tetris game is 250. That's astronomical! As for Simon, he's been playing a lot of Mario Kart Advance.

Simon is into emulation. He made a good point that since that Game Boy thing is on a game cartridge, it could be emulated. Hm... I wonder if the ROM is lurking in some darkened corner of the Internet somewhere. I guess I'll have to find the name of that program and do a search.

Kiddo is recording their new album next month. Christian said he forgot to send the new song. Well, I guess I don't blame him since he's been gearing up for that little tour they're going to be on for the next few days. They're actually playing with Sekiden on their next few dates.

I want to go on tour, too!

I guess I should stop playing video games and start writing some songs!

Simon said that lately he's just been playing too many video games and they keep him from getting work done. Somehow, it's reassuring to see an indiepopstar have this same problem as me and somehow function in spite of it.

Next show I'm going to is probably going to be I am the World Trade Center at the Beachland on the 15th. I might see Mirah in Pittsburgh on the 8th, but I'm not sure if I can make it.

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