Tuesday, March 09, 2004

volta sound/the twilight/uva ursi-friday, march 5 at pat's in the flats

Excellent show. Wonderful time. Let's start with the details.

First, I came to the door where Avril from Uva Ursi was working, and we had a little conversation about how enigmatic I was being and how I couldn't figure out what to tell people to call me. It's a real problem I have right now. Fucking identity crisis. No real bearing on the show, but I thought it would be interesting to mention that I have an identity crisis. Well, nothing too major, but branding issues can be quite important, too.

Actually, I think it would be cool to be like Sweetass Sassafras from 669 and be known by many names. Like Dr. Lance Underpants, the Chocolate Thunder, Youngstown Brown, etc. Like Jesus!

After chatting with Avril, I talked to Tim, the guitarist for Uva Ursi. He has this really cool Moog ring modulator guitar pedal. It's the kind of pedal that musicians get for each other when they're bad at expressing their emotions. I'd like to have my guitar sound like a Moog. Then I could replace Churchbuilder. I'd just need to get a Denise Grollmus-like woman to play out with me.

Uva Ursi started off the night with their Scottish-accented, female-fronted jangle pop, and they were great, as usual. I don't know why they don't get taken really seriously by the Cleveland music press. I think one recent review of their CD (in either the Free Times or Scene, can't remember which) compared them to Sheryl Crow. Um... yeah. Okay. I wonder which orifice you pulled that reference from. I think it was mainly lyrically, but I still don't think that's an apt reference.

Anyway, I was just happy to be sitting there, relaxing and sipping ginger ale, and taking in the ambience, even though I was eager to see the Twilight for the first time. I wasn't at all rooting for an abrupt end to their set.

But their set did end, and I started talking to members of the Twilight while Uva Ursi was moving their gear.

I guess I should mention that going to the show proved a suspicion that I had ever since I went to their website, which was that Ryan Hajime (ex-drummer for the Wiggins, guitarist for the Joslyns) was in the band. Just from seeing the picture on the Twilight's website, I wasn't sure if it was him because he looked just slightly different to me in that picture, and the caption referred to him as "Phoenix".

Well, just before the set, I talked with Pat, my main contact in the band, about Hajime's presence, and what he had to tell me explained why he's referred to as "Phoenix" on the website. It's not a happy story. What happened was that back in December, the bass player for the band died while on the job at a construction site. So, Hajime, who had played shows with the Twilight while in the Joslyns offered to play bass for them so the band wouldn't have to break up.

Anyway, the Twilight played a VERY awesome show. Hajime competently played the bass and it wasn't obvious that he had only been with the band for a very short time (until the end when people were shouting for one more song, but they couldn't do one more because Hajime hadn't learned any other songs). The only bad part was the first song, "Something For Your Heart", which didn't work out because the vocals and keyboard were too low. But then they switched mics and turned up the keyboard, and it was all bliss from there. They played all the songs from their website, plus a cover of "What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding" (I bet a certain someone is jealous and wishes she could have been there to witness that). Oh, and I'd like to add that their lead singer, Tony, has amazing charisma and stage presence, and he's a sexy motherfucker.

I wonder how long it's going to take before the the Twilight gets really popular. I think they have a lot of things going for them, so they will get popular and then I'll have to be an indie snob and start hating them, but still making sure to tell everyone that I listened to them before everyone knew who they were. ^_^

I didn't stay for much of the Volta Sound, and for most of the time that I did stay, I talked to Hajime and Pat. The Volta Sound is okay, but they were probably going to play forever, and I didn't feel like staying for too much longer. I can only take so much Brian Jonestown Massacre-ish stuff.

Pat told me that he's trying to get the Smittens or Cars Can Be Blue to come to Cleveland in May. That would be so cool if either one of them (or both... maybe they'd come together since they're friends and have toured together) did a show here. He actually clicked on the band links to the right. That's so cool that someone would click on those links.

OH SHIT! That reminds me. I forgot to tell you about one of the best parts. Greg Hyland, the ex-drummer from Kiddo was there. He actually heard about the Twilight through my show and had actually gone to their site to download their songs. Yay! I actually promoted a band and concert to someone without talking on the air! I didn't get to talk to Greg as much as I wanted to, though. I didn't get to ask him if he's been doing anything musical since leaving Kiddo. Oh well.

Anyway, I think that's all that I have to say about the show. I went home, played Grand Theft Auto 3 while listening to 669, and went to sleep after a while. The end.

Oh, but I do have to tell you that the Twilight are playing two shows in the next couple of weeks. Tonight (Tuesday night), they have a show at the Grog Shop opening for the Hockey Night. And Tuesday of next week (the 16th), they're opening at the Beachland for a band called the Color Bars. I can't go to tonight's show because I have an evening class that would keep me from getting there until midway into their set, but I probably will go to the one next week because that will be during my spring break.

Okay, I'm done.

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